Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Miscellaneous and other things...

First let's start with the thing everyone is wondering about...the winner of the Cynthia Guffey Skirts video is...

Mountain Woman I will send you an email with all of the information on how to claim your prize!  Congratulations!!!

+ + + + +

I finally wore some of my new fall wardrobe and I wanted to give a wearability update. I wore this combo earlier this week...

...and the jacket was a fail.  The dress was amazing ~ comfortable, easy to wear, professional.  However, the sleeves on the jacket have pilled quite badly from contact with the perforated faux leather.  This jacket won't see much wear because it's frail and that breaks my heart!


This one garnered ALOT of compliments and it wore well.  It's just lighter than I imagined.  Sewing in August/September when it's 80 degrees outside skews your perspective on how hot an actual fall/winter dress will be.  So I was actually surprised that in 40 degree weather the dress feels very lightweight. Otherwise it wore very well and was comfortable.

I still have quite a few dresses from the September sew to wear yet so as I wear them I will report back on their wearability factor...because taking pics in garments is NOT the same as putting in a 13+ workday in them!

...more later!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

60s Inspired Vintage Boucle Jacket - Construction

The best thing about using a previously sewn pattern is that you can just cut and sew.  Your biggest problem is will the design idea work like you want it to.  I wrote my last post about choosing this jacket with this thought process...12 hours on Sunday another 4 on Monday and another 4 on Tuesday gives me 16 hours of sewing time.  Personally I can make a jacket (lined or unlined) in that amount of time from a previously sewn pattern.  8-10 hours is all I really need...y'know after I finish kicking and screaming! *LOL*

So these are the two patterns that I'm using to make my 60's vintage inspired wool boucle jacket:

And these are the fabrics...cream wool boucle already backed with fusible knit purchased from Moods 3rd floor (love that floor!) in the NYC store:

Here is the silk from the collection that I'm using to peek through the faux welt pockets:

The jacket will be lined with a cream colored bemberg rayon lining also from the collection:

Pattern Alteration and Construction ~
The first thing I needed to do was to alter the jacket sleeve.  Since the sleeve on the Vogue circa 1999 pattern and the vintage Simplicity pattern both have a one piece sleeve, I used the sleeve from my dress pattern to make a pattern sandwich to create a new sleeve for the jacket. This will solve my bodacious bicep issues.

Added a center back seam to the jacket back pattern piece.

Then the jacket fronts and backs were constructed the same way described in this post.  So this is what the jacket shell looks like now.  The only change I made this time was to use smaller pieces of fabric for the welt pocket windows.  Since I'm using a black 'n white polka dot fabric that is dark, I didn't want the fabric to show through the lining or the jacket front.

The jacket was assembled and then the sleeves sewn in.  I'm working on adding the lining now but just wanted to give an update on the construction of the jacket prior to it's reveal.

I'm really thrilled with it so far.  It was a good choice for my Mood project because the jacket pattern's fit issues had already been resolved and I like the interesting details that are featured on the jacket front.  Also it really helped that the fabric was already backed with fusible interfacing. 

I love these types of fabric cuts and always try to purchase them when I find one. One less step to do when working on a jacket project.  If you find a fabric that's backed with interfacing, I highly recommend that you purchase it. always more later!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Fit a Skirt by Cynthia Guffey

Back in August I reviewed the first of the Cynthia Guffey videos that I purchased from  I was so thrilled to find videos online that captured the essence of Cynthia and also gave me the opportunity to watch them over and over again.

At the time, I purchased The Seven Core Sewing Skills, I also purchased "How to Fit a Skirt" by Cynthia Guffey, as well as, the video, "How to Fit A Jacket." It's taken me a minute but I watched the skirt video while I was sick. Hey it was better than daytime TV! 

After viewing this 60 minute video, I will be making some fitting, construction and designing changes to my straight skirt pattern to get a better fitted straight skirt. A few general take aways first ~ she makes the changes look so easy to understand and do and she discusses how to interpret drag lines or "travel lines" as she calls them and how to fix them.

Here are some additional things I took away from the video:

~The skirt's side seams should always be straight on the side of the body.

~Adjust the widest area of the skirt first and then make everywhere else fit first.  For most of us this is the hip area but for a few it will be the waistline.

