Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Designer Cotton Print Skirt

After my last Mood Project, my niece's prom dress, I decreed that my next project would be something easy using one of the designer cottons that I'd seen in the NYC Mood store.  It's one of the nice things about the NYC store, the aisles are long and filled to the brim with possibilities.  However, this cotton print by Theory was in a bin right near the front of the aisle...

...and even though I walked the entire length of the aisle and touched several awesome pieces, I kept coming back to the Theory print.  Now don't get me wrong,  Mood doesn't just have wonderful designer cottons in the NYC store, there also some pretty ones online too. Some that would work just as well as the one I chose for my first skirt of the summer.

See I wasn't originally going to make a skirt.  I was going to go with my fave garment, a dress, but the weather here on the East Coast has been horribly hot...and the other day I wore a print cotton pique skirt, a tank top and a little cardigan to work and it was perfect.  Perfect for the manufactured cold of the bus and my office, yet when I removed the cardigan it was perfect to walk the streets of NYC and to ride the subway.  So even though I originally imagined this as a dress...on the cutting table it became a skirt.

The Pattern ~
Of course I started with a  tried 'n true (TNT) pattern.  I mean they work for me.  I've probably made dozens of these skirts over the years and honestly I see no reason in switching up now. So here is the original pattern that I altered from an ankle length skirt to get my current mid-knee length skirt pattern ~ McCalls 2795 with a copyright date of 2000.  Not as old as some in my collection, but a great workaholic pattern, just the same.

Fabric & Notion Stats:
Fabric ~
2.5 yards of Theory Cotton Print from Mood Fabrics

Notions ~
1 yard of 1" wide non-roll elastic
2.5 yards of lime rayon lining 
2 yards of gray rayon seam tape

As you can see, I've paired the skirt with a solid color RTW tank top and a lime green RTW cardigan.  I think this color combination screams summer yet it works in my conservative work environment that lightens up just a little for summer.

Sewing Techniques ~

  • Construction was easy because it has an elastic waistband...good for us waistline challenged women! 
  • It has four gores cut and sewn together. 
  • Assembled the lining, added a 1/2" hem then stitched it down. 
  • I added the lining to the skirt, by stitching right sides together and then flipping the lining into the skirt.
  • Pressed the seam flat and open and then edge stitched the two pieces together.
  • Formed a casing by turning under 1.5", pressed it flat and then stitched down.
  • Before inserting the elastic, I hemmed the skirt using a 1/2" seam. I encased the hem in rayon seam binding and added two rows of machine stitching to form the hem.
  • The final step was to add a loop of the rayon seam binding to the center back seam so that I'd know the skirt front from the back.

However, it's really the fabric that makes this skirt sing.  I love how the cotton drapes in the back of the skirt and gives it such a wonderful silhouette.

It is a great addition to my wardrobe.  I love the color combination and florals are really big this summer. Plus it will be wonderfully easy to wear, especially in this hot, humid and steamy weather we're experiencing now on the East Coast!  It's also the first thing to come out of my newly updated sewing workroom.  It took a minute to get back into the swing of things and it took me an entire day to make this...but I'm back. always more later!

Friday, June 28, 2013


Okay I don't use blog readers...just never got the hang of it.  However, I learned something interesting tonight.  After reading Lisa Laree's blog post and Lauren's of Lladybird fame, I thought what the hay, I'll go over to bloglovin' and register my blog.

Well the joke is on me because did you know there is another blog out there named, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic!?!  Really there is!  When I did the search to find my blog, the other DSF and a link to the Mood Sewing Network came up. I was a little befuddled.  It took a minute for me to realize that my actual blog address is different.  When I put that in the search box, up popped my blog.

Like I said interesting...anyway, I'm claiming my blog (Follow my blog with Bloglovin).  Though I do have a question?  Does anyone know if the Reading list that appears when you sign into Blogger is going away?  Cause that's how I presently read blogs and it's how the blogs I like appear on my sidebar.  So if anyone can provide any info on that I would appreciate it.  Otherwise, I guess I'll figure something out, bloglovin or not.


I went to Hobby Lobby!

I'm sure for some of you this is nuthin big.  I'm also sure for some of my fellow sewists in the local area that you've already been and have enjoyed the wonderfulness of Hobby Lobby.  Honestly, I've been meaning to go.  It's just if I have to choose between spending "quality time" in a retail store or at home sewing, I'm gonna sew. Okay well y'all knew that!

