Thursday, October 30, 2008

Retail Therapy

or how I avoided jail by going shopping!

Today was NOT a good day at work for me! Today was the kind of day that gives me a better understanding of how someone goes plum loco and ends up killin' people! So to avoid any serious jail time and losing my opportunity to vote for Obama on Tuesday ('cause every vote counts!), I hit the streets in search of a yard or two of fabric. I seriously needed something to soothe my soul because I was planning on jackin' someone up!

I headed over to my man, Kashi, at Metro Textiles knowing that I would find something that would bring a smile to my face and joy to my beleaguered soul. Of course I was NOT disappointed! Now right here I need to stop and pat myself on the back...because I was in a foul, foul mood when I boarded the "C" Train for Times Square. However, I did not go overboard and purchase hundreds of dollars and yards and yards of fabric.

Instead I purchased 5 yards of a wool/poly/lycra doubleknit (thanks Meg for letting me know he had some!), 5 yards of a rayon stretch lining in nude and 2 yards of a black/white paisley knit. I escaped with only 12 yards...12 yards of retail therapy! Now this totally up blows my stats for the month but I don't care! I don't even care that I don't really have any place to put this! All I care about is that I spent some serious time out of the office (y'all don't think I did that in a hour and went back to work now do you?), calmed the heck down and was able to deal with the 2.5 hours I had left - especially since an hour of it was spent in a meeting.


Nude rayon stretch lining, black doubleknit, blk/wht paisley knit

black doubleknit and wht/blk paisley knit

nude lining and black doubleknit (can you tell I'm loving the doubleknit!)

Okay that's it, I'm out! I have fabric to fondle and a new Threads to read!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

This is how I actually spent my weekend

Or as a subtitle, "If you can't sew...plan!" *LOL*

Instead of sewing I made plans for my Christmas sewing...yeap, I'm dedicating December to making Christmas presents. One, because if I get the items sewn that I want in November...I will have plenty of new clothing to see me through an abbreviated work month...ummm, I'm in jeans and twinsets that last week of the month because I'm one of the few people in the office.

And two, I bought a boatload of flannel last year...supposedly to make pjs, which I didn't! So this year...except for my mother...everyone is getting something made with my own two hands! I'm even pulling out the crochet hook and some stored yarn to crochet a few scarves. I made some a couple of years ago and they were a big hit so I will revisit the love again this Christmas.

Finally, I was leafing through a binder of old Sew News articles. The last time I moved, I decided to only keep the Sew News articles that I liked instead of all of the magazines. This made for a very interesting and diverse binder...but when I got to this article, I realized I had to share! It's from the ohmygosh the article doesn't have a date on it! But it was back when the magazine was in the larger format and the title of the article is "Stash Management" by Michele Shoesmith.

So you know where I'm going right?! *LOL* Anyway, here is the opening paragraph:

"The simple truth about fabric is that most of us have enough on hand to create several wardrobes. Each and every purchase was essential in order to maintain our mental health andstimulate our creative spirit. Of course, the next time we're in the fabric store, another wonderful fabric calls to us, begging to be purchased. We're most happy to oblige even though we know we haven't a nook or cranny to store another piece."
Those simple but oh so true statements got me! The article goes on to describe ways to store fabric, folding techniques, fabric arrangement and a fabric file.

I really wish I had the date so that others could go back in their Sew News collection and read the article for themselves and I can see that I have been "stash managing" for some time! *LOL*

That's it for tonight...just wanted to share a little of what's going on in my sewing world...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Sewing Here...

If you came looking for a picture filled post about what I sewed this weekend...sorry to disappoint because I sewed this weekend. I was correct in my assessment Friday night when I thought I would be toooo tired to do anything....

I spent a quiet weekend sleeping, reading and catching up on some Netflix movies. However, the desire to sew is still great...just delayed. Hopefully next weekend will be better. So did anyone else get a chance to sew? And if so, what did you make? And if not, why not? Cause I need to know if something is going around stealing people's sewing mojos! *LOL*

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Wanna Sew!