~Cynthia started with a princess seam line skirt instead of the standard one piece front and two back pieces for the skirt.  She says there are more fitting opportunities that don't involve the side seams if you use a princess seam skirt pattern.

~By using her grading techniques, you can take a skirt that use to fit and grade it up or down so that it fits you now.  A vintage skirt, a skirt pattern that you use to sew and loved can be graded to fit your body now.

~Watching her draft a new facing for the skirt instead of using a waistband was worth the cost of the video alone!  Watching her explain it and then do it was so crystal clear that I almost jumped up and down and shouted hallelujah!

~When making adjustments to the pattern, she draws a line parallel to the grainline to make changes - whether adding or subtracting width - that way the grainline is never thrown off.

~Cynthia says that one of the questions she's asked most is, "What length should the skirt be hemmed at?"  She has an interesting take which mirrors my own, that the hemline should end at the place where the leg curves into the calf, that this is the most flattering place on most women...unless of course you have amazing legs and can wear minis!

~About the circumference of the skirt - Cynthia says that she adds fullness to the front of her skirts (pleats, gathering and kickpleats) because that's where she walks (forward).  That adding to the back only ends up in the skirt pulling or the kick pleats and slits folding/bending and generally winding up looking askew. Another lightbulb moment for me!  The video is only $9.99 and chock full of wonderful tips and things to learn. 

However, the wonderful people at are offering a free skirt video to one winner from my blog.  Yes, this is the giveaway I alluded to earlier.  So how do you win this wonderful video? Simple, just leave your name and email address in the comments section on this post ONLY by Wednesday, October 30th at 11:59pm EST.  

I will announce the winner on Thursday, October 31st and submit your name and email address to the team who will set you up with viewing privileges.  This video is available to anyone in the world, so if you want your very own Cynthia Guffey skirt adventure, leave a comment.

Now for full disclosure, I will be reviewing one sewing video per month from the site for free.  I do get to choose which video I want to watch and review so rest assured that they will all be about sewing...but I thought you should know that I do have a vested interest. always more later!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What to do? What to do?

So it's Saturday and I've got a pile of fabric from Mood sitting on my cutting table begging me to see something in them so that I can sew up something marvelous and have it photographed by Wednesday. See I had a project...a perfectly good project but it's a little too involved for my due date.  

I purchased the perfect fabric to make my perfect lavender transitional coat...but sickness did me in.  Gawd, I was even going to make a muslin. Bought actual muslin fabric and everything.  I nevah muslin so to say I'm disappointed that I'm not working on this project is an overstatement.  However, I will make it later on cause I really want that coat!

Now though, my self picked Mood date is approaching and here I sit trying to make it work. I've been sewing for the Mood Network for over a year now and this is the first time that sickness has derailed me.  I've been late because a garment was more intricate than I originally thought and picked another date but I've never sat in the sewing cave wondering what the hell could I sew!

I had an idea and I thought it would work until I put my two pieces of fabric side by side and they didn't play as well together as I thought they would. Back to the drawing board.  I really want a dress/jacket combo but I will need a jacket pattern that I've made before so all of my fit issues have been resolved and I have precious few of those that I presently like.  But now that I've gotten the idea in my head I can't get it out.

So I go pawing through all of the patterns that I've made for the last five years and I find this one ~ Vogue 2285 which is so out of print it's pitiful.  The pattern's copyright date is 1999 but I used it as the basis to make a vintage inspired jacket back in 2008 which became part of my Easter Outfit that year.

I've always wanted to make another jacket like it but improve upon the sleeve fit, which is what ultimately did that jacket in.  Also, I really like the faux welt pockets or slot seams that the jacket uses.  I could make this and have it photographed by Wednesday evening.  Here is a picture of the vintage jacket that inspired the original jacket and this new one...

The fabric I've chosen will work with quite a few pieces already in my wardrobe so I won't need to make a second piece to accompany it.  Finally the only pattern work I will need to do is enlarge the sleeve pattern which I'm going to do by using a sleeve pattern piece that presently works. Thankfully I blogged the entire construction process here back in 2008.

Now it's time to clear off the sewing table and make the magic happen...hahahahaha! always more later!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday and it's almost the end of the week...

...and I've been home the entire time - sleeping, coughing, sneezing and dealing with bronchitis.  I don't know about anyone else but I hate being cooped up in the house with no desire to sew.  When I'm feeling well, it takes a fair amount of dragging and a large incentive to get me out of the house...probably why I like sewcations so much...but the time I'm feeling better I'm ready to run screaming into the street.

