Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Comparision...

Earlier this week I received an email from Simplicity Patterns that they were putting all of their plus size patterns on sale for $5.99 (the sale ends today btw) so I surfed right over to take a look.  Can I honestly tell you that I was struck by how dowdy everything looks...seriously!  And I'm a huge fan of Simplicity's collection of plus size patterns, to me they have been at the forefront of translating fashionable looks into the plus size range for years...

But I don't know what happened?  Is it that Butterick came out strong with their latest additions?  Or is it the fact that even Vogue upped the number of designer styles they translated into the larger sizes...granted they go no higher than a 24 but at least they are making an effort.

Then there are all of the RTW sites that are providing some amazing inspiration for us plus size sewists...I'm personally enamoured of these sites:

I think these retail outlets, as well as Butterick & Vogue pattern collections have truly attempted to bring the hottest trends of summer to the plus size woman. 

Bright colors...Florals...Neutrals...the safari look...a great feminine and sexy what happened to Simplicity?  It's not that there aren't some great looks here but we've seen them now for quite a few pattern cycles.

I want some of this:

Vogue 8726

...and this:

Butterick 5618

but there's nuthin' that I want from the Simplicity is it just me?  Or does Simplicity need to step up their game...

...more later!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Butterick 5598 - Pattern Alterations

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I want to spend spring sewing some of the new patterns I've purchased...especially since I was really impressed with the variety of patterns that Butterick recently produced for plus size sewists.  For my first foray into transitional spring/summer sewing, I've really been aching to make this dress:

I love that it's on trend...that it has an a-line skirt...some pockets and I'm also loving the tie belt and button placement...well almost all of the button placement.  I've decided to leave the top two buttons off.

So it was with some trepidation that I pulled the pattern sheets from the envelope.  I mean I don't use alot of new patterns.  Every once in awhile something will strike my fancy and I'm willing to make the fit and pattern alteration journey.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with this pattern.  Because based upon the finished body measurements for a size 24, I would need to make very few pattern alterations.

Since there are no sleeves, I don't have to make a bicep alteration.  Since the dress skirt is flared with extra ease built into it, I don't have to enlarge the skirt to make room for my abdomen and bottom.  After placing the front pattern piece to my body and standing in the mirror to see how it fell, I determined that I only needed to lower the waistline because it's 2" too high.  So that was the major alteration I made to the pattern pieces.  The front and back pieces, as well as the front side & back side pieces were all lengthened by 2". 

I also made a note on the hemline of all the pieces to cut them out with an additional inch added to the hemline...and that's it.  That's all the alterations I made to this pattern.

Now there is an interesting design feature to this dress that you can't see in the line drawings or the pictures of the dress worn by the model. What I thought were seam lines in the front and back of the dress are actually tucks.  

These tucks bring the fabric closer to the body at the waistline then gently releases it into the skirt.  An interesting detail that was somehow omitted from the fashion drawings.

I've picked fabric (a Ralph Lauren tan tropical wool purchased from Fabric Mart), buttons (tortoise-shell like buttons - 10 not 12 as the pattern suggests) and a nutmeg bemberg rayon lining for the dress.

This weekend I will cut the fabric and begin stay tuned because I know this is going to be an adventure! *LOL*

...more later!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of my favorite notions...

I've had a chisel and a block/cutting board in one version or another for at least the last decade...

...and lately it's become one of my favorite notions because it makes opening buttonholes so easy.  No cutting the edges or ends of the buttonhole threads...don't have to pull out the scissors and pins to make sure you don't chop up your buttonholes.  No the chisel fits neatly inside of the buttonhole and cuts cleanly.  I love it.

You can get your own version at Nancy's Notions for $6.99.  It's a great deal and if you don't have one, you should add it to your notion collection.

