Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brown is the new Black

My 4 piece capsule for the JCC Contest is of course for my work wardrobe - do I sew for any other reason?! And since we can't use black in the collection, I went with my next color choice ~ BROWN! I so wanted to use color in my wardrobe choices, and went through several gyrations but reality set in and I realized that color and prints are best used in small bursts for my work wardrobe.

The base fabric is a rayon/linen blend in a color called Treebark from Fabric Mart. I will make a jacket, skirt and pants (which won't be entered into the contest) from this fabric.

The brown leaf print is a linen from Textile Studios. As you can see, it coordinates perfectly with the treebark fabric. I will use this to make a variation of my TNT dress. Yes, I'm back to TNT patterns cause that New Look one scarred me! *LOL*

Brown/tan silk charmeuse from Fabric Mart - this is a remnant piece which was used to line a jacket that sadly remains unfinished...but I will get to it come fall! This will be a kewl and breezy tank to go with the jacket and skirt!

This is my collection:

A trendy little number that will be finalized after the dress is done. I want it to work with the dress so I've got three choices - the winner will be determined by which one works best with the dress.

The "star" of the collection - TNT dress pattern with a twist

TNT straight lined skirt

SW Mission Tank reporting back for duty

Yes, I know there's a lot of TNT patterns here but I want to play, not fit! And I'm going to be working on my Vintage Bow-Tie Dress while sewing up the collection, and there will be plenty of fit opportunities there! that's the decided I can start sewing this weekend!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Look 6779 - Finished

First a picture so you can see me wearing it:

Now let the complaining begin! ROTFLOL! First to all my plus size sistahs...don't be fooled this ain't no plus size pattern! I would say that this is probably a RTW size 16!!!! So it took a lot to make it fit my bodacious body.

Second ~ never look at a skinny woman wearing a simple dress and think that you are going to fit your rotund body into the same pattern without a lot of effort!!!!

Okay with that off my chest, let me tell you how I spent my day...coughing, swearing and making it work!

Pattern: New Look 6779:

You know I never realized that there is no pattern description on the back of the pattern chinzy is that?! I started with View D's neckline, used the pattern piece for the longer dress body and added my own sleeve version.

Cotton/lycra sateen blend from Nancy's Notions & a white sueded linen/cotton blend from Metro Textiles; leftover white cotton batiste also purchased from Metro Textiles.

22" zipper

Construction Details:
Folks I made a new dress. When I say that the pattern was inspiration ~ believe me it was inspiration only!!

I cut the dress out using the largest size but I altered the back pattern piece first by adding 1.5 inches to the back skirt and back yoke pieces and not cutting them on the center fold. I wanted a center back seam to add a zipper to the dress. The front skirt piece was altered by using the pivot and slide method, adding an additional 2" at the waist and hips - which btw could have been more!

You saw the picture I took earlier of the yoke/bodice and the dress bottom. Well at that point the zipper was already in the dress, so I wasn't taking that puppy out! Instead to fix the issue with the yoke, I removed the 5/8" seam allowance, then sewed a new shoulder seam using a 7/8" seam and the yoke seamline hit me in a much better place.

Since I opted to self-line the yoke instead of using the facings that were provided, I did the same thing to these pattern pieces. Then I used the facing pattern piece for guidance marking the neckline to achieve the v in the yoke neckline. The lining was sewn in, understitched and clipped (carefully!), then I hand stitched it to the dress body.

After all of this, the back neckline still gaped! So I added two 3 inch darts to the back neckline so that it would lay flat.

I added a short sleeve with a band instead of the cap sleeve or the 3/4" sleeve pictured on the envelope. Of course, the sleeve pattern flat measured 15-16 inches. So I had to alter the sleeve pattern by first cutting off the sleeve at the double line that you use to alter the pattern for length. Then I sliced the pattern 1/2" from the cap to the hem of the sleeve, adding 2.5 inches to the sleeve pattern.