Anyway, this afternoon I needed to go to Walmart to purchase another lamp like this one:

I tried to buy it online but no go, so back to the Walmart where I'd purchased the first one.  Last sewing room set-up I used whatever I had on hand for lighting. This time I wanted the lamps to match not only each other but the shelving units, too.  I really want a more cohesive look to the sewing workroom so I'm making more conscious purchasing decisions.

Hobby Lobby is technically across the highway from Walmart, so I decided to go there first.  It was a pretty kewl experience...sort of like Michaels but with furniture and home decor items...much better than JoAnns...and way better than WalMarts sewing department.  My daughter was with me and we had fun exploring all the different areas of the store.  

This is what I came home with...

I'm going to use this to make new curtains and seat cushion covers for the kitchen.  And this is the full haul...

The buttons are wall decorations for the sewing workroom and the pink/beige houndstooth is for a straight skirt for me.

My evaluation of Hobby Lobby~
The store was bright and well lit.  The sales force was friendly and helpful.  There is a deep selection of products, not necessarily fabric that's my kind of fabric ~ way too much calico and fleece for me ~ but it did have a small yet well curated home dec section along with patterns from several of the pattern companies. I will be going back!

Now it's back to loading the fabric on the shelves... always more later!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Time...

Yes it is peoples, it's time for me to sew!  Do you know that today is June 25th and I've made nuthin' this month!  Absolutely, freakin' nuthin'!!!  Since I must have my Mood garment finished by Thursday evening to post on the Mood Sewing Network on Friday, you know I'm turning my sewing machine on for that.  So look for at least one in-progress post soon.

Also look for a few more quick and easy pieces.  Now that I've worn only what I've previously made for the last four weeks, I realize that there are a few things lacking in my wardrobe that I'd like to add.  Now I could easily purchase those things but with 70 full to the brim garbage bags of fabric sitting in my dining room, I can tell you that I won't be buying much until the memory of putting it all back fades. *sigh*

Which brings me to this dress...

I posted about Butterick 5211 last July 30th.  36 wonderful people left very nice compliments about this dress when I posted it.  Even with their encouragement, I was kinda "meh" about the dress so I never wore it.  Just left it hanging in the sewing workroom until it had to be taken upstairs because of the sewing room clean out.  Last night I saw it hanging and decided that it was time to wear it.  It's over 90 degrees today.  It's a lightweight dress, perfect for hot as hell summer days and suddenly I wasn't as "meh" about it especially since it didn't need to be ironed.  

Can I tell you that those 36 people were geniuses and able to see something that I couldn't...even though I'd made the dress! I'm wearing it today and it's perfect! Perfect I tell I'm trying to figure out what I didn't like about it!  

Anyway, I have loads more of those trendy rayons in a really pretty pink floral (just gotta find the dayum thing!) that I can sooooo see in this dress.  Oh and I'm wearing it with the self tie belt.  So Gay, the answer to your question is...I'm just wearing it for the first time today! 

It's July so it must be fall...
Lastly, is it just me or isn't it a little annoying that it's the end of June, it's blazing hot outside and all of the stores and designers are showing pre-fall.  Seriously?! It's too dayum hot out to think about a coat or even a jacket for that matter! Couldn't they have held off ohhhh for just a few more weeks!  Seasons are coming faster and faster these days!

A closing shot...
My photographer/friend at work is now on maternity I snatched up my co-worker to take my pics... always more later!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sewing Workshop is starting to come together...

I did end up changing a few things around...not a lot...but enough to give the room a different feel.  I will have to think of some processes differently when sewing because of that but the previous version of the sewing workshop had gotten junky and stuffy.  

I really do like things sleek, minimal and tidy so that's the principal I'm using to reset the room.  I know that what I have will fit in the room, I just need it to fit in better. And after getting everything but the fabric back into the room, I think I've accomplished that goal!

Maybe catastrophes are a good thing because they make you rethink what you're doing...again I'm looking for the positive in what was a very stressful situation.

The fabric shelves are still empty ~ waiting for the fabric's return

Some drawers are the same - some have been used differently

This is the only set up that's still the same

Current magazines will go on the top shelf
Fabric will fill the bottom shelves

So everything is in except for the fabric.  I don't want to rush filling the shelves and I want to get as much out of the remaining bins as possible, so it will be done while I'm off later this week.