...more later!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

JAM #2 - Simplicity 2958

This is my second version of this jacket (if we don't include the black doubleknit wadder!) and I've changed up a few details for this one.  I really like this pattern because it has good bones...the ability to be reimagined into whatever I feel like...and I already have a third version on the drawing board in a nice silk for summer.  I love, love, love the raglan sleeves which are becoming a personal fave of mine for ease of movement, ability to fit and for the way they look on my plus size body!

Some stats:

Simplicity 2958

Italian doublefaced wool from Metro Textiles

Bias binding made from fabric
scraps of black silk organza for interfacing
1.5 yards rayon seam binding
5 - 1" buttons
12" of 1/4" elastic

As mentioned in the previous posts on this jacket, I've changed the jacket fronts so that they have a button front.  I've also omitted the collar in this version, too...although I really like the collar and it will probably make an appearance in a future jacket.

This jacket is unlined since the fabric is a doublefaced wool.  I could have used either the lighter side or the black side but I went with the darker side because it fits into my wardrobe.  I also thought about using flat felled seams and making the jacket reversible.  This idea stayed with me for quite awhile but when I went to construct the garment, that idea just wasn't speaking to me.  So the darker side became the predominant one.

The sleeve hems seemed wider and fuller than on this jacket...maybe it's because I made them longer and to be folded back on themselves last time.  For this version, I could have taken the sleeve seams in and slimmed them down but I wasn't feeling that.  Instead I remembered a Vogue pattern where the jacket's sleeves had an elastic casing in the hemline and I thought it would be an interesting look.  So I made a one inch casing and added the elastic to it.  I love this look and it's different from anything presently in my wardrobe.

I also didn't use any of the facings provided in the pattern envelope.  I wanted a clean finishing that wouldn't clash with the inside of the jacket.  After fishing around in my bias binding trims drawer, it hit me that I could reverse the fabric and make bias binding that would be perfect for the jacket.  Since the fabric is a little thick, it was challenging to make the bias binding.  I needed a lot of steam and a very liberal use of my clapper to get it to lay properly but it was worth the effort because I like the effect on the jacket front.

Alot of buttons were auditioned for the front of the jacket.  I wanted them to be as distinctive as the fabric yet able to hold their own.  I had these buttons in a black outer ring/white inner ring combination but they faded into the fabric where these stood out but still mimicked the pattern of the fabric that was rather kewl.  I also made the buttonholes so that they run vertically down the front of the jacket instead of horizontally.  Again, something a little different from the norm.

The jacket fronts were interfaced with scraps of black silk organza instead of fusible interfacing.  Besides the choices I made to make the jacket my own, it was an easy always, I overthought the particulars but I'm happy with the end result...especially since it works so well with garments in my wardrobe...

...with my little black dress...

...with my black wool crepe pants...

...and with my black Burda pleated front skirt...

...nevermind the other three black skirts in my wardrobe.  So this is my second Jacket of the Month..only 10 more to go to reach my goal of 12 this year! *LOL*  And even though it's wool, it's perfect for the weather here now...because even though the calendar says's still around 30 degrees F. here on the East Coast. always, more later!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Evening Musings...

Just a few thoughts that have been rambling around in my brain...

~I'm scared of my NEW serger...seriously!  Everytime I start a new project I get very, very anxious because I have to change the serger thread...and I'm so anal about the serger thread matching the fashion fabric that I'm not happy when I don't match it...even if you can't see it!  I love the stitch the serger makes and the auto's just that I have to take several majorly deep breathes and walk around my apt before I can go in and change the threads on the serger.  It will get better, right!?  *LOL*
(Thanks for all the tips on how to thread my serger but I bought a new Imagine serger with the air jet threading and its the making it go whoosh that's causing the anxiety.  On my old serger, I was a pro and used all of the techniques suggested in the comments to make it work...these techniques do not work with the new serger...but thanks again for offering them!)

~I need a week off to sew.  I'm finally feeling the seasons starting to change...even tho' it is cold as heck here right now...I want to stay home with my fabric, my new patterns and my sewing machines and just make a couple of new garments so that when those soft gentle spring breezes start to flow, I'll be ready!  Plus I love sewing spring & summer dresses and skirts...