To add the band I cut a 5" length of the dress fabric and sewed it to the sleeve hem. Folded 5/8" down on the unfinished edge and pressed. Then folded the band in half and pressed again. The sleeve was serge finished and then sewn together. Finally the sleeve band was machine stitched to finish it off!

Dress body - there is the minimumest seam allowance possible in this dress. And I sewed it twice to make sure that the thread doesn't give way at an inopportune time...I could have added a little more to the abdomen area of the dress...but since it is a special time of the month for me, I am believing that later on it will fit better! *LOL* I can always hope, right?! There is a 1/2" machine stitched hem.

You can see more pics and poses in my Flickr Album - Dresses 2008. I won't wear this dress this week - not because I don't like it but because it's "Black Week" at work!!! We have important meetings with outside visitors so it's ultra-professional, ultra-conservative this week. I have officially declared next week, "Color Week" and will wear the dress then.

In closing, this, this is why I use TNT patterns! *LOL* I probably could have gotten the same results, quicker if I had just altered and used my TNT dress pattern! Even though I ended up with a pretty and wearable dress, I'm not sure I would make this pattern again!

New Look 6779

I bought this pattern back in March because I was so thrilled to see a New Look pattern that went up to a size 22! Especially since the majority of the patterns in the New Look catalog stop at a size 16/18. So this pattern has been hanging out waiting for "real" spring weather to come.

After seeing Sheila's wonderful interpretation of this dress and realizing that I did not possess the frame of mind to do extensive pattern alterations to the Vintage Bow Tie Dress, because I am still suffering the leftover affects of a vicious cold, I pulled this one out to use.

Of course, after reading the instructions and remembering that there is no back zipper in this dress...then changing around the construction details and finally making all of the alterations to fit this dress...I probably could have worked on the vintage one! However, I still believe that there is a lot more work in getting the fit perfect in that dress than this one.

Also, after spending quite a bit of time trying to pick patterns and fabrics for my June Capsule wardrobe and realizing that this piece of fabric wasn't going to make the cut, I decided just to sew this quick and easy dress up and then work on the Vintage dress later.

Well, all of those assumptions were wrong...just wrong...first problem...

The white linen's seamline ended in an area of my bust line that cut me in half and really made me look like a stuffed sausage in the dress. Then the side seams had to be altered because there wasn't enough ease in the dress. So this afternoon I am altering, altering the dress...because I refuse to end up with a wadder! I love this piece of fabric and I WILL make it work!

So more later on the saga, of the easy dress ~ New Look 6779!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank you for your point of view!

Let me state up - I DO NOT believe that if you vote for or desire HRC to be President that you are a racist! Do I believe that Hilary and Bill will play that card to get people to vote for them...YES!

Second - yes, I do believe that sexism is alive and well in America...just like racism in all forms is, anti-semiticism is, hatred of fat people is, hatred of anything that is different from the so-called norm...and that all groups of people experience some kind of disconnect with "The Norm" of society.

Third - these are my views...just my views stated on MY blog! Agree, disagree but your words will not change the hurt and anger I feel for a woman whom I use to admire (voted for in her 1st Senatorial campaign in New York and voted for her husband in both general elections), who whether she meant to or not used a word that can be construed as a call to arms for a segment of society that very few seem to publicly acknowledge that they belong to.

Fourth - I have to dispute the charge that Obama missteps are overlooked by the media and HRC. There have been days and days of coverage of Rev. Wright, bittergate, Michelle Obama's comments and quite a few articles about Obama's youth. The media has jumped on ANYTHING on all sides of this political drama.

Fifth - Only 1 Kennedy member has come forth to back HRC. Not RFK's widow, Ethel, not any of the other Kennedy family members. So this was truly a low blow and, if, as fervent HRC supporters you choose to forgive that, it is your right. I, however, do not!

Sixth - If Obama were losing the nomination and still dragging himself around from primary to primary HRC would be the loudest person calling for him to exit the stage. It is only natural. However, I believe that he would have more grace and civility than she is showing and would exit the campaign. I believe that he would consider what was best for the party rather than what was best for himself...knowing that if he truly wants to become President there would be another opportunity...i.e. John McCain.