The car can go back in the garage...

The only thing is that there will be no sewing this weekend.  I thought about it but after moving everything around and setting things up I'm just too tired to attempt to sew.  I need to give a great big shout out to my daughter who helped me get everything back into the sewing workshop.  I couldn't have broken it down, or set it back up without her help! always more later!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The follow up to the follow up to the follow up...

So I started the post below, three days ago but my life is soooooo busy right now with work and home stuff that I'm just getting back to it!  Can I say I can't wait for next week when I'll have two days off to deal with the last of the basement stuff!  

Anyway, I was intrigued by some of the comments left on my last post...

Blacey wrote:
Ugh, grading up is the bane of my sewing life. I'm in love with the Sewaholic range but I keep putting off buying and sewing because of the extra effort involved. In saying that, Colettes sizing is different from the Big 4: their 18 is B46 W38 H48, very close to a Simplicity 24W, but also designed for a C cup. I will still have to grade up but at least the starting point is closer to my numbers. I suspect other indie designers also have different sizing.

Marsha wrote:
I second what Blacey said. You have to compare the sizing chart of the independent with the sizing chart of the Big 4. Some indies are closer to modern RTW sizes, not the ones developed 70 years ago.

ElleC wrote:
I was very bummed about Sewaholic patterns not being available in my size, then I actually looked at the measurements. My 20 in Vogue is quite close to Sewaholics 16. As a matter of fact I made the Renfrew without alterations and it fits perfectly. Also as Sewaholics patterns are designed for a "pear shape" they would very likely be easy to grade up, for someone who has some junque in the trunque. I remember Tasia writing about the plus size issue, and she said she just doesn't have the knowledge to do it properly. I am sorry, I have tried to find the post where this was written so I could include a link, but alas, I couldn't find it.

So I'll be honest peoples...when I was checking things out I looked at numbers only...not the measurements beneath the size/number.  Being duly chastised for being slipshod with the research, I decided to go back and look at the measurements and compare them to Butterick patterns measurements. 

This is what I found...
Colette Patterns size 18 equals a 22/24 in Butterick

Grainline Studios size 18 equals a 22 in Butterick

Jamie Christina Patterns size 20 equals a 22 in Butterick

Megan Nielson Patterns size XL equals a 20/22 in Butterick

Sewaholic Patterns size 16 equals an 18 in Butterick

Sew Chic Patterns size 16 equals an 18 in Butterick

Victory Patterns size 16 equals a 22 in Butterick

Why did I choose Butterick as the standard?  
Well basically Butterick, Vogue and McCalls sizing charts are very similar.  Also, these are the pattern lines I sew from the most.  However, I did notice that this is on the smaller end of the plus size scale.  While it would fit me and I could work with some of these patterns, I really don't call this a plus size.

Another reason for choosing Butterick is that I need all of that ease that is incorporated in the pattern.  I know for others especially in the smaller sizes, the amount of ease is off-putting.  I have no way of knowing what the ease of the indies is...and since I've made one bad assumption...I'm just not going there again!  *LOL*  But it is a concern for me since I don't like close-fitting garments.  Dayum the trends, I gotta sew and wear what works for my lifestyle and me.

Finally, I'm glad that the patterns do reach a larger base.  If you're teetering on the edge of plus size, or wear a smaller plus size number then you could use these.  If, however, you are more towards the 26-30ish range, none of these indies will work for you without a lot of grading up.

...and speaking of patterns, all of us who still use BMV patterns, they are on sale until Sunday, June 23rd.  Buttericks are $1.88 ($1.50), McCalls are $2.88 ($2.30) and Vogues are $3.88 ($3.10) if you're not a Club BMV member.  If you are a Club BMV member, the prices are in the parenthesis.

+ + +

It's Friday and after a very full work week, I will be spending the weekend putting my sewing room back together!  I went downstairs after the dehumidifers left sat down and realized that even though this is the perfect opportunity to change the room around, I don't have the heart.  I will change a few things but the major set up will be the same.

The basics will go in this weekend.  The fabric will go in next weekend because I've taken two days off to do it.  I really Just.Want.To.Sew!  I'm gonna see if by hook or by crook I can make that happen this weekend. always more later!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dontcha feel like... many patterns, so little time!