~Recently I looked at the Best of 2010 Pattern Listing on seemed to me that not alot of plus size sewists used the top ten patterns.  I wonder why?  Was it the silhouettes?  Or the styling or the pattern sizing?  Or do we plus size sewists just not use the patterns that the majority of women sew?  Just wondering...

~Went snoop shopping today...I love looking at clothing online but when you see something online you imagine it in really nice fabrics and vibrant prints...not necessarily how the manufacturer made it.  I've been gloaming on the dresses on Dress Barn's site.  I love that they are sized for plus size women, that they are in the colors and prints of the season and that they show me that I can make some of the popular silhouettes for my work wardrobe.  Well after a trip to DB today...I'm glad I can sew!  Those cheap prices are reflected in the fabric quality, the unlined or partially lined pieces and the terrible sizing.  Or maybe that's the normal sizing...the couple of dresses I tried on fit so poorly.  If they worked on the bottom they were too big on the top...or they were just too big all around!  So I will be copying a few of these looks for my summer wardrobe but in quality fabrics with full linings and in a size that will fit me!

~Fabric arrived today...yeah, yeah I know!  But Fabric Mart is having a sale - 20% off the website and they really are the right vendor for me...since they always seem to have just what I'm looking for...

You had a few questions...

BetsyV asked on "The Wearability Issues" post:
"Would you consider a couple of thread chains at the side seams at the hemline on the Versace/lace dress?"

I've tried that before and truthfully the entire dress ends up being pulled when I pull off my coat the dress is up around my hind parts...not a pretty look! *LOL*  And it doesn't happen all the time with all my dresses, just in some instances when I'm wearing a coat and a heavy bag.  By leaving the lining hanging free, I have fewer issues.

JulieC asked on "The Wearability Issues" post:
"How do you determine the right length to hem it?"

The length of this skirt was determined by what's in fashion now.  Skirts are hovering around the knees in stores and this is a good look on me so I went with it.  Now I'm not making anything above my knees but a skirt at my knees and a shoe with a nice heel I have a taller, slimmer silhouette...even if the skirt is very full.

Dei asked on "The Wearability Issues" post:
"Where are the pics with you in the suit?"

I think you are referring to the Versace inspired suit and you can find them in this blog post or in my Flickr Album.

JustGail asked on the "What is it about Spring" post:
"I am wondering though, what did you make your spring sewing list on? Is that a Nook? And what did you use to create a list that looks like notebook paper with lines and margins?"

Gail - that is the basic notebook program on the iPad.  All the note pages are lined like that.  So sometimes I write out things like lists on it knowing that they won't get lost and that I can refer back to them or edit them anytime I want.

In a really old post, someone was asking about the bemberg linings and how I care for garments with the lining in them?

Anything I line, I pretty much dryclean which is most of my fall/winter wardrobe.  Many of my summer pieces, even dresses, are machine washable.  However, I have to note here that I have ALOT of clothes.  On average I've made 50 pieces for myself...each year for the last 5 adds up y'know! On average my pieces are worn once maybe twice a season and with a good airing before they are placed back in the closet...that is sufficient.  This year since I primarily wore skirts this winter season, I haven't sent as many pieces to the dry cleaners, especially because I tend to dry clean my pants more frequently than any of my other garments. 

I will have pics of the finished Simplicity Jacket tomorrow...and I've started a new dress using one of the new Butterick patterns...