My final point and then I really am going back to sewing posts, is that we women who do not like or want to vote for HRC aren't voting for her because she's a woman, it's because she's NOT THE RIGHT WOMAN! She doesn't uplift the values of ALL women - white or whatever your ethnicity may be...she doesn't make a SAHM or a working woman feel as valued as "herself"...she doesn't stand for something and STAND for it! She is all over the place with what she wants or whatever crowd she's speaking too...she does not exude grace, kindness, civility, caring...but selfishness, vainness and opportunity. And yes the standards are higher for her than a white man...just like they are higher for a black man/woman or a hispanic man/woman or a Jewish man/woman, etc...that is just a fact of life in this United States! If she really wanted ALL women to join behind her...she would STAND! Just stand for what she truly believed in, opened her heart and shared with others instead of just being another political animal. HRC turns so many more people off than she does on...and if she does somehow find a way to win the Democratic nomination...I guarantee that a Republican will be President in the fall!

*and all capitalized words are for emphasis not shouting!!!

Now back to our regular sewing channel...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

If you don't like politics step away from my blog

This is my sewing blog, but this is the only place that I can have my say and today I'm having it!

I use to really admire Hilary Clinton. I thought she was an amazing woman who really cared about all Americans...but today I no longer believe that! Today I believe that she is a selfish woman who will stop at nothing to win a nomination that she can't possibly win...

Today I believe that she is the same as other undercover Americans who don't like black people because of the color of our skin. Today I believe that she deliberately uses words that will incite other people's fears and racist tendencies...Today I believe she has crossed a line that can NOT be reversed...

Now why am I so incensed and sorrowful today, because she said this in an interview,

"Asked if her continuing fight for the nomination against Senator Obama hurts the Democratic party, Sen. Hillary Clinton replied, "I don't. Because again, I've been around long enough. You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I just don't understand it. You know, there's lots of speculation about why it is."
referenced here:

Now for those of you who don't know, were too young to know, or don't remember, the assassination or Robert F. Kennedy threw the United States into total turmoil! It occurred EXACTLY 8 weeks after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated! The following Democratic National Convention was disrupted by protesters and the party was in total disarray! I was 10 years old and remember vividly the horrors of the protesting, rioting, shootings and total chaos that my country was in!

And now, NOW this woman has uttered these words...WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING! Is winning that important to her that she is now issuing code words to a segment of our population, so that the UNTHINKABLE can occur yet again? Does she believe that she can be the "White Knight" charging into the chaos to save the day? She is always talking about the past and learning from the past...ummm what possible lesson can be learned from this...

In 1968 we stood at the brink, the very brink of total dissolution of our nation...and that's how a 10 year old saw it!

So to all of you Hilary Clinton supporters out there, please ask yourself is this what you really want from a leader?! Someone who will say and do anything to win a nomination!? Someone who will willingly throw our country and the electoral process into chaos to win? Someone who willingly plays on people's fears and hatreds? Is this who you want as President?

Because right now she is making George Bush look like a saint! And I voted for this family 2 times...2 times! I am sobbing writing this. I love my country! I love the idea of this country! I love that you can come here and be anything you want! I love that I can have my say and not have to worry that someone will come and arrest me! I love that the intrinsic values of justice and honor are written into our constitution!

But my heart is so heavy now...because a marching call has been issued...a call to arms...because one person wants to win at any I step away from my keyboard with a feeling of dread and despair...I have one question for Hilary supporters..."Doesn't this just offend everything that you believe in for our nation?!"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am a fabricaholic!

I'm a fabricaholic...
I like nothing better than roaming through fabric internet sites, finding a great piece of fabric that will make an amazing garment or finding an awesome sale on a piece that I've been secretly coveting. I like coming home and finding a new package containing fabric hopes and dreams...something that continues to inspire me to create.

I like strolling through the stores in the garment district, touching pieces, looking at the vibrant colors and sometimes even digging in piles or standing on tip toes to reach that special piece that has caught my eye.

