Wednesday, July 03, 2019

A Dover Maxidress

I've been stating since my fourth make of the Dover Jacket that I really wanted a maxi dress from this pattern. 

I bought this embroidered gingham border print from Chic Fabrics last November.

One day at work I was doodling during a meeting, combining this fabric and the Dover Jacket and dreamed up what I thought would be an amazing maxi dress. I have to admit that the final dress is somewhat different than what I imagined. 

The dress I'd imagined had scallops at the hemlines of the dress and sleeves. Since I did not take my 8900 to Sew Camp and was working on my 6600P I just couldn't get the scallops long and thick enough to work. After fiddling with it for a few hours, I called it quits. I couldn't make my design idea come to life on the equipment I was using. Maybe if I'd been home I would have come up with another idea but I really wanted to bring home finished garments so I added a triple stitch to the hemlines of the dress and sleeves.

Supplies ~
3 yards of fabric from Chic Fabrics
Red Piping from Joyce Trimmings
10 - 7/8" flat red buttons also from Joyce Trimmings
1 black covered snap from Pacific Trimmings

Pattern Alterations/Construction/Sewing ~
When I cut this out I flipped the border print which was only on one side of the fabric and used it for the top of the dress. All pieces were cut side by side to insure that the border print went all the way around the top of the dress.

I made two alterations to the pattern to get this maxidress.

1. I shortened the sleeves to elbow length
2. I lengthened the skirt body to make it maxi length

Except for the scallop samples I made and having to handstitch the piping down (none of my sewing machine feet worked and I had to borrow another camper's sewing machine to get the piping and facing on my dress), the construction was pretty simple. Nothing any different from the construction on a normal Dover jacket.

I made buttonholes all the way down the front except at the top because it would have been in the middle of the embroidery. I really didn't want to disturb the embroidery, so I added a snap to the inside and sewed a button on the front. I'm glad I was able to leave the embroidery alone and not cut into it. 

BTW, I have no construction pictures because it was made during Sew Camp.

A Few Pictures of the Maxidress ~

This pattern is just as comfortable as a maxidress as it is a jacket! I took it for a test run to the grocery store and it was an easy wearing, comfortable dress. Just what I'm looking for this summer. If I can, I will make another one before the summer ends and the only change I would make is to add some inseam pockets. always more later!


  1. Oh, that looks so comfortable and cool for the summer.

  2. It came out soo good! I love how you've maximized the use of the pattern and that fabric! It was also great seeing you work through this process!

  3. The embroidered top section is fabulous and so flattering next to your face instead of your hem. You have a dress that says, "I'm happy!" Great job!

  4. With that great embroidery around the top and the touches of red piping and buttons I think it looks good right now. The scallops, at least on this one might have been too much. It looks cool and breezy and wonderful for summer.

  5. super cute for summer, I'm seeing gingham everywhere this year - looking good.

  6. I loved the idea of the border embroidery at the top when I saw it at Sew Camp, and the red piping and buttons really carried the red throughout. I'm glad you're enjoying wearing it as much as you enjoyed the planning and execution of your design.

  7. Sweet summer dress! I love seeing these colors on you, just joyous.

  8. Such a fun dress for hot, humid days. The buttons and the piping give it the extra Carolyn touch.

  9. What a beautiful dress - lovely and cool, very comfortable and it looks striking with the red embroidery and other red touches. I have a shirt in black gingham with black embroidery at the top that I bought and love wearing. Yes to adding pockets to your next iteration of the pattern.

  10. It's too bad the scallops didn't work out - but in all honesty, they are a pain to trim away and don't hold up to laundry day very well. This turned out to another stunner. Marjie may be the Queen of the Bundle, but you are the Queen of the Border Print! g

  11. It really makes a great dress and looks fabulous on you.


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