Friday, August 29, 2008

Bits and Pieces

It's been a long week and I'm I only have bits and pieces to share...

Last week I went to Ikea and bought new supports for my sewing table. For a long time now I've wanted to make it the appropriate height for me to stand at and cut on it. For the last few years its been at sitting chair height which means I have to bend way over to cut on it...and my back has started to complain.

I combined the Ikea trip with a furniture store trip - but that is a story for another post - and ended up spending all day in the street. So Sunday dawns nice and late, I don't know why I overslept but tired I am and tired I've been all week...and I go to assemble the drawer base for the table top and to my horror I discover that the drawers are about 4" to tall. Y'all know I was toasty on Sunday right?

Anyway my girlfriend and her husband came to my rescue and the table legs are now 4" shorter...Here is the after (yeah, I know it's junky but I will clean it off before I begin sewing this weekend!):


Besides watching the Democratic National Convention this week, I also read a great book by one of my favorite authors. It's called The Race by Richard North Patterson. If you like great fiction - you have GOT to read this book! It was fantastic so good that I read it in a week!


I've had some more vintage patterns show up - I know, I know, I know...and a few more pieces of fabric...Sheila did your argyle arrive yet? Do you like it? I think I'm gonna work on mine while I'm off for the next few days...and the new Threads is here so I'm going to curl up in bed in a minute and read it.


Finally does anyone know who designed the dress that Michelle Obama wore on the second night of the Democratic National Convention? The bluish sheath dress with the ruffles??? around the neck? If you do know would you leave a comment? Thanks!

Since I'm off for a few days after Labor Day, I will definitely have some sewing to more later!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm still here...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still sewing though...I've been rushing home every night and turning on CNN to watch the Democratic National Convention! I even missed Project Runway tonight...but hey they will repeat it! *LOL*

So regularly scheduled programming will resume this weekend. I have some new fabrics, some new ideas and five days to I'm sure that I will have much to share soon! *LOL*

And to my fellow Americans..."Yes We Can!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"The Complete Book of Sewing"

I love sewing books...vintage or newly published...especially if they have some interesting information to share that will increase my knowledge of my craft. But I especially love vintage sewing books! Like vintage pattern instruction sheets these books manage to cram so much more information into a couple of hundred pages than newly published ones do.

I stumbled upon "The Complete Book of Sewing by Constance Talbot" discussion on PR and of course had to run right over to Abe Books to see what all the fuss was about. As an aside...I love Abe is great for finding any book that is out of print. I can choose my price point and where I want the book to come no waiting for a book from Oshkosh, Wisconsin when one is available in Bristol, Massachusetts.

My copy of this book showed up last week and every night I have been pouring over it. It covers garment to home dec sewing with chapters like this for garment sewing:

Choosing the Right Clothes

How to Choose the Right Fabrics

Save and Sew

Darts, Tucks and Pleats

Hems, Facings, Bindings

The Science of Cutting

Underwear for all the Family

and like this for home dec:

Fabrics for the Home


Curtain Rods to Suit the Curtains

How to Make Formal Draperies

Quilting Spreads and accessories

Now that is just some of the Chapter titles...there are 45 covering various subjects regarding sewing. And all of this amazing information alongwith a very thorough index is contained in 320 pages! So if you want a copy for your personal sewing library...Abe Books has quite a few left ranging in price from $1.30 to $53! I heartily encourage you to get a copy of this is a treasure trove of sewing knowledge!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Top Ten Things for Fall - Part 2

Here is the rest of the list...

6. A trendy jacket
Everyone is showing these cropped, ruffled, embellished jackets for fall. I was walking past the Coach store in the Time Warner Centre the other day and stopped dead in my tracks...cause I saw this!

By the way sometimes I love tourists, because they were taking pics in front of the store, I could whip out my phone and quickly take a pic of the jacket with it! I love the buckle finish! Love, love, love the buckle finish and I know that I saw something like it in Pacific Trimmings last weekend. I will start with Butterick 5187 to get this look.

7. A little retro
Those wonderful 60s looks are still in the collections especially Michael Kors - and we know I love Michael's Fall line - so I am going completely retro with this pattern to make me a Jackie Kennedy Suit for fall. I have no idea what color or what fabric yet...just know that I want one! Do you think I should get some gloves, too?