I am a fabricaholic..
And because of this condition, I have an enormous collection of much that it has overflowed my walk-in closet and now resides in containers and boxes in my living room and bedroom...yet still I look at, look for and dream of wonderous fabrics...

I am a fabricaholic...
Tonight, I realized the extent of my condition as I went through one bin in my bedroom. I was looking for my latest linen purchases to pull together fabrics for my June Capsule Wardrobe. I pulled piece after wonderful piece from the bin...and as I matched one fabric with another, marveling at how they coordinated...luxurating in their touch...imagining the amazing garments that could be made from them, I realized...

I am a fabricaholic...
Now the fabric that was piled so effortlessly in twos and threes, shining so brightly in my bedroom's light made me realize that laying right there on my queen size bed was more than enough fabric for me to sew 3-4 months straight...but only if I was no longer employed! And I stumbled there...took a step back...and stopped to pause...because

I am a fabricaholic....
Now my condition does not adversely affect my household. My bills are paid. I contribute to my savings account monthly. My children do not want. And I even give to those in need...I also fully realize that my fabric buying in large part is due to stress buying...because in the back of my head I know that I will never be able to use the amazing fabric collection that I have amassed any time soon...if ever. Yet I continue to collect because...

I am a fabricaholic...

Okay so now that I've gotten that off my chest...I have two possibilities for my June Capsule Collection...and as soon as I've made up my mind which to use, I will post pics and pattern details...

And yeah, I'm a fabricaholic but hey...everyone has some condition...this is just mine! *LOL* ...and I promise answers to questions asked in the comments section over the weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May = Fall???

In today's mail was my June issue of Harper's Bazaar...

Now normally I love Bazaar because they do this great series of how to wear the latest styles for your age...however, can someone tell me when the end of May/beginning of June equalled Fall? People, the pages of the magazine are predominantly filled with "Pre-Fall" clothes...are you kidding me?

We haven't had our first 90 degree day yet? We haven't had a heat wave yet? I haven't experienced my "What the h*ll was she thinking wearing white pants with a polka dot thong" moment! I haven't longed for a kewl rain to wash the heat away yet? And most importantly, I haven't even begun to wear my summer wardrobe...and the magazines are telling me it's fall!

Ooops, excuse me...pre-fall! Yeah, okay, right! And that's why clothing isn't selling and you are marking it way down!

I've had the worse cold since Saturday and the most that I've done to my vintage dress is adjust the bodice front. Do you know how torturous it is to be home and unable to sew because you just can't drag yourself to your machines? Yeah, so if you know the feeling you know how I've felt for the last few days...but I managed to d-r-a-g myself to work!

So I have no news on the vintage dress front...and no news on the June Capsule Contest front...and no news on the Great Coat Sew-Along front...all I've got is the question,

May = Fall???

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Vintage Experiment - Part 1

I have decided that I want to make a wearable muslin of the Simplicity bow-tie dress before committing to my black & white cotton toile fabric. So the fabric is in the dryer and the pattern pieces have been checked to make sure that I have all of them.

Sometime this afternoon I will clean off my cutting table which somehow manages to collect a week's worth of mail, fabric, discarded clothing, etc. so that I can begin the fitting and cutting out process.

I have noticed a few things about the pattern already. First, it has seam allowances...for those of you who sewed before multi-sized patterns, do you remember those? Its like meeting an old friend, again! The pattern pieces have a lot of darts in them to get that close fit that is a part of the look. Some of these will be omitted in my version of the dress...I think I'm going more for a "fitted" version rather than the "close-fitted" version that is on the pattern cover.

My fabric choice is the black seersucker that I got from Metro Textiles. Why? Because I had a lot of it and if I add some white accents it will be perfect for work. Also, if my first version doesn't work, there is plenty left to re-work the idea.

