Sunday, June 20, 2021

What a Hot Mess...

I got this wild flight of fancy in the dark days of winter - you know when the days were short and darkness reigned. The time of year I hate the most and want to fill with the most color and light as possible.

Supplies ~ 

I was surfing fabric sites because I needed some comfort and found this amazing panel on fabric dot com with a coordinating print.

Doesn't this fabric just scream warm summer evenings!  So yes, it's a quilting cotton but I've had success with other quilting cotton panels and after some hesitation because of price, I bought three panels. First off, I should have bought four...but we will get to that later! Oh and because I'm so timely (joke, joke) with this post, the fabric is long gone!

During February I took a week off to sew. I needed some days to sleep and create and this was the first project I worked on.  

A few more photos of the process...

This back was a whole hot ass mess, so I put the shirt pieces away and worked on some other garments during my sewcation. While I working on the other pieces, I was pondering how to save this. Obviously the back was the main problem. It wasn't working and wouldn't work with the 24" panel width.

Construction Techniques ~

After I made that hot mess of a back, I had to come up with another look. I will admit the shirts I've been most comfortable wearing during the pandemic have the gathered lower back eased into the back yoke. Plenty of room for those extra pounds I gained. But I only had one panel for the back and I just couldn't see how to make it work. That's when that disastrous back was created and immediately ditched.

After thinking on it I decided a solid back would be the answer.  I went and touched quilting cottons at the store. Then decided upon this printed blue fabric that I used to construct the back of the shirt.  

Making the collar...

Inserted the sleeves, okay auditioning sleeves...

...and the back quilting cotton is making the shoulders and sleeves buckle because they aren't similar weights. *sigh* I should have known better.

I let this shirt sit for 2 weeks before admitting I was done.  I don't want to save it.  I don't want to add my good buttons to the front and finish it. I basically threw a hissy fit because I'm tired of it.  So now it sits on the clothing rack.  After a couple of weeks, I decided the fabric is too heavy to think about finishing it sits.  My first UFO for 2021.

Thus the title of the blog post - cause it's a hot mess!  BTW, I've completed two pieces just have to photograph them. But it's summertime, my grandkids are getting older and my photographer (my daughter) has things planned for their family for the summer.  I've scheduled a day so hopefully the completed items will be coming to the blog soon.

To all who celebrate, Happy Father's Day! always more later!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Summer Sewing Plan

While Summer doesn't officially start until Sunday, June 20th, it feels likes summer's here now.  We've had several days over 90+F degrees. They've been mixed in with some cooler days but the humidity is creeping up. You can tell the hot and soupy days are coming.

I haven't been sewing much. I own a lot of clothes since I've been sewing non-stop for over 10 years. Staying home during the pandemic didn't encourage me to change my wardrobe much especially when tops worked just fine for work Zoom meetings. And my shirt game is pretty strong since I sewed a lot of them over the last couple of years. 

Now that it's warm, I realize I own quite a few summer maxi dresses since they were my go to garment in the past.  Meaning for awhile, I haven't been inspired much to create.

However, here in the US, vaccines are available (I'm fully vaccinated) so the country is opening back up. I head into NYC two days a week to work in our office and the desire to create some new pieces is growing stronger. 

I realize that I use to sew just one new garment a week and that's the goal I'm setting for myself this summer.  One new piece each weekend.  Hopefully photographed and blogged during the week.

Of course you want to know what I'm working on now ~

I started this border print Vogue 9299 in late May.  I'm determined to finish it up because it needs sleeves, buttons & buttonholes.

Then I want to start on this McCalls maxi dress. It's a popular pattern and almost everyone has made it with the voluminous sleeves. I'm making View D with the flutter sleeves.

My fabric is a ltwt. polyester from Fabric Mart purchased a few months ago. It's a silhouette not currently in my closet. If I like it, I may make the other version with the big sleeves but we'll see. I have about six other patterns on my list to sew. That list will take me through the Summer and give me enough variety in my work wardrobe.