The antibiotics have finally kicked in.  I'm no longer coughing like an old diesel locomotive and no one will fear sitting next to me on the bus because the sneezing has stopped too.  So tomorrow for one lone day this week, I will venture back onto public transportation and to my job...and I can't wait!  *LOL*

It has been absolutely torturous for me to be home with no desire to sew. However, I do have a little unfinished business to attend to here.  Elizabeth did come forward and pick up her SugarPlum prize so that one is claimed. Although, I still haven't heard from Robinsnc - so the winner of the October fabric giveaway is now:

Sharon of Sharon Sews blog

Okay Sharon, contact me with your home address and I will send the box out to you...though I will probably change it up a little since I do know you.

The temperatures have dropped here on the East's actually starting to feel fallish or so I'm told by my daughters since I haven't left the house this week except to go to the drs.  Next week I will finally start wearing all of that fall gear that I've been sewing.

My coat project has been pushed back because there is no way that I can have one completed this weekend for my Mood date next week.  So I'm racking my brain trying to think of what to make instead.  There will be more on that this weekend.  I have an idea just gotta see if I can make it work!

Thanks for all of the helpful comments left on my last post about my new camera.  I'm definitely going to keep it and like my Janome 8900 sewing machine I will learn it one function at a time.  But my grandson's little paws will NOT be allowed to touch Nana's new expensive camera!!! *LOL*

One last thing, congratulations to my friends Shams and Audrey for making it through Round 5 of the Fabric Mart Fashionistas Contest.  To say that I'm in awe of what you two have accomplished so far is an understatement. I'm thrilled that I know you both and can't wait to see what comes from your sewing machines next!  Good luck with the next round!!! always more later!

Monday, October 21, 2013

No Sewing Here...

I think I've gotten that once a year "yuck" that puts me down for a few no sewing here AT ALL this weekend...

However, my grandson dropped my trusty Canon ELPH and broke the lens...

I had been going back and forth over whether I should upgrade to a Canon Rebel. After this accident and reading a few reviews on the internet, I bought a Canon Rebel T3i...

...and people this thing scares me! *LOL*  I've known for awhile that I probably should upgrade my camera but I was comfortable with my it was gifted to me by my old boss.  So it was important to me and I was loathe to part with it especially since it still worked.

Because I had no service contract on the ELPH, when I took it to Radio Shack to see if it could be fixed, it was suggested that I purchase another one.  Cost of repair vs. cost of new one plus wait time for it to show back up 'cause no one does repairs in-house anymore, meant I bought a new one.  Now I have to learn another camera. It's been here a few days and I've managed to get the date and time set, get the lens on, remember to take the lens cap off when shooting and do a few other basic adjustments by reading the instruction manual.

I know that a year from now I'll be twirling the lens, touching all of those buttons with ease but right now, it's just overwhelming.  So overwhelming that I cheated and bought another ELPH, just in case.  I think I'm going to take the ELPH back and learn to use the Rebel especially since it's unboxed now!  *LOL*

Any hints or tips that you can share with the neophyte would be appreciated. Here are a few of my first photos taken of the sewing cave...

...oh yeah and I might have bought a couple of pieces of fabric...but I was stressed alright?! I think the quality of the photo is better than my ELPH but I still have to learn how to make this sucker work...

Finally, I will be picking two new winners tomorrow because I haven't heard from the previous winners.  I'm a little sad about that but I need to move on because believe it or not, I have another giveaway to offer and I need to get it up on the blog! always more later!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Miscellaneous

I will be working on my coat project this weekend but I'm taking today off since I seem to have caught whatever is making the rounds this month...

However, I have a little unfinished business...neither Elizabeth who won the SugarPlum pattern giveaway or Robinsnc, who won the monthly fabric giveaway have contacted me about their winnings.  Please get in touch with me by Monday, October 21st or I will pull other names for the giveaways.  You can reach me via email or by leaving a comment on this post with your email address and I will get back to you.

And finally I found this quote on Pinterest and I wanted to share it...