I don't know if I will get the dress finished this weekend...but I've got it started and a 3-day weekend for Memorial Day next week! So the vintage experiment begins...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Vintage Ebay

I spent several hours Saturday on Ebay looking at Vintage Patterns. I found this store, "Linda's Sew Be It" which was chock full of all kinds of vintage patterns, and I was in love. I think I bought another 5 or 6 patterns and I have just won two more auctions! But people I'm done now...truly I am...because all of the time spent on Ebay has inspired me.

It solved a quandry that I was struggling with but had no answer to. See I love a lot of the new styles being shown by all of the pattern companies...but they lack a sense of style, an elegance, a sophistication that I want to bring to my work wardrobe. Now this is not to say that I haven't purchased a few of these patterns but it is not the direction that I want to take my sewing in...especially since I sew primarily for my work wardrobe.

If you look at patterns and wardrobes of women in the 50's and 60's they had a femininity to them that I think is lacking in many of today's patterns/wardrobes. There was a care taken with dressing, an elegance and a love of the woman's shape, that is not apparent to me today. Now there seems to be an emphasis on body parts...too much in my humble opinion and it just seems that a graciousness is lacking...and that sensibility is what I want to bring to my work wardrobe.

I want to wear suites of jewelry (earrings, necklace & bracelet or pin that all match) with my suit or jacket/dress combination or dress alone. I want to look sophisticated and well put together yet effortlessly like I just rolled out of bed looking that gorgeous! *LOL* And the pattern details that I found in the vintage patterns on Ebay have inspired me...

It inspired me so much that I am calling my spring/summer sewing, "The Summer of Sophisticated Dressing!" I found seam, fabric and notion details on vintage patterns that take a simple sheath dress to another level. I have inserted pictures of them throughout this post. These are the details that will appear in my summer dresses.

Then this arrived in the mail today:

Sent to me by my friend Sharon, author of the blog, "Adventures from the Sewing Studio." This is the perfect dress for the black/white toile fabric. This pattern combines two looks that so define the face that I want to present to the world this summer! is in a size 20! Be still my heart...not a lot of grading up, not a lot of figuring out how to make it work...just a lot of making it work for my figure! *LOL*

So Sharon thank you so much for sending me the perfect pattern to start my sewing quest for "Sophisticated Dressing"!!! Somehow I will incorporate this look into my pieces for the June Capsule Contest and my "no-plan" sewing for Summer! Stop laughing y'all...this is just parameters...a direction to aim in...not actual planning! *smile*

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why we blog?

Connie who blogs under the name of Couturesmith wrote a very interesting post yesterday called, "Just Procrastinating" However, her title does not elude to what piqued my interest...these sentences did:

"Instead I find myself ruminating about readership and comments. Silly yes- I mean, I maintain this blog for strictly personal reasons, (and my own delusions of grandeur of course!) I know that I could never spend the amount of time or energy needed to garner a large corner of the sewing/crafting blogdom."

She goes on to tell a story about another blog and the number of readers on it. And her post made me reflect on why I blog...What is the purpose? And why am I so obsessed (yes I said it!) with the number of visitors, from where and the comments that are left!

Then it hit me - that I blog to have an ongoing conversation with like-minded souls in the blogosphere. I can ramble on about what I love to do and others can read or not read - its their choice…however it gives me a platform to share my sewing dreams, aspirations, garments and thoughts on sewing.

So its like a virtual sewing circle and my blog allows me to have my turn to say what I'm thinking during the course of the conversation. As with all things, you may or may not agree with may think I'm a nut (*LOL*) but you politely read and leave shaking your head...or you comment because you agree or have another point of view (which I love btw because it continues the conversation) and sometimes you are really kind and you gush excitedly about something I'm sewing or I've made or a new sewing toy or adventure I'm taking.

However, all of it just makes me feel like a part of this wonderful sewing community and I enjoy the moment I get to "Have my Say!"

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who celebrate!

Friday, May 09, 2008

It's Been a Long Week...

and I'm really tired...

and I'm gonna do something I rarely do on my blog...I am going to talk about current events...