8. Something Red
It probably should read something bright but I chose red because I own one red dress for fall...and red is a power color...and I need to exude a little more power in my life! *LOL* So for my something red, I am going to use this red doubleknit:

My pattern will be Vogue 8137 (OOP - but still on the website) to make this dress and jacket...hopefully when I'm wearing it my appearance will say polished, professional and powerful!

9. A vest
I have always loved vests and there are some mighty pretty ones being shown this fall. I personally like the ones with a menswear nod and fell in love with this Trina Turk version:

In a glen plaid with some black bias binding trim, a white shirt and a pencil skirt...I will be the height of corporate couture! *LOL* No need to purchase a pattern, I will root around in my pattern collection and find one to adapt!

10. Something royal blue
I've had a piece of royal blue wool crepe in my fabric closet forever...found it at one of Fabric Mart's brick and mortar $1 yard sales...and I pulled it out of the closet when I saw several royal blue garments in the glossy pages...and then this at Ann Taylor:

Since Ann Taylor's dresses don't come in my size, I am knocking this puppy off!

Now this is my top ten list taken from the things I've read and seen and adjusted to fit my lifestyle. Others might find different things that appeal to them because I hit not only trends but in some instances colors that affected me as I read through the glossy fashion pages!

Finally a few comments in response to the comments ~

*No Marji - I'm not putting this on the sidebar...sometimes it's the kiss of death to put these things on my sidebar 'cause then I end up going in another direction and not making anything...nope, ain't gonna do it! I REALLY WANT these pieces!

*Summerset - not all of these fabrics resided in my collection...there has been a lot of undercover fabric buying these last couple of weeks...but as I saw something, I bought it to have it handy to use for these designs.

*To everyone who asked about the lace from Kashi's (Metro Textile) I picked that piece up from the side of his cutting table. I never saw it on a bolt...I asked if I could have it and he quoted me a price, so I don't know if he has more. However, Liana at Stitchers Guild found some beautiful lace on-line at Lace Mart you may want to try them!

Now that I have a plan, some fabric and some patterns all I need is time to make my Fall wishes and dreams come true!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Top Ten Things for Fall - Part 1

I am not going to give a long introduction for my Top Ten cause you know the backstory...lots of September issues of magazines...lotsa dreaming and I have a top ten list!

1. Prada Inspired Skirt
We've discussed this so there's no need to say any more especially since I have my fabric and my pattern...I just need to make it.

2. A Great Dress
I love Michael Kors' designs...they are classy and elegant...feminine and flirty and all designed to make you feel like a woman. So I want to make one great fall dress inspired by this one:

Using one of my new vintage patterns - McCalls 5821 for a little more corporate version and this wool blend challis from Fabric Mart:

With these ingredients, I think I can come up with my own "inspired by" version!

3. A little plaid
Plaids are everywhere this all variations...Dolce & Gabbana (I always think of that scene in the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada" where Anne says, "Can you spell Gabbana?") did an entire collection from the plaids! This glen plaid look from 1965 is calling my name something fierce - and I know I have a glen plaid in the fabric closet that will make this...and yes, I know it's not the funky, fierce pieces that D&G are showing but it is an interpretation that will work in my corporate world.

4. A little argyle
When I was snoop shopping at JCrew, I fell in love with this sweater vest...

I will be able to duplicate it using this knit from

I am also thinking a cardy from the same fabric but like this JCrew one:

And don't worry these pieces won't be worn together! *LOL*

5. A great suit

I always need a suit...but these two have really set my mind awhirling! First this one from Barrie Pace:

And one that's a little more fashion forward from Vera Wang's Lavendar Label:

I even have an olivey green tweedy fabric from Fabric Mart

that will really work for this look...and of course I have a pattern from my giganormous pattern collection:

OOP Vogue 7361

It is shown in the photograph as a top but it won't be hard to change it into a jacket!

Tomorrow I will share my top 6 through 10 items...this is getting a little long...and picture heavy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prada Inspired

So what was the one thing that stood out, chased me in my sleep, caused me so much grief that I just couldn't stand it anymore....(insert scream!) those Prada ads in all the September fashion magazines.