Fabric Buying~

I haven't been purchasing a lot of fabric lately. However, Fabric Mart recently had an amazing sale on blouse weight fabrics with a ton of border prints in them. Of course, I purchased a few cause border prints.

Lastly ~

I don't know if you know but The Sewcialists blog/group is calling it quits.  They've been doing a series of round up posts.  This week's post, "Saying Farewell: Specialists Interviews" was written by BeckyJo.  I'm honored to be included in the group of sewists she featured. If you get a chance, head over and give it a read.  The Sewcialists have promoted ALL sewists and ALL types of sewing over the last eight years. It will be sad to see them go.

I need to head back to my sewing machine... always more later!


Saturday, June 05, 2021

Remaking my Sewing Spaces

It's June and I promised myself that once spring arrived I would work on making my Winter Sewing Room (which I'm now just calling the Sewing Room) and Resource Center function better for me. While I've stored away 90% of my fabric, and all of my buttons and bindings, the extra patterns have remained in boxes and garbage bags for the last 8 months. Well all except my TNT patterns and newly purchased ones.

So to make my sewing spaces perform better, I needed to purchase more stuff.  I've dragged my feet because it's not only buying, it's assembling since nothing comes prebuilt anymore. I have many skills, assembling furniture isn't one of them. While I looked at things to buy, I also looked for someone to assemble them.

That's what's taken so long...getting furniture purchased, delivered, assembled and placed. Oh and my stubbornness because I refused to purchase items from IKEA if they don't deliver to my address...and so much wasn't available to be delivered to MY home address.

A few reasons why I've decided to keep the sewing space downstairs:

  • I've been sewing in it for the last couple of months and I like it. 
  • There's light and an actual window with a view that I can look out and observe the world around me. Better than the Sewing Cave or the Sewing Loft. Didn't realize how much I missed that.
  • It's easily accessible to the rest of the apartment and it gives me the same calming feeling that the Loft does. 
  • Making the Loft my Resource Center is a good use of the space and allows me to have an organized space to hold all of my sewing accoutrements of which I own ALOT.
  • I'm going to update this space by removing everything from the floor and putting it on wall shelving. It will make the Sewing Room less cluttered.

These pictures are after I've moved the sewing tables and all of the sewing machines downstairs. This brings me such joy that all I do is cut, sew and compute in this room.

I've purchased the shelving and the totes to make everything orderly and functional. I also have curtains to hang. I've just been dragging my feet about hiring someone to finish these last installs.  

As previously mentioned, the Loft will now function as a "Resource Center". 

The first set of filing cabinets have been built, carried to the Loft and stuffed with the patterns that had no home and were just hanging out in boxes and bags. I still have one more filing cabinet and small bookcase to be built to add to the other wall.  That should give me more than enough room for future pattern growth.

This is the other side of the loft right now...

There are seven bins of fabric here that have to be dealt with and I'm undecided about them.  It's mostly coating fabric in these bins and I'm trying to decide whether to put them in storage or what?  Once they're handled and a few more pieces moved around, I should be fine.

I also want to set up an area to take photos when my daughter is unavailable. But that's a whole 'nother set of purchases I'm not ready to make yet. I know I'm investing in my sewing situation but this last year has been all about purchasing things so it will wait a minute, especially since June is here and I can shoot outside for awhile.

A few photos from Sewing Rooms past and not in the so distant pass...

The Sewing Cave as it looked right before I packed it up!

The Sewing Loft when I thought I could sew in it...

BTW, I just received my notice of lease renewal.  It's been almost a year since I moved in. I laughed out loud when the Leasing Center asked if I wanted to move out. Hell, all of my stuff isn't unpacked noooooooo! always more later! 