...this is how I feel about you my fellow sewists and what I'm attempting to do here on my blog, in my corner of the internet... always more later!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vogue 8935 - Finished

This took a little longer to complete than I thought it would...but sometimes that's just how it works out.  I have a queue of fall garments to wear and the temps just haven't dropped enough yet to wear them.  So I guess my sewing mojo has taken a bit of a hit due to that...

Anyway here is Vogue 8935...

A few stats...

Pattern ~
Vogue 8935 - the pattern consists of a loose-fitting, pullover top with a collar sleeves with a button pleat and stitched hem. A straight skirt without a waistband and a pair of straight leg pants are included in the pattern.  It's a Very Easy Vogue pattern that any level sewist could sew up easily.

Fabric ~
Navy/beige poly/wool blend pinstripe from the collection by way of Fabric Mart
White cotton pique from the collection by way of

Notions ~
Navy blue rayon bemberg lining
9" navy blue invisible zipper
A pair of 1/2" shoulder pads
navy blue rayon seam tape
2 - 1/2" pearl ball buttons
2 - 1/2" clear & gold buttons

Construction ~
Pattern alterations for the top are contained in this post.  For the skirt I used my TNT pattern because why mess with what works.

  • I used fabric to give this pattern some pizzazz.
  • I also cut the pinstripe on the bias for the skirt to add some visual interest to the outfit.  Though to be perfectly honest, I did a so-so job in cutting it out and matching the chevron'd pinstripes.  Because the pinstripe is pretty subtle it doesn't look terrible but it definitely could have been done better.
  • The collar and cuffs for the top were cut from the contrast cotton pique fabric so that the top would look like it has a shirt under it.
  • The top was given a closer fit to lose some of the boxy-ness that the pattern envelope displayed.
  • My neckline is low cut.  I could have fixed it but I didn't want to have any trouble getting this top on and off.  So I'm opting to wear a cami with it.
  • I added a pair of 1/2" shoulder pads to the top because even though I narrowed the shoulder seam, it laid kinda flat on my shoulder.  Adding the shoulder pad gave it some ummph and squared my shoulders off. 
  • There is quite a bit of hand stitching in this garment - hand stitched the collar neckband down.  Hand stitched the hems in the top & the skirt and I even hand stitched down the waistband.
  • Used two buttons & buttonholes for the waistband closure.
  • Two pearl buttons were used on the cuffs - it really adds to the business vibe of the white collar/cuffs and the pinstripe fabric used in the body of the outfit.
  • The skirt is fully lined.
Construction Pics ~

Sleeve cuff with pearl button

Inside of the cuff

Close-up of the collar

Two buttons on the waistband with invisible zipper

This is a nice outfit and will play well in my work environment.  However, this is a one and done use of this pattern...something that's infrequent in my world.  It is an easy sew and I knew this pattern had a lot of potential when it first came out. It was just a matter of bringing that potential out so that everyone else could see it.  As stated above, choosing the right fabric was crucial to making this outfit work but I don't need another outfit from this pattern.

A few more pics...

The chevron pattern looks pretty good on the skirt
despite my concerns...

Trying to give off that "Pro-fessional" Look! hahahaha

Mary Beth this crossed leg pose is for you! *smile*

This is my third garment from the Five in Five grouping.  I won't be working on the last two dresses for awhile because I need to move onto my Butterick coat since it's due by the end of the month.  I will pick the Five in Five project back up after the coat is finished.

Finally, thanks for the love on the Internet post.  I read each and every comment left along with several that were sent to my email address.  I appreciate the fact that you enjoy sharing my creative journey and that I've encouraged so many of my plus size sistahs to sew again! Halfway through the day, I thought maybe it wasn't the best plan to write that as a blog post but at the time I was very annoyed. Truly the comments written by that person should have been like water off a duck's back, but isn't that how people get away with having those kinds of attitudes when no one shines a light on them?!  Anyway, have no fears, there was never a chance that I was going to quit blogging...I'm having too much fun here...overweight styling and all! *LOL* always more later!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Giveaway Winners

First up - the winner of the Sugar Plum Pattern...
#33 - Elizabeth

+ + + + +

The fabric for the October Fabric Collection giveaway...

Orange ltwt ponte, border print blue/green rayon challis
black wool crepe and black/white/grey challis

...and the winner is:

who said that she doesn't have a favorite fabric 
just anything that's not children's flannel!