Ohmygosh do I ever just want to spend some quality time with my sewing machine! I am jonesing for it like a junkie needs a fix! And I keep hearing Sheryl Crow's song, "All I wanna do is have some fun" but with the words...all I wanna do is sew a little bit! Sick, right! *LOL*

So I do have this entire weekend to sew...but I'm soooooo tired that I'm worried I might sleep it away...and I've got things to do!

Let's see, I need to finish up the blue wool crepe/brocade dress and jacket. It still needs several hours of work to make it prime time ready. Then I need to prewash those 11 yards that just showed up from Fabric Mart so that I can get ready for my next bit of wardrobe sewing! And finally I have several things from my Top 10 Fall Fashion list that I R-E-A-L-L-Y want to work on. I need the next 48 hours to move very, very slowly...*LOL*

Okay so what are you planning on working on this weekend?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yes...enough! I am drowning in, old, vintage, collectables, stash...just too many darn patterns.

See this is how it started...I was on Talbots site earlier tonight scoping out their new catalog and look. Talbots along with Barrie Pace are great sites for me to get ideas for work I'm flipping through the online catalog when I come to this top:

Which looks alot like this pattern from Simplicity:

And then I remembered this fabric from Fashionista Fabrics:

So 2 yards later I have enough to make my own interpretation of the top! Yeah, yeah, I know but I could have purchased like 20 yards, however, I bought what I needed and got out! *LOL*

Now you're wondering where the enough is right? Okay, on with my tale of woe...before I could place my order with Melody, I had to find out how much I would need for the top. Twenty minutes later...that's right...Twenty Minutes later I find the pattern! After looking through five pattern drawers, dragging stuff out and generally making a mess...I found the dang pattern.

That's when I said enough! See last month I bought zip, zero, nada yards of fabric...and this month I've been trying really hard not to succumb to the siren's song of fabric and the amazing fabric sales refusing to purchase alot more...however, I did not include patterns in this moratorium. Well to be truthful, I have laid off the vintage patterns because I've used 2 of the more than 50 that I purchased in a 3-4 month span and I have more than enough of them...really!

It just should not take 20 minutes to locate a simple t-shirt pattern...and while I'm rooting around looking for it...there are five new patterns laying on the sewing table staring at me that have just arrived from Vogue Patterns. Yes, I took advantage of the one day sale that they were having for BMV club members - $4.49 for any pattern from all three companies.

So enough! Adrienne I'm borrowing your clock...literally! I am not purchasing a new pattern from ANY source for the next 70 days...yeap, that's what the clock on Adrienne's site says. Cause seriously, will I not be able to sew anything cause I don't have a new pattern...nah, I don't think so! And will I be hampered from interpreting a new look that I manage to find in my wanderings...nah, I don't think so! Will I even be unable to make something using some of my TNT's...nah, I don't think so!!!

So more pattern buying for 70 days!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

November Sewing

I know...I know that it's still the middle of October...but it is winding down and I really only have one more weekend of sewing...especially since I got nothing done this weekend! Also the new fabric arrived from Fabric Mart and I'm anxious to play with it.

So let's recap...

I ordered 11 yards of this fabric:

I am going to add a ltwt. taupe wool crepe that is in the an aside, do you know several years ago I counted how many different colors of wool crepe were in my collection and I totalled 16 - 16! I don't think that many still reside there but believe me when I tell you there is still plenty of depth! *LOL*

The jump-off pattern will be Vogue 7180:

And the garments I want to make are:

1. Jacket from vintage pattern

2. Dress from vintage pattern with taupe wool crepe top

3. Another dress - possibly a variation of Butterick 5399

4. TNT pants - wide or flare leg

5. TNT Straight Skirt

6. Sleeveless version of Vogue 8118 out of a black sandwashed silk

7. Black silk jersey version of Vogue 9904

All fabrics are from the collection except for the newly purchased goods from Fabric Mart.

