Sunday, March 27, 2022

It's been a minute...

It's reached that in-between time of the year where I no longer want to sew winter but it's not warm enough to sew I sit in suspended animation waiting for warmer weather and more light.

I have been piddling around...

A spring suiting version of the Myosotis

Altered a shirt made in 2017

Front of the last border print shirt

Back of border print shirt

...but not really dedicated to sewing. I don't "produce" sew anymore. I sew when I feel like it. Sometimes that's for 8 hours or more during a weekend and sometimes it's just 2 hours.

I'm sure the fact that I'm only in office two days a week factors into it. I mean I have plenty of warm clothing to wear the two days I must dress.  After adding three new housedresses to my wardrobe, I now have one per day to wear at some variety. Though there will be more come fall.

Mostly I've been looking forward to spring. I have new spring garments I want to complete. Since I'm the sewist that sews best in the actual season I will wear it, that means a lot of planning has been going on.  Making a list of garments I can actually sew and wear this spring/summer season. Trying not to over exceed my actual desire to create, I have a list of 16 projects to make from April to September. Which works out to be about two or three projects a month, something that seems doable.

I'm planning on taking photos of the garments pictured above to memorialize them here on the blog.  Those blog posts will follow soon. Otherwise, I'm moving on to spring sewing.  Gonna start batch cutting so I will be prepped and ready. How about you?  If you're in the Northern Hemisphere are you still sewing winter? Or have you moved onto spring sewing? always more later!


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