I kept looking at them and wondering just "how" could I make that lace look "corporate!" How could I manage to make just one piece fit into my oh-so-by-the-book corporate workplace? Question number 2 was, where would I be able to find a piece of lace as wonderfully gorgeous as the pieces Prada was using but without the amazing price...

Here are my two favorite pieces from the Prada line:

photo credit:

photo credit:

And while at Metro Textiles today with a friend...I found this:

Yes, two yards of a lace that with a brown silk charmeuse lining would make my "version" of this amazing skirt! I've decided that I won't be able to wear it on important meeting days or even on regular work days but it could be worn on "Casual Fridays" with a silk twinset. I've decided that Fridays this fall will be "Fashion Fridays" for me unless there is a meeting scheduled...that way I can indulge my love of fashion while they are giving khaki its due! *LOL*

For more information on the Prada Skirt - there is a piece in today's NYTimes about it. Thanks Lyra for pointing me that way...

So I have my fabric, my TNT straight skirt pattern and now all I need is an afternoon to become "Prada Inspired!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

I'm gonna be frank here...if you can't stand's time to flip out and go look at someone else's pretty pictures...

'Cause I have to admit the truth...share it with my online friends as such...*sigh* I think I'm becoming a vintage pattern, no it's true...*hanging head in shame* because see today at work, I had my Flickr album open to my vintage pattern folder as I was surfing websites looking for more treasures...

And then tonight when I got home...these were in the mail:

Mail order pattern # 9020 - Size 20 1/2
From 1970's

Pattern Description:
One piece dress with two collars - semi-fitted dress with deep v-neckline with slightly rolled, notched collar set into v-neck, 3/4 length sleeves. Self dicket and belt. Or bias shawl collar tied in a bow knot. Above elbow length sleeves. Size 20, no copyright date - pattern is uncut and in factory folds.

Pattern Description:
Single breasted jacket and slim four-gore skirt. Curved seaming in jacket with vents in front seams. Notch collar, cut in one with jacket fronts, is faced and interfaced. Lined jacket has long set-in sleeves. Skirt has darts in front and three piece back; left size zipper closing. Size 22 1/2, copyright 1962 - pattern is uncut and in factory folds

Pattern Description:
Misses and Womens one piece dress - shift dress has lowered round neckline, fly front zipper closing, self fabric or purchased belt and topstitching trim...also collarless version with long set-in sleeves gathered into buttoned cuffs. Size 42, copyright 1965. Pattern is uncut and in factory folds

Pattern Description:
Shirtdress in Half Sizes - The pleated shirtdress with princess seaming has front button closing, notched collar, short set-in sleeves and optional purchased belt. Size 20 1/2 - pattern is uncut and in factory folds. Copyright 1973

Now I know there must be a 12-step program out there on some sewing board to free me from my addiction...or at least give me guidance on how to manage it...*sigh* but I have yet to find it! Instead I find like-minded souls like these on PR on the Vintage Pattern Board...people pointing me to more and more vintage pattern sites...encouraging me to sew these patterns...telling me how to look other places for vintage patterns and even pointing me to vintage sewing books...

What is a girl to do? How can I help but be encouraged in this new pursuit? Especially since I have had some success with transforming these vintage patterns into actual garments or using techniques from pattern instruction sheets to make new garments from my TNT patterns...

And all this has really done is make me want to call in sick tomorrow and sew up the mail order pattern lovely that came today...

So hello my name is Carolyn and I am a fabricaholic and vintage patternaholic...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Kors Throwback

First, if you're looking for a completed garment or any sewing at all...forgitabotit! It just didn't happen today...especially if I wake up thinking..."Oh God do I have to sew today!" Yeah that's a sure sign that I'm going to do everything I can to avoid my sewing machine...and people pick yourself ain't that bad! I don't sew ALL the time! *LOL*

So what did I do instead, I photographed and organized most of my vintage patterns. Boy was that a job! Cause I added a description to all of those freakin''s one of the things that bugs me when I find a pattern on someone else's me being the people pleaser that I am, I added that information to all of was ALOT of typing!

Next, I visited all of my favorite fabric sites and I can proudly say that I haven't bought one yard, 1/2 yard or quarter yard of fabric! Yes!!! Probably because I'm saving all of my duckets to go to IKEA next weekend! *LOL* I need new storage containers before more fabric can darken my doorstep! And I just bought a new rug for my living room...I know ~ like you care but I did! I have got to get more floor and window coverings down before it gets is going to be a b*tch to heat my apartment this winter and I can't be giving all of my money to PSEG! What will I have to fabric shop with!?!

