Thursday, September 01, 2022

I'm a Camouflage Sewist

That's an intriguing title isn't it! Well what I mean is that when I learned to sew we "camouflaged" our "flaws" to give our garments a more perfect look. Now I know you're going what?  Aren't you out loud and proud about your body. The answer to that question is, "yes I am."

However, I also absolutely believe in a garment's silhouette.  Maybe it's my background in sewing or my college courses in design and silhouette. But to me silhouette is KING.  And a silhouette that covers a body part but enhances the garment is even KINGLIER to me.

I'm fat. I've gotten fatter due to health issues and the pandemic. I know I should do something about it but while I can still clothe myself and get amazing garments that are complimented in these streets, I'm gonna sew first!  

I have old lady fat arms and lately I've been sewing more sleeved rather than sleeveless garments. As an aside, I can also tell you that the Style Arc Nova will probably be worn with a short sleeve cropped sweater.

Anyways, I'm finding I like an interesting sleeve especially when it works with the dress design. It gives the garment a cleaner, more sophisticated look. 

Dress Length ~

My dresses are all maxi length these days to hide my swelling ankles. Some days they're fine and some days they look like extra tires around my ankles.  This swelling is due to the medication I'm on so they're here to stay and an inconvenience I can manage.  A maxi dress hides that and doesn't allow anyone to question why my circulation is doing weird things!

Waistline - what's that?  

Yeah mine has been gone for some time! So I sew garments that emphasize my bustline and make me feel fierce. I sew a lot of shirtdresses and the key to making them work for me is the "waistline" seam is raised on all of them. Even if I like a pattern and the waistline seam is lower, I shorten the bodice piece then add the amount back to the skirt.

Accessibility ~ 

Making pieces easy to get in and out of is very important to me. I've discussed this before because aging has made some things harder to do. So easily accessible clothing is necessary for my peace.

I've been sewing for 50+ years now. I've sewn through all the stages of my life.  Teenager, college student, young working woman, motherhood, wife, middle ages and now as I head into retirement. My body has changed with each stage of my life and I've adjusted my sewing to match it. This is why I think of myself as a Camouflage Sewist. I make my garments fit and enhance my body as I move through the stages of life.

So what about you?  Has your body changed during your sewing journey?  Have you changed techniques, pattern types, views, etc. to make clothing work for you now?

This is the Question of the Day.  So talk back to me! always more later!


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