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Bust Darts on a Mature Figure

I want to talk about bust darts today.  Specifically about sewing darts for a mature bustline. Why? Because I noticed something on my last dress after I took pictures.  Here's what I noticed:

I sewed this dress on autopilot. I was using a TNT pattern and didn't think about the darts, where they would land or how my bustline is moving further south. My dart legs are too long (photo 1) and aren't pointing at my bust apex (photo 2).  I guess I could be discouraged about this but I'm in my 62nd year of life and am realizing that once again my body is changing.

I've lived through the teen years, the childbearing years, the 30s & 40s, and the post menopausal years. So I've learned that a changing body is part of life. I'm not railing against the change, I'm adjusting to it.  And part of adjusting is to realize I need to check my dart placement going forward in all makes - even TNT patterns.

If breast tissue talk bothers you, time to bow out now! *LOL* Cause that's what's next. When I was younger I had high, firm breasts and like most young women I took it for granted that they wouldn't always stay that way! After childbirth, I was one of those women whose breasts increased with each birth.  Yes, I lost some firmness but they were still pretty amazing...helped by the fact that I did not breastfeed. I'm of that generation. I raised three daughters on formula.

I was also pretty religious about good bra support and wore one 95% of the time. Yes, I even slept with one on. So my breast tissue was supported well into my late 40s/early 50s when perio-menopause started and then of course menopause. Menopause that not only affected my hormones but affected my breast tissue too. I lost fullness, I went down a cup size and as I gained and lost weight purchasing bras that supported well became more of a challenge.

Now to bring this back to sewing. As I stated above I neglected to think about dart placement when making those last two dresses. This will be a consideration going forward. I'm also taking the time to purchase new bras - what a journey this is turning out to be...and no bra making is not on my list of sewing things.

Finally I'm remeasuring my bustline, determining my new bust apex points and checking all of this prior to cutting out bodices. I will be doing this with even my TNT patterns going forward.

My D cup breasts have become C cup breasts so I don't need a full bust adjustment. Also my fit is looser now that I'm older, comfort is more important than it was when I was younger. I like side darts and princess seams to make adjustments for fit. Maybe it's because of the way I learned, maybe because I'm lazy, or maybe these alterations work for me. 

Some of the changes I plan to make are:

o  Re-examine my bust point apex and mark it on my patterns going forward even my TNT patterns.

o  Lower the darts on my patterns. I've mentioned lowering darts before and my go to reference is from the Curvy Sewing Collective here.

o  Checking the length of the dart legs to make sure they're not too long or look weird.

o  Fit my paper pattern to insure that my darts are in the right place prior to cutting the fabric.

Anyway, I will be highlighting the changes I make to my patterns where bust darts are concerned going forward.  Just wanted to start the conversation and hear any suggestions, comments, alterations you have or used in the comments.  Thanks! always more later!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


The post on "What is an Influencer" produced a lot of conversations, not only on the blog (thank you for your comments), but also in my email and on social media. Obviously it was a topic that many sewists had thoughts about ~ which is probably why there was such a big discussion.

However, I wanted to add a few other thoughts.  Honestly, I do not think of myself as an Influencer.  Which someone pointed out to me was wrong because I'm a Janome Ambassador and it gave me pause. A few of you called me different names in the comments ~ Influential, Mentor, Inspirational.  I like those titles so much better. They more accurately reflect how I see myself.

I want to inspire each one of us, myself included, to learn our craft, sew better and to enjoy the process. I want to inspire you to seek out the thing in you that makes you want to create and explore that - taking it wherever it leads you - but hopefully on many creative journeys. 

Inspiring you to try new techniques, new fabrics, new notions ~ things that will bring depth and joy to our craft.  I want to inspire you to think of yourself as an artisan or a craftsperson...not just someone who sews.  Because we're all talented with special gifts that we're using every day.

I want to share my fabric, notions, stores, etc. with you without you and myself feeling like I'm "selling" to you. This last year has taught me I'm NOT that woman. I'm not saying that others who are stepping into those roles should not be doing so because each sewist has the right to choose their own path.  It's just not mine.