It seems like an ambitious plan but I have made 7 garments before in one month and this is the month of Thanksgiving with a 4-day weekend...and Thanksgiving is NEVER at my house! *LOL* I always go to family's house to eat and enjoy and come home! And since my portion of the meal always comes directly from the grocery store...I'm in charge of beverages and rolls...Thanksgiving is always free sewing time!

So I think my plan is very doable and it would be nice to have a new complement of outfits to wear into December! I will finish up another cardigan or two and then I'm onto November Sewing which I'm calling "60's Mod in an Election Year!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today was a good sewing day!

I love when I wake up in the mood to sew and I have the time. Today I actually could take my time and enjoy the sewing journey. My new fabric from Sawyer Brook arrived earlier this week and was burning a hole through my creative soul so it had to be used.

I had a general idea when I purchased the yard and a half of material...having seen an ad for a designer sweater where the back carried all of the design and the front of the sweater was plain...that ad was the inspiration for the jacket I created today...

But I didn't order a coordinating fabric and was hesitant to think about one until the SB fabric arrived. Once it was here, I rooted around in the fabric closet and chose this cadet blue wool crepe. Now I know that I was thinking of using it to make another version of Vogue 7994 but it played so well with the jacquard fabric and it begged to be used with it so who am I to refuse a fabric's request!

Here are the two fabrics together:

Here is the jacket needing hems, buttons and buttonholes:

And a back view of the jacket:

Here is the unfinished dress and jacket together:

Now the dress still needs a lining as well as bias binding to finish the neckline and armholes...this binding will be made from the jacquard fabric and will tie the jacket and dress together...making them a cohesive outfit. Both pieces are made from TNT patterns, of course! And with a couple more hours of work, this outfit will be ready for work...probably next week when the temps head back to the low 60's here in my area.

But today was a good sewing day...I spent quality time with my sewing machine...and my soul is at rest and ready to go back to work tomorrow. Yes, I am one of the few that doesn't have tomorrow off, so if you are sewing a stitch tomorrow think of me fondly as I am sitting at my desk making a living!

I hope that you had a good sewing day today too!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brand Loyalty

Surfing the online fabric sites this afternoon and then looking at photos of recently completed garments...I realized that I really don't have any brand loyalty. That's online fabric store brand loyalty...

See I will search high and low, near and far for a great piece of fabric. I've also noticed that there are very few internet fabric sites that I haven't purchased a length of fabric from...almost all of them get a chance in my book!

Now I know I really tout my allegiance to Fabric Mart...sometimes even saying it's name softly like a prayer...Fabric Mart...Fabric Mart...Fabric Mart...but my last wardrobe doesn't feature a single piece of Fabric Mart's goodies! There are fabrics from Emmaonesock, Fashion Fabrics Club and but no Fabric Mart.

So it got me to wondering about fabric store brand loyalty! Since so many brick and mortar stores are closing and online fabric shopping is definitely the wave of the future...I began to we sewists have online fabric store brand loyalty?

Or do we just buy fabric from where ever our mouse and a few keyboard strokes take us? Are there sites that we always search out first? If so, why do we go there so often? What needs does that particular site fulfill? And if we don't purchase primarily from the internet, why are we so attracted to the dwindling brick and mortar fabric stores? Is our need to touch so strong that we will seek out and drive or go anywhere for that pleasure?

Tell me, do you have fabric store loyalty? And if so, is it internet or bricks and mortar? Because I'm really questioning whether I really have brand loyalty at all or do I just love fabric! *LOL*

Friday, October 10, 2008

"A Grayed Affair" Update

"A Grayed Affair" is my latest "Sewing With A Plan" (SWAP) wardrobe for late summer/early fall transitional dressing. Since it is early October, I thought I would do a quick recap of the items that have been completed and the ones yet to be finished.

McCalls 5620 - Dress from gray/coral cotton print
I love the cotton print fabric that I chose for this dress - however, I think the fabric is too lightweight to sew now. It probably would have worked better if I had made the dress when I was making the jacket and it is I am dropping this from the wardrobe. It just won't work now.