Since I'm not sewing, I've been visiting blog land HARD!  I mean I've been reading blogs that I skimmed before or had never visited...gotta do something to fill up all that non-sewing time! *LOL*  So I noticed that there are some pattern gems out there that I've never considered before that are being sewn up into some amazing garments.

Also in that extra time, I've visited quite a few pattern sites...referred there by the same sewists, that have made those amazing garments and I have two observations.

One ~ I will never sew all of the patterns that I like. 
I have an amazing collection of patterns that I just keep adding to.  With each cycle of patterns distributed by the big four, I add another round of patterns to my collection.  I also own a dozen years of Burda World of Fashion magazines, which are finally coming out of storage in the new and improved sewing room (Did y'all notice how positive I'm being here! *LOL*) from which I need to sew more of. There is just so much pattern goodness out there now!

Two ~ Why don't the new indie pattern makers size up past a 16/18?
I know Style Arc now has plus size patterns, though I haven't bought any yet because nothing thrills me.  If I'm going to pay for shipping from across the world, I don't really want to buy a pattern that's similar to something from the Big 4. 

Lolita Patterns is working on a plus size, as well as, average size line and I will be trying them out.  I have two Cake Patterns on my list to try, too.  But I want to get in on The Archer Shirt craze too, however, the pattern only goes up to a size 18.  

So let me run down a list of several new indie pattern designers whose patterns only go up to a size 16 or 18 that I noticed in my blogland travels: Colette Patterns, Victory Patterns, Sewaholic, Megan Nielsen, Sew Chic and Jamie Christina Patterns are all graded no larger than an 18.  I have two choices here - purchase one and grade up or forego the pattern and purchase only the Big 4 and the couple of indies who do make plus size patterns mentioned above.

I'll admit that I've been loathe to blog about the lack of upsizing in the new indie patterns because I truly understand if they have an audience they want to reach and I'm not part of it.  It just really hit me this weekend while blog grazing that there are some very cool & funky styles out there that I would like to make for my daughter (age 25, same size/little bigger than me) or even a version of Megan Nielsen's Tania Culottes for myself.  Hey lengthen those culottes and they'd be part of an amazing Friday work outfit or weekend/vacation piece. (As an aside I know I don't generally sew weekend for myself but I'm thinking maybe if I did I might leave the sewing cave more...)

Anyway, I'm in awe of what some of the younger (as in younger than me) sewists are making.  I'm feeling encouraged that another generation will carry sewing on and that our artform will continue to thrive and grow.

Now I'm off to watch the second half of the NBA Finals - Heat vs. Spurs - cause who knows who's going to win this! always more later!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A few thoughts...

First thanks to everyone who left a comment on the last post commiserating on my sewing room trauma.  Now that I've lived without my sewing room for a few days, I have a few thoughts to share.

1.  I thought that we'd gotten up all of the water.  However, when the plumber came back in he noticed that there was water under the flooring that I laid less than 2 years ago.  It squished when he walked on it and explained that's why the floor was so cold to my touch.  That's what initiated the great fabric pack up and the items being removed from the sewing room.

2.  It took me and my daughter (the same one that helped me lay the floor) 4 hours to remove every piece of fabric from the sewing room, as well as, my sewing machines, computer and TV.  I only had the evening to do it because the team was bringing in the fans and dehumidifers to dry out the room the next morning. They also treated the walls for mold at the same time.

3.  I had to do it in 4 hours because we are in the midst of some really important meetings at work and I couldn't take any time off.  Let me tell you I was bleary eyed the next morning because I got EXACTLY 4 hours of sleep that night.

4.  Why are insurance companies such pains in the *sses.  That's all I'm saying about the trauma of that which is still ongoing.

5.  As for relocating my sewing room, well that just ain't happening.  This is the only place in my home for it so I now have to figure out a way to secure it so that it doesn't happen again ~ at least for awhile!  Although, I've heard enough water horror stories at work this week to realize that nowhere is actually safe.  People who's apartments were flooded by pipes bursting in neighbors apartments, toilets overflowing in another person's home causing extensive water damage cause it happened while they were at work, etc.  It seemed like everyone had a tale to share.  So since this could have happened somewhere else in the house, not just the basement, the sewing room is being set back up once everything is repaired.