My path is to share my sewing journey with you. Especially now that my health issues have been resolved and it seems as if life is moving on. I refuse to say returning to normal because the pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways and we will never return to pre-pandemic life.  At least to me... So I've made a few decisions about how I'm moving forward.

I will be blogging more. Words are my comfort zone. More so than images, moving or static. I will be posting to Instagram but more like I did prior to reels, IGTV, etc. I will continue to add process, alterations and construction tips to blog posts here. I know this sounds like I'm standing still and not changing with the times and maybe that's true. I just need to be true to me and share in the manner that works for me.  For me authenticity means a lot.

Thank you all so much who've hung in here with me.  Found me and followed me on Instagram.  Continue to comment and hold's one of the things I really like about blogging...hearing your thoughts, suggestions and comments.  It may be old fashioned, out of step but sometimes the old things work! *LOL* always more later!

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Black/White Border Print Shirtdress

As you know, I started making some late winter/early spring shirtdresses using my TNT shirtdress pattern earlier this year. This one was also finished in late January/early February but got buttonholes & buttons the first weekend in May. Dragging my feet much! LOL!

This fabric was purchased in April 2020. Before I bought it I was talking about it with Gaylen and she was so-so on it. But I saw something in it and went ahead and purchased it.  Then I found this dress online at Lane Bryant that was made from my fabric and I was so thrilled!

While I like how Lane Bryant used the print to emphasize the waist and hemline. I chose to use it a little differently.  I love h
ow a border print gives you so many opportunities to manipulate the fabric. It's what I love about working with them.

Supplies ~

4 yards of a crepey ponte knit purchased from Fabric Mart

1/2 yard of 1/4" elastic from the notions collection

11 1/2" black & white buttons from the button collection

Every supply used was already in the Resource Center.  Nothing was recently purchased to make the dress. I love when my collections work together like that!

Working with Border Prints ~

If you've been following me for awhile you know I love border and panel prints. I've sewn with quite a few and own a lot more of them. I thought I would drop a few tips I use to decide what to buy and how to use them.

Buying first ~

I look for border prints that can be used in more than one direction.  There are a lot of border prints out there that are only on the bottom of the fabric. If they're too directional, I don't purchase them.  Mainly because the print works best at the bottom of a garment. I'm looking for more versatility.

o A larger border print draws my attention faster than a smaller one.

o A mixed print & stripe or varied prints really makes my heart sing.

o Fabric content usually doesn't matter...I will figure out a way to use it!

Using them ~

My most important tip is to think outside the box and use it in a place that will really make it stand out.  A collar, a cuff, button band, insert into a side or back seam...somewhere it makes an impact...brings a little drama.

I have a rule of three.  Meaning that wherever I use the border print it has to be duplicated 3x in a garment. I also like odd number of uses over even uses.  So this meant creatively cutting the collar and collar stand with the stripe.  That way the stripes would appear at the top of the dress, the hem of the sleeve and the hem of the dress. Thus tying the fabric pieces together.

I've written a blog post highlighting my love of border prints and how to use them here if you want more information.

Construction ~

There are no new construction techniques in this make. This is a TNT sew using the fabric's border print to make it different from all the other versions. The changes I made were to...

o  Lengthened and widen the sleeves to get full sleeves with elastic in the sleeve hem

o  Cut the fabric so that the border appeared on the collar, sleeve and skirt hems

o  To emphasize the border print I cut the back skirt in half so I could match the border all the way across the bottom.

o  Used my standard button front opening on the skirt bottom. A 1.5" fold over of the fabric to match the front facing on the bodice. 

A Few Pictures ~


Parting Shot ~

My new complex has amazing green spaces. From my sewing room window, I can watch people walk their dogs, kids play and ride their bikes, and my neighbors do yoga as well as take their daily walks. There is an amazing hill that the kids sled down during the winter and my daughter took these pictures at the top of the hill.  Of course I had to take my high heeled wedges off to walk down the hill!