Burda OOP Cardigan and cowl neck tank from gray/beige/yellow rayon knit
I changed the top from a cowl neck to a mock neck to make it more comfortable to wear on crisp fall mornings. Otherwise besides adding embellishment to bring out the print on the rayon/lycra knit...these two pieces are working well with the pants and the skirt.

SW Mission Tank from grey/blk/white print silk
This is always a quick and easy sew but it adds so much to my also goes great with an all black pantsuit in the closet.

New Look Jacket 6788 - gray midweight linen
It was a new look for me but very it! And it plays nice with other pieces in my wardrobe.

TNT Pants - gray midweight linen
These are the hardest working bottom in this collection!

TNT - 4 gore skirt - gray midweight linen
It took a little work to get this made and in the end I'm only so-so about it. Maybe I will like it better with the red knit pieces.

I still need to sew the red print jersey knit into a twinset using my TNT Burda cardigan pattern and making a tie neck top. I will try to get that finished up this month. Mostly though I am calling this complete. I have a new coordinated wardrobe that I want to work on for November - more about that later!

I will leave you with a shot of the completed wardrobe so far...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Have you ever?

Have you ever found a piece of fabric and built an entire story around it?

Have you ever picked the pattern out, mentally gone through your notions and button collections and even thought of the "perfect" embellishment for the garments?

Have you?

Have you ever "seen" additional pieces in your mind made from the same piece of fabric, as well as a coordinating fabric that's been bugging the heck out of you! Because you just knew that this piece of fabric would be in your collection to the end of all time?

And finally, have you ever imagined all of those pieces completely sewn, finished and hanging in your closet?

Well, have you?

Today I did just that! I had a few minutes, somehow carved out of an ultra-busy day, to daydream...and I put together an entire 5 piece "core" wardrobe in my head. I was sooooo excited! I kept running the possibilities through my mind...coordinating these new pieces with some existing wardrobe pieces...and can I say it again, I was just soooooo excited! These new pieces were completely doable. They would play nice with some existing pieces and add some needed flexibility to my work wardrobe...but there was just one hitch!

The base fabric...the one I was dreaming and slobbering over...the main ingredient in the collection...the piece that made it ALL possible...was still on Fabric Mart's site!

That's right, I built an entire mini wardrobe around a piece of fabric that wasn't even in my posession! Now do you realize how sick this is? Do you realize how far my addiction has taken me? So you know what I did, right? Yes, I exhaled...I relaxed, released and let go and bought the damn thing! *LOL*

Eleven yards...can I say it for you again...Eleven more time...Eleven yards later...I'm left wondering what happened to fabric restraint! Ummmm, storage issues! Or how about sewing with what's already in the collection...*sigh*

So do you wanna see what tortured yet inspired me today:

This lovely inexpensive herringbone acetate and rayon blend from Fabric Mart! And before you get your noses out of joint...I know it's an inexpensive fabric...and I know that its not going to have any of those amazing properties that natural fabrics do...BUT some of my best work suits are made from these hardworking, won't wrinkle, won't bend...can do anything to them and they still look good after 12 hours in them, suits!

Here is the main pattern:

Vintage baby...yes! This is Vogue 7180 - pattern description - Semi-fitted jacket has rolled collar and full length sleeves; welt trim. Slim dress with contrast double breasted bodice has self belt...(I don't know about the belt)...but isn't this kewl!

So the question for today is..."Have You Ever?!"

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Back to Sewing...

I have a few new things that have me excited about sewing this weekend!

One - I got my copy of the October Burda and I'm inspired...

Two - my "free" Vogue pattern showed up and I really want to make this jacket now! BTW, Vogue patterns are on sale for $6.99 today and tomorrow!

Three - I broke down and bought 1.5 yards of fabric...but it is the most awesome piece ever:

It's a 100% wool jacquard from Sawyer Brook Fabrics.

And finally Melody at Fashionista Fabrics is having a resolve is wavering!!! Go by and check her out...

More later...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Have Faith

ETA: I don't mind opinions different from my own...if I did I would have turned off the comments section...but if you have something to say and use "anonymous" please be man or woman enough to sign your name! Thanks!