6.  For now I'm trying to be positive and think about how I can change the arrangement of the room, once I'm allowed back in.  Recently I'd been thinking that I needed to add more storage to the room to aid & abet my fabric addiction.  Now that I've cleaned almost everything out of the room, I'm going to be a lot more selective about what I put back in.  Don't get excited, all of the fabric is going back in!  *LOL*  I mean some of the other things that I'd never removed because I'd been to lazy to take them out...well that problem has been solved for me...and they won't be returning.

7.  Taking my things out of my sewing room made me realize that I have a small fortune invested in that room.  I've once again instructed my daughter that they are NOT to have a garage sale when I've passed on but to eBay that stuff and recoup some of the money! *LOL*

8.  I did get my computer set up in the dining room and if I play my iTunes Library loudly I can ALMOST drown out the sounds of the fans and dehumidifers in the basement!

9.  I realize that except for social engagements or a dinner/movie with friends, I generally spend my weekends in the sewing room.  It's a great de-stressor for my very busy workweeks.  Thank goodness I do have some plans for Saturday evening this weekend because otherwise I would have been lost and not known what to do with my weekend!

So that's my latest update.  I'm trying to be positive about this because everything happens for a reason and even if it was just to get me to clean out the sewing room and do a reorg, I will go with it...especially since no fabric or sewing machines were hurt in this process! *smile* always more later!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm Bereft...

Again the pictures will speak because I have no words to describe how hollow my heart is because my sewing room has been totally dissembled...due to water...

Starting to pack the fabric up...

It's all gone now...

Taken early this morning - my sewing room now lives in the garage

I will update when I can...

Saturday, June 08, 2013

What the storm has wrought...

It rained yesterday...all day. Noah's Ark epic kinda rain...all day and into the wee hours of this morning.

I had to work late and was extremely worried that I wouldn't be able to get out of New York City because of the epic Noah's Ark type rain.  No where in my thinking did I worry about the sewing workroom nestled in the basement of my home.  I mean I just had the plumber in to talk about adding a battery operated sump pump to the sump pump that's already in place.  He looked at the present sump pump and declared that it was fine.

So why did I hear a beep from said workroom after midnight when I was in the kitchen getting one last glass of the nectar of the gods...Mountain Dew.  I go to the steps turn on the light, hoping & praying that I wouldn't see water...and I didn't. With a sign of relief, I head downstairs to see what was beeping and then I see it.  Yeap, one of the few paper boxes on the floor has a 2" water line.

Dayum, the Noah's Ark epic rain had infiltrated the workroom.  So I go into the storage space where my furnace and hot water heater are located and the sump pump is full of water, as well as, water covering the floor.  I CAN NOT figure out why it isn't working...lean over to make sure it's plugged in.  Dayum, Dayum and double dayum...the plug is out slightly...push it in and the sump pump roars to life.

Luckily I made it downstairs before there was any serious damage done to the fabric collection or even a lot of water in the workroom.  Instead it took two hours to get the water mopped up and items removed.  Today started off with a trip to Lowes to get a wet/dry vac. Then I spent time lifting everything rubber and wiping the water off the bottom of it.

You know I've called the plumber back and scheduled the installation of the battery operated sump pump...*sigh*  Yes, possible catastrophe averted but if I had any urge to sew today, its gone now.  I'll be spending the rest of the evening mopping up the last of the water that's hidden under every plastic bin on the floor, washing & drying and rehanging the covers for the fabric collection and washing & drying the couple of pieces of fabric that were in the paper boxes. always more later!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Let the Photos Speak

I really have nothing to say but I do have some photos to let's let the photos speak:

Someone was having an online sale of 50%
off cotton voile - I couldn't resist!
This showed up today.

Patterns from the last Club BMV pattern sale

Designer Cotton from Mood Fabrics
Large gray floral w/lime accents from Theory

Gray florals by Marc Jacobs
from Mood Fabrics

Floral linens that I pretreated on Saturday

I don't know if there will be any sewing this weekend 'cause I have a few social engagements but I do have a few ideas percolating so hopefully something soon! always more later!

Monday, June 03, 2013

May 2013 End of the Month Round Up

I honestly can't believe that it's June 3rd already! This year is flying by! I'm sure some of it has to do with the fact that I'm finally happy with my job and of course you know the rest just falls into place after that. My sewing is in a really good place and I'm creating some amazing pieces.