All of these spaces are steps from my front door and I appreciate it now that spring has arrived. No more figuring out the best naturally lit spaces in my apartment for me time to set up a space in my "Resource Center" to take pictures when the cold dark times return in 8 months.

Finally, I'm headed back to work in my office 2 days a week - whichever 2 days I want.  I haven't decided whether to do Monday & Wednesday or Wednesday & Thursday but it's inspired me to sew again.  Now that these are finished, I'm going to be hitting up the cut pile to make some of the spring/summer pieces I've cut out.  I'm happy for spring.  I'm happy I will be leaving home and I'm really happy that people are getting vaccinated so I can leave home! Thankyouverymuch! *LOL* always more later!

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Blue Ponte Shirtdress

I cut this dress out back in February.  It was supposed to be part of my winter/early spring work from home wardrobe. I finished it in February except for the buttonholes and buttons and it sat until this weekend. When I finally broke down and added them to the dress.

Truly it's sad this beautiful dress sat so long...but it be's like that sometimes.

I'm going to stop calling this the Myosotis Dress going forward. I've changed the pattern up so much that only the silhouette resembles the pattern. Now that there are several maxi dress patterns with this silhouette on the market, you can choose one that contains the changes I've made and use instead.

Here are the changes I've made to the pattern:

o Added a collar

o Added a button front opening in the skirt - so the entire dress has a button front

o Changed the length and removed the bottom ruffle

o Removed the ruffle on the sleeve

o Lengthened, shortened and removed the sleeve

o Added a cuff to the sleeve 

o Lengthened to a fuller sleeve

For this version, the fabric is the primary player. It's the first time I've used a midweight ponte to make this pattern. It affected the way I handled some of the construction. 

- Notably, I clipped more to remove bulk from seams. 

- I used interfacing on both sides of the collar pieces to give it a firmer hand and hold.

- My topstitching is done with the three step stretch stitch - Stitch No. 5 on the Janome 9450 using a 5 stitch length.  I love that stitch because it allows the topstitching to pop on the thicker fabric.

- The gathering was done using a wide and long zig zag over coated dental floss, so I can maximize the gathers to emphasize the drape of the fabric.

Supplies ~

3 yards blue rayon ponte from Mood Fabrics - purchased over five years ago but there's plenty of ponte on their site.

11 - 3/4" blue enamel and gold buttons purchased recently from Pacific Trimmings

Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

There were no other changes made to the construction of this shirtdress that hasn't been documented in other posts.

A Few Pictures ~

The reason this dress is midi length is because I ran out of fabric. At first I was annoyed because long maxi dresses in spring & summer is truly my thing.  However, I remembered how much I liked this cotton one so I went with it. Also blue is my favorite color and this purplish blue is one of my fave shades of blue!

I have this maxi shirtdress and one more coming to the blog. After this, I'm retiring the pattern for awhile. I'm not saying that I won't ever use it again...just that I own enough versions of it now. There are so many different maxi dresses patterns calling my name that I really want to sew.  So other than the fact it took me about two months to add the buttons to this dress, there isn't much else to say.  This is one more dress to add to my spring wardrobe.

A Parting Shot ~

Me and Joshua who is 6 years old now! always more later!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

What is an Influencer?

I haven't been sewing AT ALL this month and I've been staying away from social media because I'm challenged by the fact that quite a few sewists aren't their authentic selves.  So many are trying to be someone else and the unauthentic portrayals sadden me.

It's led me to contemplate "What is an Influencer" and "Who is a Real Influencer"?  Are you one because you get free stuff and talk about it?  Are you one because you've got a lot of followers? Are you one because you produce flashy reels and take great pictures? Is it because you've declared yourself a brand, so you're doing everything you can to make a name for yourself on the socials?

It makes me wonder "What happened to the Art"?  Because to me, sewing is an artform, just like knitting, quilting, etc.  At what point is it about the "fame" rather than the art?