There are four weeks until we Americans go to the polls to elect a President.

Now I know that much has been said about the candidates (and the official mud-slinging has begun) but today I want to discuss something that is either being quietly dismissed or being discussed on internet boards in such vulgar, disgusting terms...

And that is Barack Obama's race...the "unknown factor" in this year's Presidential contest. The reason I want to acknowledge it is because in the voting booth with no one watching and not having to explain your choice, anyone can vote their fears, their doubts or their prejudices without anyone else knowing.

So let's speak to that issue now...right here on my the open...

1. I really doubt that the Obamas are going to change the name of "The White House" to "The Black House."

2. I really don't think that rap music, grills, gangsters and militant rappers are going to be part of the Inaugral Events or everyday occurances in the White House...I mean unless the Bush twins are into gangsta rap!

3. I don't think that Barack is only going to care about black people and disregard the cares of all other Americans...even though there have been President's who could have cared less about black people in America - current occupants in the White House included!

4. I know that Barack Obama is NOT a muslim who hates Jews and wants Israel destroyed.

I have read a form of all of the above comments in the mainstream media outlets during the campaign.

Despite these and other "racially tinged" comments discussed lately, I have faith. I believe in my fellow Americans to do the right thing. I believe that the same country that produced Jackie Robinson, George Washington Carver, Paul Robeson, Nora Zeale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Shirley Chisholm, Colin Powell, Thurgood Marshall, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, can see past the color of a man's skin and have faith in the Presidency of Barack Obama.

I believe that the people who voted for lawmakers who passed The Civil Rights Act and The Voting Act, who banned segregation, who gave women the right to vote, can see the need for change...for our nation to continue to evolve and move forward...I have faith!

I have faith that my fellow Americans realize that we can no longer be a country of small towns and big cities without being a member of the larger global community. And that the global community is watching and waiting to see if our country is truly comprised of people willing to step into the new millenium by voting for a President who not only looks like members of our country but like others in the global community whose rights need to be championed!

I have faith that we Americans will look past color on Election Day, silence the haters and naysayers and vote on the Issues that are affecting all of the citizens of our country...not supposed alignments, not fear, nor hatemongering...but for a person who truly cares about ALL of the citizens of this great country and who wants the best for America! And who truly believes that we need to partner with the members of the global community thereby repairing our image abroad and leading us forward...

I have faith that fear and prejudice will NOT rule the day! I have faith that Americans are decent, hardworking people who will NOT be deceived by hate and intolerance! I have faith that the younger generation will once again rise up and be a guiding force and shining example to their elders in voting for Change! And I have faith that as the world watches and collectively holds their breathes that we Americans will NOT disappoint them...

I have faith...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

EOS Twinset Updated...

As I said yesterday, I've spent the weekend removing some things from my closet and picking things that needed to be donated, tossed or is a big job and isn't complete.

However, I promised to show you the EOS twinset finished. Thank God for Lulu because even though she STILL doesn't have legs, she can showcase a top. And since I do NOT feel like getting dressed and photographed, Lulu has graciously decided to step in and help me out!

So to recap, this is what the twinset looked like before:

And here is what it looks like now:

A few stats:

Cardigan - Burda 8869 (OOP)
This is my TNT go-to cardigan pattern.

Mockneck Top - Vogue 9904 - copyright 2001:
Close-fitting, pullover top has neckline variations, stitched hem and short, self-lined sleeves, above elbow sleeves or long sleeves - View A,B - back neck slit and button/loop; View C - raised neckline and back zipper.

Rayon/lycra blend from Emmaonesock

4 buttons that Karen sent me as a gift
5 yards of gray ribbon purchased from Daytona Trimmings
9" cream zipper

First up the cardigan:
I have made this cardigan so many times that I can make it in my sleep! It is the perfect go to pattern and since I love twinsets it is always kept nearby ready to be used.