Would both of you kindly send me your email addresses (my email is in the about me section on the blog sidebar) and I will get these out to you this week.  For previous winners your boxes went out on Saturday.  However, since tomorrow is a postal holiday, I'm sure they're probably still sitting at my local post office. Soon, you will have them soon.

+ + + + +

The Vogue 8935 outfit is done.  I just need to get "modeled" shots so it will be up on the blog shortly. A sneak peek is below... always more later!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You can find ANYTHING on the internet...

I'm not sure whether I should be amused by the comment below or just chalk it up to the fact that no matter what you write on the internet, it will come back to the person you're writing about...

"I'm familiar with that blog. I don't particularly like the author's taste, and, although I hate to sound cruel, she is so overweight that I simply cannot get inspired by anything she sews. She also has opinions about the design and manufacture of clothes that in my experience are not well-founded.

I also cannot stand blogs that are poorly written. For example, in the current post on that blog, the word should have been to "jibe," not "jive." How difficult is it to remember that the word"it" followed by an s takes an apostrophe when used as a contraction and not when used in the possessive form?

She's also not a "girl." She's at least 48. Females over 18, certainly over 21, are women. At least in public life." 

This is a post from a January 2012 entry on the board, The Cutter and Tailor, and was written by Tailleuse who is a pro senior member of the board and is from NYC.

Okay I'm gonna laugh...'cause everyone can't like you!  But I would like to clear up a few points...

1.  I'm 54 not 48 but thanks for thinking I'm younger than I am.

2.  Tailleuse you did sound cruel with your "so overweight" comment...and people wonder why so few "overweight" stitchers model their garments on the internet.  You have to have a thick skin to function out here!

3.  Thanks for letting me know that I am a woman - would have missed that one!

4.  Whenever someone links to my blog, sooner or later when checking the blog stats I will come upon what was linked.  Most times I read and move on but this was derogatory and I really just wanted people to know that I saw and read that "opinion" of me.

These stats are for the last four hours...

Finally I'm sure that you are not the only one that shares that opinion of me but I guarantee you that I won't stop posting garments that I make.  Plus size women are so under represented in the sewing blog world that someone should be willing to put themselves out there so that we're not overlooked. Now I'm not saying that I'm the representative for all plus size sewists, but in this corner of the world, yes I am it!

Okay, I've gone from laughing about it to being annoyed...time to pack up my keyboard and say goodnight! always more later!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lolita Patterns ~ Sugar Plum Pattern

I heard about the pattern line, Lolita Patterns, on PatternReview.  It's not a pattern company that I'd seen on a lot of blogs but I was intrigued by the line and the fact that ALL of their patterns are and will be graded up to a size 24. 

Amity contacted me about testing her new Sugar Plum pattern right before the sewing cave flooded.  I was so excited and honored to be invited to be a pattern tester for the plus size version of this dress but as you know the flood shut down everything in my sewing room. However, Suzy Bee Sews, VelosewerRhonda Buss and Latrice made awesome versions of this dress...I'm so gonna have to follow in their footsteps!

I was chatting with Amity via email and I told her that I definitely wanted to make Sugar Plum.  Hey it is the perfect work dress for me so I've just got to have one. Amity being the cool chick that she is offered to send me one free and not just one for me but one for me to give away to a lucky blog winner too.  Check out the two patterns below because it has the coolest pattern packaging! Love, love, love the bow and how you use it to close the pattern envelope!

Now this giveaway is perfectly timed because there will be a Sugar Plum sew-along at the Lolita Patterns blog starting October 27th AND even better, Leila from Three Dresses will be hosting the sew-along with Amity.  Please head on over to the Lolita Patterns blog to read Amity and Leila's good news and to get additional information on the sew-along.

I'm definitely planning on making my version of Sugar Plum right after I finish my MSN coat. If you'd like to win a copy of this pattern, please leave a comment on THIS post only by Sunday, October 13th midnight EST.  I'll pick a winner on Monday, October 14th and send it out soon after.  You will definitely have it in time, if you want to participate in the sew-along.  I will send this anywhere, hey it's a pattern so it shouldn't be that expensive to mail out, at least I hope not! *LOL* Anyway, I'll ship anywhere so leave a comment and let's make awesome Sugar Plum's together! always more later!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Chugging Along...

Another weekend without much desire to sew...but I did get a little more done on the Vogue 8935 outfit.  The top is almost finished...