...more later!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wearability Issues

 Here's an update on the wearability factor of some of my latest garments:

The Silk Tweed Straight Skirt
The skirt looked great in the morning but as the day wore on the fibers in the skirt became more and more relaxed, causing the skirt to grow in width.  Guess that was a reason to add fusible interfacing to the fabric instead of the silk organza...but oh well! It became quite loose by the end of the day and I could pinch out a good inch on either side of the skirt.  So I will just alter the skirt by taking in the side seams and I'm sure that will solve the problem.  However, the waistband was fine all day long...and why was that?  Because it was interfaced and the interfacing stabilized the fabric...see, shoulda interfaced the fabric!  *LOL*

The Gray Wool Crepe Skirt
This skirt wore very well.  It is a fuller silhouette than I normally wear...prefering a slimmer look but since this look is hot now I went with it.  It took some getting use to but the skirt wore well and I got a few compliments on the look.  I wore it to work just like it was photographed for the blog.

...and finally...

The Versace Inspired Dress & Bolero
This outfit has sat in the closet waiting for one of those all day meeting, all hands on deck, everyone in total business attire days.  That occurred this past Tuesday so it was the first wearing of this outfit...and I have to tell you it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T for the day.  The bolero & dress wore well together and was sooooo comfortable.  No fidgeting, no fussing, no adjusting...just perfect.  I got a ton of compliments on this dress because if I must say so myself it is stunning IRL because of the unexpectedness of the lace.  Even one of the senior partners told me how pretty I looked and he NEVAH compliments me...well never before!  *LOL*

The only nitpicking thing about the dress is that when I got on the bus that evening, the lining was up around my waist.  I think the combination of my raincoat and my heavy work bag constantly rubbing against my hip caused it to rise up.  This never occurred during my work day and since I've experienced this with other dresses because of my belted coat and bag...I'm not going to worry about it.  Just have to be careful about opening my coat on the bus because without the lining down in the front it looks like the original Versace dress with the sheerness...and my lady parts can be seen...I mean if you're looking HARD in that direction! *LOL*

Here is a hanger shot of how I wore the dress to work:

I hemmed the Simplicity jacket during American Idol last night so I will have pics and a review tomorrow... always, more later!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never let your children touch your computer!

Aaaahhhhhh!  I've been without a computer for over a week now...and it's just been repaired!  Thank goodness for Geek Squad!  Usually when something is wrong with my home computer (desktop) since I've given away my netbook (redundancy with an iPad) and my other laptop (my mom needed one), I have the IT Guy from work remote in and fix it.

Well this time there was no remoting wouldn't even let me get to the Geek Squad it was!  One hour and a couple of clicks later and I'm back in business...worth every penny especially since I was beginning to think that I would need a new computer...and this one is not even 2 years old yet!

I've been sewing a little...another Simplicity 2958 jacket is almost done so I will have pictures to share...and I've been thinking about sewing so I have much to talk about but in another post...

Just wanted to let you know why there hasn't been any posting lately...and to tell you that grown children with their own laptops should not be touching your computer...even if yours does have a great sound system attached to it and a 23" monitor...y'know what I mean!  *LOL* always more later!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Little Prince is 2 Today!

Yes, it's hard to believe but my little munchkin is 2 today!  Walking, talking and sometimes making sense...running and jumping and being the best stress reliever for me there ever was!

He and his parents are coming by for a private birthday celebration this evening.  The big blow-out is at Chucky Cheese this weekend...

I can't wait to see him...okay and his parents too!  *LOL*

...more later!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the pattern goes to...

I'm not gonna drag this out...opening envelope

reading envelope...

gasping at what's inside the envelope...

clearing throat...yes, I want everyone to hear me clearly...

taking a deep breath because...well because I can...and the winner of the pattern is:

Patti aka Fourkid!

Patti, I'm emailing you to get your snail mail address...and congratulations!

....more later!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Skirt or Two...

I think I mentioned a post or two back that I'm having a real thing about skirts this season.  Maybe it's because of the atrocious weather this winter that I've been wearing jeans to work, and taking a skirt because it folds easily in my bag...or maybe it's because I've fully embraced twinsets again...and purchased quite a few in solid colors...but whatever I'm totally in love with skirts again.