Right now if I'm not at work, I'm in my sewing workshop and that's how I like it. I've finally reached a stage in my life where I can sew any time I want, using the best materials I can afford. I've been waiting for this time in my life since I was a teenager and fell in love with this craft.

But enough about that, this is suppose to be my monthly was a good month creatively. I added two dresses to my wardrobe.

The lace & print dress

...and the digital ponte printed dress

I also added one more trans seasonal black suit (which will probably get a lot of wear this summer!)

Finally there was the prom dress...

Yes, it was a very involved sewing month...but so full of creative goodness that I hope I can match it in the next couple of months...though I can tell you that I do have another huge project coming up at the end of the summer...more details on that later!

The only thing I didn't get a chance to make this month was a couple of outfits for my granddaughter.  I'm chomping at the bit to make something for my little cutie...hopefully soon! always more later!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Reveal...

If you haven't already slid over to the Mood Sewing Network to look at my niece's prom's below.  And if you have already viewed the pics and write up there, I've added some additional information below...

I've made a few prom dresses over the years.  Generally I shy away from this type of sewing because of the high expectations for the dress. I don't want to dash someone's dreams. However, every once in awhile someone special to me asks if I will make a dress for them...usually I end up agreeing. This year it was my niece.

First some information on the materials used to make the dress...

Pattern ~
Butterick 4343

Fabric ~
4 yards of 45" wide mint green silk crepe back satin from Mood Fabrics
3 yards of 60" peach polyester lining from Mood Fabrics
4 yards of 14" mint green embellished lace trim from Mood Fabrics

Notions ~
22" bone color invisible zipper cut down to 14"
Taupe colored lace from the notions stash
Silk organza for the bodice

Construction Techniques:
I covered a lot of the construction details in these posts...along with the drama of the fitting challenges.  However, there were a few things I wanted to highlight about the making of this dress.

Even though the lace is stitched onto the fashion fabric in the bodice area, there is a silk organza underlining basted to the fashion fabric to give the silk body and to hold all of those hand stitches without crumpling.

The sleeve was made by cutting it out in silk organza and then the lace was stitched to it.  It was made longer than the sleeve I stole from another pattern because my niece wanted the pointed sleeve hem with thread chain that's used in bridal dresses, as part of her dress.

After I tore the dress apart to give her more room in the bodice area, I also added a silk organza gusset to the sleeve in the under arm area. I did this so that it would fit the dress' armhole that now had it's own 2.5" gusset.

I added my signature lace trim embellishment to the lining.  It seemed to add a really nice dimension to the dress.  

But I have to tell you that I did machine stitch the lining to the fashion fabric at the front slit.  I really wanted this area to hold together and I was worried that my hand stitching might pop with the getting in and out of the party bus (yes limos are passe, a party bus is how they get to the prom now!!)

I cut the zipper down to 14" because I wanted the dress to open up so that she could get into it but I didn't want an unsightly zipper ALL the way down the side of the dress.

The sleeve hem and thread piece was totally improvised.  I really meant to get back to the garment district to purchase an actual bridal accessory piece for this. I never made was just too hectic.  So I improvised by making my own thread chain and stitching over it. It's just okay but it works because by the time I got to this last thing, I was so done with the dress.

Finally there is a lot of hand stitching in this dress.  Not only did I hand stitch the lace trim to the dress and the sleeve but I also hand stitched the lining into the dress.  Mostly because the pearl and sequin embellishments in the lace made stitching it in by machine a nightmare.  After a couple of broken pearls and broken needles, I realized that the only way I was going to successfully get the lining into the dress was by hand.

+ + + +

A few more pictures of my niece wearing the dress at the piers in her home town prior to heading off to the prom...

This is my favorite picture from the photo shoot...

Isn't she just beautiful in this pic?!  Her hair was done by my daughter, who spent the day with her and is responsible for the great pictures!  Now you see why my daughter takes all of my pictures, she has such a great eye! And my niece's make-up was done by her sister.  It truly was a family affair with her sisters in and out of her parents house all day, as well as aunts & uncles and friends.  I was sent texts all day long with updates!

She sent me a note on Saturday morning to thank me for the dress...
"I had a good time Auntie and I absolutely loved my dress!  I can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did on it!  I love you!!"  See isn't she just precious!  Yeah, I think I'd make that wedding gown for her in the future! *LOL*

I'm so thrilled that the dress turned out well.  It was worth the drama and the sweat & tears... always more later!


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