First...I found some tickets to the Alicia Keys concert when she will be performing in Newark, NJ! I am talking to my daughter and realize that D*MN I can't buy the tickets! Why?! Because we are seeing the play, Thurgood with Laurence Fishbourne the same day....can you hear my disappointment where you are...there is a lot of sighing going on over here!

Next...what the heck is this all about!

Can someone explain this to me!?! I have been buggin' off this one all week...I mean I like Wildin' Out, think Nick is a nice guy, and love Mariah's music but Nick & Mariah...I am speechless...moving on...

Ummmm...I am sooooo ready for the Democratic Primaries to be over. I have waited as long as I could before adding something to my sidebar about my choice for the next President of the United States...but since I can "obviously do the math" and realize that Hilary just can't pull it off (even though she was not my choice for President!), I just want her to exit the stage gracefully and SOON!

I love "Dancing with the Stars!" and Mario was so robbed! C'mon Marissa is in the semi-finals...people puhleeze!!!!

And can someone please tell me what the H*ll is going on with Lost! I AM Lost! When are they getting off the friggin' island???

Finally and I'm going to bed after this one...On American Idol, Syesha is safe and in the top three! I have to admit that I have been using 2 cellphones and my work blackberry (shush!) to vote for 2 hours straight to keep this girl (who can sing) in the competition! I truly believe that its my time and effort that has kept her in it! *LOL* She made me cry last week when she sang, "A Change is Gonna Come!"

And if you missed she is...and thank goodness no one agreed with Randy!

I promise back to sewing tomorrow...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ebay is a very, very evil place

and could possibly get me fired! *LOL*

Okay so Myra innocently sent me off to the evil land of bidding and "buy nows" to look for a 50's shirtwaist dress pattern. Ebay novice and innocent that I am, I search Ebay for the item number that she work...people, what was I thinking! Was I trying to lose my paying gig?! The source of my fabric enhancement...'cause I was on that danged site for almost two hours! Two hours!!!! Thank God I started when everyone headed out to lunch because that place is like quicksand it just snares you in and then starts to suffocate you with the goods.

So do I find 50's shirtwaist dresses...ummm can we say that I "Buy Now" bought two patterns and bid on two more...What the h*ll do I need four plus size 50's shirtwaist dress patterns for?! But that's what I think now, earlier today was a different story...when the seducing evil that is Ebay invaded my mind and showed me the possibilities of what's out that time I was thinking, ooohhhh good vintage pattern instructions, uncut factory folded pattern pieces, a detail from this pattern could be added to my final garment, look at how the pleats fall on that you see where I'm going here?!

I caught it...Ebay fever!!!!

So all evening I have been checking "My Ebay" to make sure that someone hasn't undercut me and outbid me on my two patterns because now....I've just got to have them!

And that my dear friends is why Ebay is EVIL!

p.s. I will let you know if I win them and show you pictures of the "Buy Now" patterns when they arrive! I can see the shirtwaist dress now and it's just a matter of time and the post office delivery system on it getting made...but Ebay really is evil!!!! *LOL*

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I've been tagged

...and I'm only playing along since Shannon (my girlfriend of the cloth) tagged me...otherwise, I would definitely be playing dumb and dumber...ROTFLOL! Okay, it was funny to me!

Here's the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.

2. Open to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

I am presently reading, "Whitethorn Woods" by Maeve Binchy....

"But I had invited Wes and George to stay. That had to be sorted out. Was there any hope that they'd let us stay on our own?"

and take it away,
Cidell, Debbie Cook, Adrienne, Kristy and Cennetta!

Play, don't play but don't let it be said that I'm a party pooper...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I just can't help myself

Yesterday I was at work 12 hours (and that does not include the trip into and out of NYC)...tomorrow I will be at work another 12 hours...and today I went fabric shopping at lunchtime because, well, because I was having a rotten, stinkin' day and one of my friends wrote an email about some great fabric that they had gotten at Metro Textiles...