Over the years I've picked up quite a few pieces of fabrics that would make interesting skirts.  No plain dull solid color skirts...nope, I need a novelty fabric or a print, something I can use to express myself yet remain within the confines of my work's dress code...tho' lately I think I've been pushing it!  *LOL*

Anyway, this weekend I finished off the green/beige silk tweed skirt that I started before I became obsessed with the Versace Inspired Dress.

Some stats:

1.5 yards of silk twill purchased during PR Weekend from London Fabrics

Bemberg Rayon Lining
Silk Organza
2 green glass buttons
7" green zipper

TNT skirt pattern

It was straight forward except that I underlined the fashion fabric in silk organza.  I like the heft of the skirt once it's underlined and a lining is added to the gives it substance.

The fashion fabric was cut on the cross grain so that I could use the selvedges as the hemline.

And the two green buttons add a nice touch to the waistband.  I always add a button or two to the waistband.  I find it's easier to wear rather than hooks and eyes or snaps.

I had the option of making a coordinating cardigan for the skirt above or making another skirt.  I went with another skirt.  During the week, I'd noticed that I don't own a gray gored skirt for winter...I don't even own a gray straight I dug a piece of wool crepe out of the collection and made my trusty 4-gore skirt from my TNT pattern.

This fabric had already been pretreated because I made a pair of pants from the original length several years ago.  I also used a version of the flared TNT skirt pattern that I had enlarged quite a bit:

This makes for a very full elastic waisted skirt:

Some stats:

Gray wool crepe

Rayon lining
1" non roll elastic

Again construction is very straight forward...the only addition to this skirt is that I've sewed the lining and skirt right sides together and then flipped the lining into the skirt.  Pressed the seam open and create a finished seamline for the casing.  Since the skirt is very wide, it has a narrow hem on both the lining and fashion fabric.  Both hems were machine stitched...and that's it. 

Another skirt with a twinset look for work this week:

Left to sew on my winter list is a cardigan to coordinate with the silk tweed skirt above, a jacket and skirt combo and a pair of pants.  I think I can get these finished by the end of March especially since I have a day off on the 24th. always, more later!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is it about spring?

It's coming...I know it is.  I can feel it in the air.  Things are stirring and changing.  It's still light when I leave work in the evenings and it's light at 6:30 am when I'm walking to the bus stop.  Yes, it's coming!  It doesn't help that every magazine and every clothing website are offering up spring duds, too!

So, I'm changing over...thinking less about winter and more about the rebirth - SPRING!  I've decided to sew a couple of things still remaining on my fall/winter list.  They are crying out to be made and in all actuality it won't be warm here for at least another six these garments can be sewn and worn.  But yesterday morning on the way to work, I broke down and wrote a preliminary list of items I want to sew for spring.

I will use March to finish off the 3 or 4 items remaining and will start April sewing spring.  I've also made a goal for the months of April & May to mostly use the new spring patterns I've recently acquired.  I think I will use my TNT patterns as "slopers" for the new patterns because I've grown a little tired of them since they've been in heavy rotation this fall/winter season.  Spring is about rebirth and new growth and this season I want the challenge of making some of the newer patterns work for me.

I guess you should stay tuned to see what happens!  *LOL*  I'm off to clear off my sewing table...and finish up the skirt that's been laying there.  Lately, I've had a real skirt thing going on so expect to see a couple more in the next few even involving a new pattern!

Parting Shot:
Somehow I ended up with this pattern in a size 8-10-12-14. 

My daughter already has a copy of the pattern so if you don't own it and would like it ~ leave a comment including your email address.  I'm going to be strict about the email addy, no email address in the post and you won't be considered to win the pattern.  I will use the random generator to pick a number Monday evening and will mail it out next week - and I'm willing to ship internationally. always, more later!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Sewing Room Update

I am trembling with excitement...seriously I am!  I've wanted my very own sewing room for years...I mean a custom designed, fit to my needs sewing room.  Whenever sewing rooms appeared on the internet or in sewing books & magazines, I've peered at them, taking in every detail, storing away ideas for the day that I might be able to have my own room.