Then I visited vintage pattern sites. I have so many favorites now but I want to mention just two today, Lanetz Living (okay I know that I always mention them but I have a lot from them) and I always seem to find something there and mostly in a plus size which I'm beginning to think is rare! Another fav, Out of the Ashes, cause she just has the most extensive pattern collection and I can browse it for hours on end. And while browsing, I found this:

And all I could think about was...Michael Kors Fall 2007 Line...specifically this outfit:

picture credit

People, do you think MK is visiting vintage pattern sites? ROTFLOL! But seriously, you can have a little MK glory by picking up this lovely pattern and reproducing MK's look. 'Cause Fabric Mart is even selling fur tape and yardage...I'm just sayin'

So no sewing here at Chez Carolyn's...lotsa planning (yes planning but it's for fall and I can plan again!), inspiration storing and quality computer time...hey all of the kiddos are gone! I love this having a job thing...well for them!

Tomorrow I'm back to the daily grind but hopefully it won't be as grindy this week since both of my managers are on how did they manage that, she says with a big cheesy grin! I'm hoping to spend less time at work this week and a little more time home, possibly even doing some sewing stuff! Well, a girl can always hope can't she!

As always, more later...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Sewing Here...

It's a balmy summer day...the wind is blowing softly through my apartment...the sun is shining brightly and no sewing is going on here. Instead, I am buried nose deep in fall fashion as more and more September magazines arrive:

So I am spending the rest of this wonderful day laying across my bed (teenager style) flipping through magazines with my trusty Lucky "yes" strips with Fred Astaire movies playing on TCM in the background...and for those, who like Marji, don't know what they are...Lucky magazine includes a page of sticky Yes post-its in every magazine. I save mine to use in other magazines as well as the Lucky for interesting ideas.

Maybe I'll sew tomorrow or maybe I will still be buried in magazines dreaming, wishing and planning Fall 2008/Winter 2009!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Here!

Eagerly anticipated...always poured over...marked up and written's the September issue of Vogue! Y'know the book that weighs a gazillion pounds because it has tons of advertisements before you get to any of the actual articles...

Well this year I had to carry this five pound monster home from the newsstand in NYC...Now why you ask? Because a certain friend let my comp'd subscription expire and forgot to renew I could pay the $18 subscription fee or I can just wait until December (actually not that far away) and send them emails EVERY day so that they don't forget to add me back to the comp list...shew! Now that's off my chest...

I can tell you that this baby is so heavy that my knees were hurting halfway through the bus ride home since it was riding in my lap!! And I can tell you that I'm only a 1/4 of the way through and I already have like half a dozen of those Lucky "yes stickers" stuck to pages...

And do you remember this dress?

It was last year's major inspiration piece from the Vogue Wish Book...I love me some I'm on the hunt for this year's piece! Well now that I've shared, I'm going back to lay on my bed and flip through my Wish Book...Do any of you remember Sears Christmas Wish Book? That's what my September Vogue is to me...the Wish Book! If you don't have a copy...I hope you get yours soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Have you ever noticed that sewing is all about decisions? It is just one choice after another to get to a finished wearable garment! I mean you make your very first decision when you pick a pattern or a piece of fabric...and now you are headed down the slippery slope to decision making land.

And have you ever noticed that one bad decision can totally change the direction of the garment...sometimes causing you to have to chuck the entire thing...but in some extraordinary instances causing you to end up with the most amazing thing you've ever made!

Decisions affect everything from the type of the thread...interfacing...even embellishments used on a garment and you have to make them every step of the way...even including how hot your iron should be during the pressing process?

So is there any wonder why sewing a well-fitted garment is a challenge that not everyone can rise too? There are just sooo many decisions to be made...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Scrap Happy

This is the story of how this pile of scraps:

Became this skirt:

See I really wanted a jacket, pants, skirt combo from the gray linen...but after pretreating the linen I lost some yardage...and I was only able to get the jacket and pants cut out from the fabric.

So the challenge became how to turn the remaining scraps into my TNT 4 gore skirt. Using some very constructive cutting and basically ignoring every grain rule ever written, I came up with a plan.