The only change I made to the cardigan is the embellishment that I added because the print just faded into itself. And when it came time to make the buttonholes, the fabric was most I added a strip of tracing paper to the back of the buttonhole band and made the buttonholes that way.
This is a great tip for making sure that your fabric feeds easily through your sewing machine. Just make sure that the paper is on the feed dog side so that it feeds your material smoothly through the sewing machine.

The Mockneck Top:

This is my first time working with this pattern and it won't be my last. For a wearable muslin, the only thing that bothers me is that the neck isn't high enough...but I will remedy that next time.

Since this is a close fitting pattern, I added a little space in the front abdomen area by using the pivot and slide method. The neckline was pinned to the fabric and I slid it out 2.5 inches in the front and then trued out the hem.

I added 1" to the back seam from neckline to hem and altered the back neckline piece by adding an inch to its center back seam.

Taking a chance I did not alter the sleeve pattern. I did this because I was using a knit and I wanted the sleeves to closely fit my arms...I didn't want a lot of ease. It worked for this fabric because it has great stretch and recovery. I will need to evaluate this with each subsequent version because the alteration will be based on the fabric's properties and the fit I am trying to achieve.

Continuing with my quest to add an invisible zipper to each garment I am making, I originally wanted to insert one into this top. However, I didn't have one in the right color in my stash and since I'm on a fabric moratorium, I didn't want to make a trip into the garment district to find one. First rule they tell addicts, stay away from familiar spots that you associate with your habit...gotta walk by tooo many fabric stores to get to either Daytona or Steinlauf & I went with a cream 9" regular zipper that was already in my zipper collection.

Now a question was posed about how I inserted the zipper by hand...first I fused 5/8" strips of a lightweight knit tricot to either side of the seams...approximately 10" in length. Then I sewed the back seam closed...basting for the first 10" and then using a regular stitch for the remainder of the seam. Pressed the seam open and then laid the closed zipper onto the seam. I used a lot of pins to keep it flat and then I hand sewed the zipper in. I used very short stitches for the right side of the garment ~ longer stitches for the back side. Once the zipper was in, I removed the basting stitches and pressed it flat.

Showing the zipper with the handstitching inside the garment:

The other change I made to the top was that I used a flat insertion for the sleeves. I wanted to insure that I had no puckering in the sleeve cap. The guide sheet tells you to stitch the side seams closed first and then insert the sleeves in the round. Using a flat insertion gave me more control on how the sleeves were sewn in.

Other than that, I followed the instructions but the picture on the pattern envelope shows a mockneck that is a slightly higher than the one on my garment. I will alter the front neckline on the pattern for the next version. This one will work for now. I've learned a lot about the pattern and will definitely make this again.

Here's a few shots on Lulu...Cardigan over the top buttoned closed:

Back view of the cardigan:

Embellished sleeve:

I like the twinset much more now that the ribbon and buttons have been added because before it was heading to wadderville!

Next up a few more won't get bitterly cold until December so I want to make more dresses and a jacket/skirt combo or two before I need to switch over to pantsuits!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fall Closet Clean Out

It's been cold the last couple of nights here on the East Coast and last night I finally broke down and turned the heat on for a couple of hours to take the chill out of my home. It's also been colder in the mornings as I go out to work so most of the late summer wardrobe has been pushed to the back of the closet and the early fall stuff is coming out.

But this year my closet is much fuller than in years past. I've been sewing - ALOT! So today I decided to tackle my closet...the cleaning and purging that I do twice a the spring and fall. Usually I just make two piles - "toss" and "donate"...but this year I added another - "Refashion".

I really liked refashioning the skirts this summer. So instead of just donating or tossing things this season, I found two more candidates to refashion. Now these aren't huge transformations, I'm talking about some simple hems that will give the garments a new life. Longer skirts and dresses just aren't cutting it...mmmmm let me rephrase that...some longer garments aren't cutting it! *LOL* Many of my longer lined wool skirts will remain as they are so they can continue to be worn on very cold days!!!

