Friday, August 19, 2022

So it begins...

I posted this to Instagram last night.

...while it says 15 days, I'm actually off 20 days...dayum near three weeks.  However, I knew I would barely do anything today. I needed a decompress day or two from work.  It's where I sleep late, lay in bed, crawl out, veg on the couch, watch TV and read a few pages of my book.  Then and only then am I ready to actually dive into the all immersive sewing I've been craving.

Usually when I have 7-10 days off, I do have a decompress day or two but I make up for it by having a cut pile. When I'm ready to sew, I can just start.  This time I have a pile of fabric, 2 half finished garments, 1 item left in my cut pile and a grand idea to reproduce an inspiration dress.

So a plan but not a plan. I really want to sew what I feel with no pressures. I want to go on creative journeys not worrying about a timeline. I want to sew unhindered. I need this time. I need to reignite my creativity. This whole pandemic, post pandemic, learning to live a new way has upset my creativity. Also, the way I work has changed. I went into my office twice in the last month. 

Am I making clothes for home that I wear to work? Do I need to sew as many things as I have in years pass? Do I sew more for the granddaughters? Do I sew to sew? Or do I choose more engaging projects that stimulate me? I knew sooner or later I would be making these decisions since retirement is rapidly approaching. As an aside, I've set a retirement date in my head - still a few years off but I'm actively working towards setting my life up to be retired.

All of those thoughts are swirling in my mind as I move forward creatively. However, for the next 15-16 days, Imma create. I have everything I need on hand to make I'm gonna make stuff.

Also, these fabrics just arrived and have made me anxious to get up off the couch and sew...

Some black & white strips from Cultured Expressions

African wax print from Mocherie Boutique

Expect more posts soon cause my sewcation has begun...

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Monday, August 01, 2022

The Beginning of August

I probably won't have any posts to share for a couple of weeks.  I'm starting the prep phase for my Summer Sewcation which begins August 19th and ends after Labor Day. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. It's what I've been desiring -  a block of time to wallow in and create.

One dress that I know I want to work on is this one and will be blogging the process for posterity.  Cause this one is a project!

photo credit:  Farm Rio

I've been collecting fabrics, all from the collection btw, trim, and thread so I will have everything on hand and ready to go. This dress has so many parts to it that I want to do it justice and take my time!

I have a few other pieces that I'm working on pattern alterations and cutting out prior to the start of vacation. My cut pile has just one piece in it now so I need to add more to it. I want it to be a plethora of garments from which I can pick and choose.

I will admit that there are two more Myosotis dresses in the new cut pile but they have a twist. This dress is just so easy to wear, whether to work, out to appointments or just working from home, that I don't mind having dozens of them.  There's also two new patterns in the mix, as well as a pants outfit. I haven't sewn one of them in awhile and am pretty excited about it.

BTW, these are probably the last of my summer sewing. I've already started putting together a list of items I want to sew for fall. These new garments plus the ones I've already completed for summer will be enough to hold me.

As I said previously, I will be blogging the process for several of these garments but otherwise, I will probably be quiet here until then. always more later!


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