The front of the skirt is constructed from two panels of fabric that are about 3" shorter width wise than normal. From another scrap I added a 6" center front panel with 5/8" seam allowances. These three pieces were sewn together and the Saddle Stitch topstitching was added to the seaming to carry the tone-on-tone seaming detail through from the jacket.

For the back, I had pieces big enough to separate the 2 panels into 4 adding seam allowances to both sides of each panel. Again all of the seams were topstitched using the Saddle Stitch. However, this is very hard to photograph...the skirt just comes out looking very gray and basic...which I guess is a good thing since the tops I have planned are very bright, printed garments.

The skirt and lining still needs to be hemmed...will work on that tonight while I'm watching The Closer...and I have no pics of me wearing it with the jacket yet because I still need to make one of the tops from the collection...yes, sure I have RTW tanks that would work but what would be the fun in that?! *smile*

I set aside the dress because I only had one day to sew. I need time to work out what I'm seeing in my head and rushing the process in a day would only leave me frustrated. So I will work on the dress this weekend and the tops after that!

After tonight, I will have three garments completed. I have to admit that I so love sewing with a plan!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

An Exhibit, Some Trim and of course more fabric

So my friend Lisa and I met up today to see the latest exhibit at FIT ~ Arbiters of Style Women at the Forefront of Fashion. She was a little perturbed with me that I went to the last exhibit without her but she is a busy lady. This was the first time we could get together to see this exhibit.

Now, normally I am a huge fan of the FIT exhibits...but this one, view it on the internet and save your time for the next really big one that comes to town. It is a small exhibit that barely takes a 1/2 hour to view...that's even with reading the plaques s-l-o-w-l-y. So with the FIT bookstore being closed until the end of August, we had nothing else to do but go SHOPPING!

Lisa had a list and wanted the first stop to be Pacific we headed over there. She got handbag fixins' and I got whatever struck my fancy:

Next we headed over to Ebads. Lisa has been shopping with me there since forever...and she found a couple of things...well actually we found a couple of the same things...

2 yards of a brown linen print

3 yards of this blue/black linen print - same as the brown above

4 yards of a green paisley cotton print - that goes sooooo well with the NL pantsuit!

A quick stop at Daytona Trims, a snack break and we headed home. It was a nice day! The weather was nice and breezy, I spent the day with a good friend, I got some fabric and I wore all RTW today, nothing I made touched my body...good day all around! *LOL*

Tomorrow I will be sewing...getting my center back before I head off to my day job!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Can I give a shout out?

About two weeks ago, I received this message:

Carolyn, I am giving away some of my boxes and boxes of vintage patterns. I really don't have any use for them and I've been hauling them from house to house for years. I have several plus and half size patterns for dresses and suits from the 50's and 60's and was wondering if you would like them? If you can give me an address to send them to, they are yours.


So...being the vintage pattern hog that I am...of course I said yes and sent her my address. Then leading this very busy life that I have been leading lately, I promptly forgot about the offer.

A couple of days ago, this message arrived:

Carolyn, your patterns went out today, priority mail. I'm sorry it took so long, I've been packing and working and trying to sort through a huge stash of fabrics and patterns! There are eight patterns, all with wonderful details I am sure you can incorporate into your TNT patterns. The guide sheets are wonderful, so much more detailed than what you would find today! I hope you can use these ideas.


And this is what arrived today:

Seven amazing 60's vintage patterns in HALF-SIZES (20 1/2 - 22 1/2)!!!! Ummm, to say that I am happy is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Okay, okay, I have to share what arrived:

Butterick 7690 - Size 42 - Bust 42
Pattern Description:
Sleeveless dress features a scooped, tab trimmed neckline and buttoned bodice. Over it goes a shoulder covering capelet. (A) slim dress with contrast capelet. (B) Full-skirted view with matching capelet.

Advance 8865 - Size 20 1/2
Pattern Description:
Box-Jacket, body and sleeves in one, underarm gusset gore. Topstitched side front darts, simulated pockets. Centerback seam. Notched collar. Slim skirt ...soft folds at side front, darted back, low walking pleat.