Well that day has finally arrived...and I'm back to picking out furnishings, determining the layout of the room and how to cram all of my stuff into it in an orderly fashion. 

Today I want to share with you wall art.  Yes, I'm even having artwork on my sewing room thread racks for me...nope uh-uh...  I've purchased true art painted by one of our very own.

If you've been a member or visitor to Stitcher's Guild for any length of time you'll know that Hellenne won one of the very first SWAP contests sponsored by Julie Culshaw.  Hellenne is a artist who paints on silk fabric and canvas.  She has a blog called "Hellenne Vermillion Art".  On Monday, she featured a series of dressform paintings.  I saw them and flipped.  I knew that they would be perfect for my new sewing room.  Showed them to my friend who's designing my room and he said to buy I did!

Here are the first pieces (besides my new Imagine serger) for my sewing room:

dressform 1

dressform 2

dressform 3

dressform 4

As soon as they arrive, we are having them framed. They've already been incorporated into the latest drawings of the sewing room.  I am toooooo excited!  When the first drawings of the sewing room are completed, I will share them...and if you don't want to read about my new sewing room design and implementation, feel free to skip these posts...a new sewing one will be up soon, I promise! *LOL*

Speaking of sewing, I know what I want to work on this weekend and since I have no social obligations, I'm locking myself in and happily spending the weekend with my machines and fabrics... always, more later!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Reference Points

Many times I've been asked questions that I've blogged about but the person either just started reading my blog, or has only been reading it for a short time so they are unaware that their question has already been answered.  Generally I answer these questions by sending a link to the blog post and after getting another request, I decided maybe there should be one blog post that lists all of the answers...

So here goes:

All of my TNT patterns are discussed and linked to in this post, "12 on a Desert Island".  I wrote this post back in April 2008 and all of these patterns are still in heavy rotation in my sewing.

Next - I wrote a post on the evolution of my tank top which is from the Sewing Workshop Mission Tank.  I've made over a dozen tank tops from this pattern and quite a few of them are still hardworking pieces in my wardrobe.

I wrote entire series on my TNT Dress Pattern and it's evolution.  They are here:

Part I - My TNT Dress Pattern
Part II - Tried 'n True Pattern - Part II
Part III - TNT Dress Pattern - Part III

Another post on my TNT Dress Pattern is, "My Favorite Pattern"  I guess I've written about it so much because I've used it so often to get the dresses I desire...especially since so many of the details I long for in a plus size dress just aren't available in most patterns.

Finally, one last link about TNT patterns, called "Would you please TNT with me?"  As several of you have stated...yes, I guess I could have written the article in this month's Threads called, "One Dress, Four Ways" by Shirley Botsford...because that article truly represents my sewing theory.  Take a pattern, figure out the fitting challenges for your body and then proceed to work the heck out of it.  Cut it up, add a piece, take a piece away, add some details not included in the pattern envelope, use different fabrications, but mostly just play with it to your heart's content.  Along the way you may have a wadder or two (and I've had them, big time!) but there will also be some amazing highs as you make your own version of "The Versace Dress!"

Now I don't really think of myself as a fit expert.  There are far superior teachers of fit that blog about it.   However, I do have one post that is used over and over again because we plus size sisters can have some challenges with sleeves and bicep issues.  It's the "Sleeve Bicep Alterations" post and it details with pics how I alter my sleeve patterns to get well-fitted sleeves for my bodacious biceps.

One final comment on fit and pattern alterations...the pattern alterations that I make to my garments are highlighted with pictures in almost all of my blog posts.  However, these are my alterations and in no way should they be thought of as the one and only way to make them.  In actuality, I highly recommend that you purchase a good fitting book like, "Fit for Real People" by Palmer & Pletsch and use that as your fit and pattern alteration bible...because I refer to it time and time again myself.