...and the skirt has been started.

It's looking like I imagined and the top fits without the extra boxy-ness that the original pattern has.  I've made a few changes to the outfit during construction, besides the pattern alterations, which I'll discuss in the reveal post. However, I'm happy with how the pieces are looking so far.

I'm thinking that I won't have the "Five in Five" garments done in the time frame I'd originally imagined...but I'm okay with that.  I'll definitely finish these pieces next weekend and then I'm moving onto the coat project.

Just wanted to give an update... always more later!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Today I opened the curtains...

It's been a crazy couple of weeks since I've been back to work from the sewcation. Lots of early mornings, late evenings and of course the new TV season has started. Okay, I'm just not apologizing for the fact that I love TV! *LOL* However, all of this has meant that I'm spending hardly any time in the sewing cave.

Today I came downstairs to work on my latest project and even though I've been resisting purchasing fabric (yeah that not visiting sewing sites ain't working cause it's a great stress reliever at work!) sometimes the call is just too loud! Yesterday, I got to calm the siren call by picking up my latest MSN purchase. However, in all honestly, two additional pieces came home with me.

Green/navy/red/yellow striped wool flannel

Pink 'n white wool/poly blend

They have been placed on the shelves and are awaiting their chance to shine. So today I opened the curtains to see all of the fabric goodness that abides in the sewing cave. Sometimes when I'm really busy, I forget what I have. Occasionally opening the curtains allow me to wallow in what's there and remember. Here's my view today...

There is actually a little space on the shelves now and I'm finally starting to believe that the sew more, give away some, and buy a whole lot less is working.  I'm also getting to the place where I have no great need to fill those spaces with loads of pieces purchased because they are on sale, or I'd like to own it, or I'm having a bad day at work and need to buy something.  I really just want to sew what I have, so opening the curtains helps to remind me of that fact.

And in full disclosure, some of that space is attributed to the fact that one of those last three bins has made it's way into the sewing cave...

...right now it's holding the coat fabrics and a few other pieces that I want to sew right away. 

I will be sewing later this evening.  The grandbabies have shown up so I'm going to have dinner with them first...but I do have a list that needs working on slowly but surely...however today I will revel in the fabric I've collected. always more later!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Why does Fabric Shopping feel so darn good?!


Okay now I didn't fall off the wagon it's okay! *LOL*  No, I took an early lunch and headed over to Mood to purchase my monthly allotment for my next Mood Sewing Network garment.  I've known for awhile that I wanted to make a transitional coat.  I don't get as cold as I use to and I really like layers to stay warm so I've been wanting a couple of new transitional coats. I'd like a short one and a medium length one. I'm finally ready to sew a coat or two especially since I've been sewing fall since the beginning of August.

I knew I wanted to use this Butterick pattern...

...and originally I'd wanted an eggplant colored boiled wool to use for the coat. However, that's not what came home with me.  What is it about going into a really great fabric store, walking the aisles and stroking the fabrics that makes it seem like everything is right in the world?  Or that its possible for you to sew anything? What is it about touching a variety of fabrications and imagining what they can be that takes you to that calming, zen-like place?

I don't know but I do know that I love to visit the fabric store and Mood in particular. Today I walked in and headed straight to the third floor and the wools. I love that floor, seriously! No, seriously, love that floor. There are so many treasures there, so many possibilities, so many unsewn outfits yet to come home with me! *LOL*

Anyway, back to the fabric choice. There are rows and rows of boiled wool on the third floor in a multitude of colors. So you would think that I would find the perfect eggplant in the perfect weight, right? You would be wrong. Now there was eggplant but they were too lightweight, more jacket weight than coat weight. So I let my fingers do the walking and then they touched this and I knew it was just right...

...but the best part of this discovery was that the back of the fabric was bonded. You know how much I love fabric that is already backed. I was thinking of lining the coat but Meg says that I should just Hong Kong finish the I'm going to go with that.  It will make it a quicker sew so I may end up making two more transitional jackets instead of just one but we'll see.

So that's what I'll be working on in October...along with finishing up "The Five in Five" dresses.  BTW, I'm running a week behind.  The Vogue 8935 pieces will be completed this weekend and I don't think I'll get the chance to start something new.

Well we shall see what come's out of the sewing machine this weekend... always more later!


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