Butterick 8181 - Size 22 1/2
Pattern Description:
"Magic to Make Dress in Half Sizes" Button front style with a modestly scooped neckline, an easy skirt (A) constrast inset on neckline and cuffed below elbow sleeves. (B) No contrast; short sleeves. (C) No banding. "Perfect for embroidered eyelet"

Simplicity 2387 - Size 20 1/2
Pattern Description:
Half Size Slenderette - Misses and Women's one-piece dress with detachable neck trim and jacket. Sheath features neckline with slit openings; kimono sleeves; pleats at lower edges of back panel. Jacket has small collar; kimono sleeves; flap trim. V1 neck edge has contrast trim.

Vogue 5093 - Size 20 1/2
Pattern Description:
Slim skirt with released side front darts joins bodice at waistline. Buttoned front bodice closing below oval neckline with or without shaped yoke. Applied band trimming. Below elbow length sleeves and short sleeves...copyright 1960.

Simplicity 2640 - Size 20
Pattern Description:
Misses Dress and Jacket: Semi-fitted sack dress has a high round neckline, kimono sleeves,, and openings at lower edge of side seams. Jacket is fashioned with a notched collar, button front closing, rounded front edges and kimono sleeves.

McCalls 5821 - Size 40, Bust 42
Pattern Description:
Slim sleeveless dress with three-gore skirt; collarless jacket with fronts snapped together at lower edge. Dress has scoop neck with notch detail at front. Skirt has soft folds at front, darts and low pleat at back. Left side zipper placket. Lined jacket has short set-in sleeves, bands on sleeves and front edges...copyright 1961.

McCalls 4523 - Size 40, Bust 42
There is no pattern description on this pattern but it is copyright 1958.

First can I just give Deb Fox the biggest thank you! I was blown
away at what was in the envelope and how thoughtful you were to send me such amazing patterns! Most of these will be able to be used out of the envelope with minimal alterations. I am so thrilled and overjoyed I don't know what to do! You have totally made up for the fact that I lost each and every Sybil Connolly pattern that I bid on this week!

So thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking of me!!!!

Debbie - please know that I will be using this most wonderful gift! And that you have so inspired me!!!

The other thing that was in my mail tonight was the Fall 2008 copy of Sewing Today...the Butterick & McCall's Magazine. I think they have been reading my blog because quite a few of the new dresses had some interesting details...the shapes are still a little sack-like but plenty of neckline details. If you don't get the magazine, the patterns are up on Butterick's site.

Okay, I'm off to read my new pattern instructions and drool...not much sewing will happen at Chez Carolyn tomorrow because I'm off for a day of fun with my friend, Lisa. If I remember to bring my camera, I will have pics...if I remember! *LOL*

Have a great weekend and more later...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It Arrived in the Mail

There are some wonderful people out there in evidenced by what the Postman has brought me recently!

Karen and I had a great time at Metro and she told me that she wanted to send me some buttons to go with my new Grayed Affair pieces...she didn't tell me that some of them would be from Paris! Okay, tres kewl!

And this arrived in the package also...Karen I already know what I want to make with it!

Patti from Chicago was recently shedding pieces from her fabric collection and I was the lucky recipient of this:

I envision it as a lining in a great navy pinstripe suit...and you know I have the pinstripe fabric already!

Next, thanks for all of the wonderful comments on my jacket/pants/dress combo. I wore the jacket and dress today and the jacket wore wonderfully. I have to admit it wore so nicely that I am thinking I should make another one for fall...but we will see!

Now some answers to some questions and some comments:

Gay - I was off on Monday that's the only way that I got some sewing done on a weekday! *LOL*

Valerie - asked about pants lining and the half lining, short answer - I've used this technique before but not recently and I didn't believe there will be show through because the fabric is a medium weight linen...however, I will address some of your lining questions and others lining questions in a future post - so stay tuned! Oh and there is a great book about lining called, "Easy Guide to Sewing Linings" by Connie Long. It is part of the Taunton Sewing Companion Library.

Linda - the lining is attached at the waistline and by a few stitches in the crotch. The legs are hanging free.

Debbie Cook - this jacket would look great in a ltwt or medium weight denim...I can see you wearing a version of it this fall with one of your great tees and some denim capris walking the dogs in the dogpark!

Finally, I'm borrowing Summerset's parting shot...

A peek of what I'm working on next!

More later...


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