So you know what happened next, right? Yeah, I went and I came home with this:

3 yards of a wonderful, silky cotton that matches an amazing piece of a coral linen/cotton blend that's already in my fabric collection and looks so good with this... I also bought a piece of white linen (not pictured) for my June Capsule Wardrobe...

This matelaise is for my dress for Mother's Day - it will be used just for accent pieces but whoa what accents - more about the dress this weekend!

However, I was thrilled to get out of Kashi's with an attitude adjustment, without going too deeply into debt and without acquiring an entirely new wing to my fabric collection. As one of my friends said, "That man is dangerous!" *LOL*

So I'm headed back to the A train, I round the corner onto 8th Avenue, walk past the Dunkin' Donuts and realize that I'm right in front of Ebads Fabrics. Before I knew about Kashi & Metro Textiles, I bought almost every piece of linen that I sewed with from my friend Nabil, Ebads owner. I thought I would just duck in real quick, say "hi!" and see what linens he had...I hate to tell you this folks but his linen prices are even better than Kashi's!!!

I didn't get any linen...I got this:

It is a very lightweight, sheer, cotton toile and right away it told me that it wants to be a 50's style shirtdress. So if anyone knows of a great pattern for a plus size chick, please share. Vintage, non-vintage, new or indy, I am willing to consider it! Because if Ethel Mertz could wear one of those shirtwaist dang, I think I can too!

So now I'm home...I've got fabric dreams, wonderful, awesome things I want to sew...I just need some time! But isn't that the cry of most of us sewists....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tie One On

I am really having a love affair with bow ties and bow tie blouses...

This fabric was on Emmaonesock's site last week for about a was there the day I bought some and gone the can't snooze on that site, 'cause if you do, you lose!!!

I purchased the rayon deconstructed fabric to make another SW Mission Tank with a tie:

The only difference in construction of this tank was that I left the armhole edges, the hem and the tie edges serge finished. It just works with the deconstructed fabric so I let it be.

Originally I saw the tank in this outfit:

Black cardigan made from OOP Burda 8869,
TNT pants from a vanilla microfiber (all made several years ago)
and the new tank

But then I tried this RTW sweater on with it and love this version too:

Finally, I realized that I haven't shown one picture of me in the tank with a bottom by itself, so here I am, bodacious armflaps and all!

And to further the cause of the bow tie look, I purchased two new patterns from Lanetz Living with the bow tie look. One is for inspiration. I love how much information is contained in the instruction sheets. And one is to make "as is" and add to my work wardrobe.

So I'm "Tie-ing One On" for my first May project!

June Capsule Contest

I've just entered the June Capsule Contest at Stitchers Guild. Elizabeth (ejvc) has challenged us to make a 4 piece capsule - no black allowed!

These are the rules:

The contest will run June 1 - June 30.

1. The capsule will consist of four garments and one accessory (purse, belt, headband, jewellery, etc). One of the garments must be a top, one must be a bottom, all the tops must co-ordinate with all the bottoms and the accessory must co-ordinate with them all.

2. One of the items can be purchased and one can be made before June.

3. All the other items must be sewn, knitted, crafted etc during June.

4. Twist: no black items.

5. Everyone who tells me they want to enter the contest and makes at least one item can vote on the winner.

6. At the end of the contest people can send me photos and I'll post them in sets on Flickr. We should have four photos - one showing all the garments (composite or hanging or whatever) and three of the wearer modelling the items. No flat photos of the clothes please.

There is a prize involved but honestly I'm not joining the contest for the prize! It will be fun to sew some pieces that will work together and that I can plan - yeap, I said it folks, plan out! My mind is churning and I'm already thinking of what to make! Oh, how I love to sew a wardrobe!!! And this works in with my crazy lifestyle...I usually turn out at least 4 garments a month and this gives my sewing a little direction...and I get to plan...yeah, I think I mentioned that already! *LOL*

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Brief Bit...

For someone who thinks about sewing all the time, I really have nothing to say today. However, I stumbled across this picture in the June issue of Lucky magazine...

and thought of this...

Guess I'm right on top of this trend...

And that was your brief bit for today...

More this weekend...


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