Also as with all things in life, there's space for only so many at the top. What's so special about what you do that means you should be at the top of the pyramid?

My contemplation does not come from a place of jealousy and desire to be like others. I'm offered new collabs every week. I say no to 95% of them and the ones I do consider have to be something I truly believe in and want to do. Free stuff isn't free to me.  You have to put work into it, perform it on a timetable (that may or may not fit into my schedule) and add additional elements to the project that you may or may not be reimbursed for.

At my age, TIME is a commodity that I don't give away freely. So I've come to the realization that the word "Influencer" as it's used today doesn't reflect who I am. I'm also of a demographic where I can afford to finance my hobby because that's what sewing is - my hobby.  It's not a job.  It's not a springboard to a second career - it's my hobby.  As such, I take pride in the fact that with years of experience I do it well. BUT and this is important, it's there to provide entertainment, solace, creative challenges when I need it but it's not scheduled, regulated or required.

If I influence you to purchase something, it's because I've spent my hard earned money on the item first. I've bought fabric from the supplier and experienced what their shipping was like, their return policy, what the product actually looks like when it shows up at my home. If it's a sewing machine, I've sewn on that machine for years. I've upgraded from one version to another and I've gifted them to my sewing friends. I believe in the sewing machine company. Now just add those sentences to everything sewing related as well as the suppliers. 

I'm not suggesting you buy something because it was given to me free. I believe in the supplier/manufacturer/brand and I would use this product whether it was free or not. That's not what's happening in the online sewing world now. In my opinion, sewists are trying to get as much free stuff as possible so they can be in the "In Crowd."  I can count on my two hands the ACTUAL number of sewing influencers whose recommendations I would take because my criteria isn't based upon likes.  

My criteria is based upon:

- Can they actually sew?

- Are they learning to better their craft?

- Do their garments fit well or are they just photographed well?

- Do they have any actual fabric knowledge or are they just taking stuff because it's free?

- Do they understand why notions are important and why they're needed to perform a task?

- Is all of their knowledge YouTube/Internet based or have they actually read a sewing book?  Not all YouTube videos show you the correct techniques.

- Is this just a way to make them Social Media Famous?

Now I know the next question is ~ who do I consider a Social Media Sewing Influencer.  But you know what, that doesn't matter. What matters is that YOU the consumer should decide WHO you want to follow and WHY. If you only need pretty pictures to make you happy and encourage you to buy, then continue to follow and encourage the Influencer who does that for you. If you like reels, IGTV, YouTube videos or Facebook Group leaders and they influence you to buy or sew something, then follow them.

I'm addressing my thoughts and needs since you stopped by my sewing room to chat!

Lastly, I understand the need of an Influencer.  They point us to things we may not have considered. They show us suppliers, programs, pattern designers we may not have known. Most importantly most of them do promote the craft of sewing.

These are my thoughts on a Saturday afternoon, where the sewists who follow me on Instagram have influenced me to finish up a shirt I've been stalled on. always more later!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What I sewed in March 2021

I started March out like gangbusters.  My sewjo was firing on all cyclinders...

  1. Pembroke Tops
  2. Verona Maxidress
  3. Vogue 9299 Tunic

...and then nuthin'. Absolutely nuthin... So March came in like a lion and definitely went out like a lamb for my sewjo.

I can attribute this to several factors ~

1. Work - I got new responsibilities so I was hyper focused on work

2. My cut pile - has two pieces in it.  I want to sew both but am not inspired to sew either without adding more to the cut pile.

3. I haven't felt like cutting out anything.

4. Taking pictures - truly the bane of my existence this year is taking pictures. I discussed this some in my last post. To make picture taking easier, i.e., by myself, I need to make changes to several things and purchase some more equipment. I've been dragging my feet on buying more stuff. 