Just these two pieces so far needed to be refreshed...first the skirt. I bought this yardage in JoMars at the downtown Philadelphia store at least 10 years ago. I am such a border print girl and was also really into moleskin at the to find a moleskin border print just made my heart sing. I brought it home and promptly made a long elastic waist skirt with a back slit to emphasize the border print. Somewhere there was a jacket in a coordinating green moleskin to wear with it but that seems to have been donated a while back.

Here is the skirt in its original form:

and here it is now:

It will work for a casual friday situation with a brown sweater and sleeveless turtleneck already in my wardrobe. I cut the border print off and added a very small hem. It will be a little trendy but not too, just right for my corporate work environment. I am holding onto the bottom portion of the skirt because who knows when this "trim" will come in handy!

The second refashion is a simple black knit dress. I made this dress and matching cardigan two years ago when I started the job I have now. It was a quick down and dirty sew that gave me a "professional" look for meetings. The length of the hem has always bothered me. I feel a little dowdy when I wear this combination, so this year I've decided to shorten the hem of the dress and split the pieces...never to be worn together again!

I've got piles everywhere and probably won't get any "real" sewing done this weekend...however, I am freeing up some much needed space in my closet and getting a few hangers back! If anything else good shows up, I will let you know!

Tomorrow pics of the finished EOS twinset...

Fabric Free for 34 Days

Yes, I haven't purchased an inch of fabric since the end of August when I received my last Fabric Mart an aside do you know that when you log into their site and check your order history that you can see every dime you've spent with them for the last two years? Let's just say that my number is alot larger than I would have guessed it to be!

So why have I been fabric free for the last 34 days? Well even though I was stimulating our faltering economy, my fabric habit was Out Of Control!!! Take a look at my stats on my sidebar...I purchased 33 yards of fabric in July...68.5 yards in August that equals 101.5 yards in 61 days.

Then if you look at my output, I sewed a mere 9.5 yards...well something had to give! Besides the fact that I've seriously run out of storage space...and standing in Ikea trying to decide on what to buy that will not only allow me to put the current overflow in it but allow me to grow into it was a serious wake-up call! It's time to take a step back and assess...

So assess I did...and even though I had a few shaky days in the beginning and somehow managed to survive NOT purchasing any of that amazingly beautiful 4 ply silk crepe that is on Fabric Mart's site...*sigh* and do you know they had the nerve to add 3 additional colors...*shaking self*


Okay, I'm better now...I'm okay...I managed not to reach for my credit card...*sigh* But 4 ply silk crepe for $9.99 a yard...

However, I do feel good that I didn't buy one yard of fabric and that I've managed to use 15 yards...a drop in the bucket, true...but a bucket fills up one drop at a time! I am kind of proud of this accomplishment...but no worries folks I'm not giving up fabric buying forever...maybe just for another 31 days - or for the month of October!

I do have to give props to Adrienne though...she's pledged not to purchase another yard until January 2009 and has a clock up on her blog to keep track! That woman has will power because I will definitely have to get my fabric buy on way before that!!!!

In the meantime, it's not like I don't have a little bit of fabric to sew with...*wink, wink!*

Friday, October 03, 2008

A Walk to Remember

Lindsey T wrote a post about "Would you make a Wedding Dress" and even though I've been divorced for quite a few years...I did make my wedding outfit and it brought back some fun memories...okay, I didn't have a bad divorce and still am friends with my ex-husband...but that is a story for another place and time.

So without further ado - this is what I looked like on my wedding day...and don't laugh!

My mom, me and my dad

I think I need a scanner cause I can't get these to come out any better...sorry they are blurry...I've taken them a couple of times...anyway, I wore a sleeveless white dress with ruffles at the hem and a 3/4 length jacket in pink and a huge pink hat!

And this is one of my Matron of Honor:

She wore a pink/white polka dot dress from satin that I made for her...hey it was the 80s! I also made my daughter's flower girl dress...dang, she's 27 now with a son of her own...this seems like just yesterday...*sigh*

Anyway, I've had a rough, can I say that again R-O-U-G-H week and thought a walk down memory lane would be fun!


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