One of the most popular posts on my blog is, "Prepping Wool Crepe."  This blog post details what I do to prepare wool crepe before using it in a garment.  And there is one other popular fabric blog post, "Sewing with Linen".  As for sewing books, I've listed my Top 10 in the sidebar of my blog, if you are interested that is.

Lastly...if you ever need to figure out if I've posted about something or if I have and you can't remember it, please feel free to use the search box on the top line of this blog.  Type in a few words and every blog post that I've written using those words will come up.  I've been writing at least 2 blog posts a week for the last 6 there is alot of information contained here, as well as, alot of fabric p*rn and opinion!  *LOL*

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to anyone looking for info.  BTW, all pictures relating to my garments and their construction can be found in my Flickr Albums.


Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on the last post and the reveal post regarding the Versace Dress.  I'm so thrilled that this dress and jacket worked and so encouraged by the support, reassurance and appreciation that you've all shown.  It is wonderful when you are supported by fellow sewists who understand what you are trying to do and how much your garments mean to you creatively. always, more later!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Jacket and a Dress

Here is the bolero jacket (V7617) and the Versace Inspired Dress together:

This is the jacket alone on Lulu:

Some stats:

Wool Lace Knit from Elliott Berman

Bias binding made from the navy tropical wool used in the Versace Inspired Dress

Some construction notes:

I added a back seam to the bolero...

After rereading Nancy K's comment in my initial post about this bolero, I decided that the jacket did need a dart so I added one...

The bolero is unlined and I used black silk organza instead of fusible interfacing in the collar and bolero front as the pattern instructions suggest.  I cut the shoulder seams down by 1".  And I added to the bicep width of the sleeves by adding an inch to either side of the sleeve.  Yes, this did increase the amount of the sleeve cap but since I had increased the amount of the armhole opening it worked.

That's it!  This was a very easy sew.  The most difficult part was making all of the bias binding from the tropical wool.  Lots of steam and a very liberal use of the clapper insured that I got all of the bias binding I needed.  There were also a lot of pins used to apply it to the jacket before it was machine stitched to the jacket.

I love the way these two pieces work together.  I will be able to wear it drama style (hat and flower) to church on Sunday and with pearls to work.

So now that this project is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y done!  I want to finish up the skirt and cardigan that have been laying on the cutting table patiently waiting to be completed...

Parting Shot:
My youngest daughter is now taking my pictures and she always makes me laugh by her comments or posing here is an outtake photo. always, more later!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Vogue 7617 - Pattern Alterations

I fell in love with this pattern last summer.  And I included it in the pattern listing for The Pinstripe Follies.  So some time between last summer and fall, I made the alterations to the pattern pieces.  I wanted my bolero to be a little longer to go over any of the dresses or skirts from the collection.  So I lengthened my pieces and evened out the edges.  Then I folded them back into the pattern folder where they sat waiting to be used.

The front piece

The back piece

and the front facing

Next up is cutting out the fabric and seeing if this idea will really work.

...more later!

Friday, March 04, 2011

I have an idea...yes I do!

So Monday was Fashion Day on QVC.  I had planned on watching quite a few hours of it but with all the things I needed to accomplish on Monday (a day off from work ~ woo hoo!) I totally forgot about Fashion Day until 7pm.  Of course, I turned the television on and this sweater like bolero caught my eye.

The idea started twisting around in my mind...and I started to wonder if the bolero made from the wool lace would work over The Versace Inspired Dress.  See the dress is sleeveless and just not working (at least in my mind's eye) with the white cardigan:

Then I remembered this pattern:

And before I knew it, I had the perfect tsumani of blue wool lace + pattern + plus inspiration photo equals a jacket to go over the dress.  This is what I will be working on this weekend.  I NEED to get this project finished so that I can move on.  I have a list of garments that are begging to be constructed and I feel obligated to make it so! *LOL*

...more later!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Looks alot alike

Here is Butterick 5602:

...and here's my version made October 2010

They look similar don't they!  I'm just saying!

...more later!


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