Fabric ~

As you know I'm the owner of my own personal fabric collection and am loathe to add more tenants to the co-op.  However, Mood Fabrics is stalking me on IG. I succumbed to temptation and purchased the following:

Now this purchase has done wonders for the sewjo so I want to spend a day cutting - both old and new fabric! BTW, both of these fabrics are AH-MAZ-ING! You should check them out.

Sewn but not Shared Garments ~

I really wanted to do a series of fall/winter/early spring Myosotis dresses so I cut out three.  Two of the three have been completed.  Instead of waiting for the third one, which was my original intent, I'm sharing the first two soon just in case I move the third one to fall sewing.

Again, sharing depends upon picture taking...*sigh*

Moving forward ~

My sewing list is still working for me...I just need to cut some things out so when I feel like sewing, everything will be there waiting. Oh and I want like four more Vogue 9299 tunics. I must wear this tunic once a week since it's been finished. So more of these will be coming to the blog this summer.

I'm looking forward to April because warmer weather, longer days and more sewing. always more later!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Midway though March

I've been sewing. A LOT! I'm turning things out faster than I can take pictures of them because the sewing/creating is the most important thing to me. Yeah I've got a groove going. The days are getting's starting to feel like spring...and my sewjo is hopping! 

A picture of my sewing rack as it appears now.

So a few things...

o I've been using a lot of new patterns.

I made a promise to myself that I would try harder to sew some of the many patterns I've purchased over the years. I've reverted to my TNT patterns so much that the other patterns have been pushed aside. New patterns take time and since I'm home every day with no wearing deadlines, I've decided to take the time and enjoy these new journeys.  So there will be more new patterns used and shared.

o Using fabric and notions stash

While I did feed the sewjo beast last month with new fabric purchases, this month I've been pulling fabrics from the collection to sew. All buttons and bindings have come from stash. I have an amazing collection of buttons and I've been trying to use something from it for every button project.

o Learning new places to take pictures

My picture taking had become rote because my last place had a perfect white wall and was lushly landscaped outside. Somehow I've managed to put furniture or stuff on all the walls here! LOL! It may be because it's a smaller space or it may be I was thinking more design than photography. Anyway, learning what's the best time to shoot inside and where has been challenging. It has also added to my back up of sewn garments making it to the blog. Once spring arrives and the trees bloom, there are loads of places in my new complex that will work and I hope to use.

o Learning new techniques

Due to my partnership with Janome, I feel like I should use the new features that Instagram offers, as well as learning to videotape some of the things I do at the sewing machine. I've purchased a ring light and I'm still working on making videos but sooner or later links will show up to online video shorts. No I'm not starting a YouTube channel. Maintaining a blog and an Instagram feed are about all I can handle and still sew.

o Burda Pattern Magazine Inspiration 

Along with using more of my fabric, notions and pattern stash, I took the time to review some of the Burda Pattern Magazines I have stored. I found so much inspiration in those magazines, that I've added a few patterns to my spring/summer sewing. Because at this point what's the difference between tracing a pattern and altering it to downloading, printing, taping, tracing and then altering a pattern. Especially since I'm not finding much inspiration in the Big4 patterns.

Here is some of the Burda goodness...

o Repurposing my sewing loft

I really like sewing in the winter sewing room probably because I just cut and sew there. The way the room is set up you can't see a lot of the sewing paraphernalia when you enter my space. So I have plans to put some shelves on the walls and lift everything off the floor. Add some pretty baskets to use on the shelving, curtains and putting the Mixtiles I purchased on the main wall.

The Sewing Loft will become a resource center. All of my fabric, patterns and sewing extras like buttons, zippers, bindings etc. will continue to be stored there. It allows the winter sewing room to be used for sewing and cutting and the loft to be a center for everything else. Nothing will be cramped or overcrowded and both spaces will allow me to breathe creatively.

Now I have a plan I need to execute it. When its done I will share pictures of it here.

That's my mid-March update! There are more garments to come since I have been sewing. always more later!


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