Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Registration has opened for March 2019 Sew Camp

I must have a thing about Sew Camp at Carriage Corner in March because I've been the last two years and will be going again next year!

Registration just opened for the March 22-24, 2019 weekend of Sew Camp. If you're interested in spending a weekend with like-minded sewists doing the thing we love most - then contact Gaylen at for information on room rates and details.

Just to remind you why you should come ~

Friday is shopping at the bricks and morter store of Fabric Mart:

From March 2018

From March 2017 - I think I'm taking the picture in this one

After lunch at a local cafe we head back to the B&B for dinner and sewing as long as you want...

Sewing is all day Saturday and Sunday until around 5pm...

I can tell you that it is one of the best sewing weekends I have! It's probably why I and several others return year after year. I mean fabric shopping at one of my fave fabric spots, all sewing conversation for three days and sewing, sewing and more sewing!  Yeah count me in!  I hope you'll join me there! always more later!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

A Talbots Influenced Shirt

This is the third shirt in the "Border Print Series." I added it to the series because of the mix of gingham fabrics and the fussy cutting needed to make the shirt work...

Let's start with the Inspiration photo that jumped this shirt off for me...

I've held onto this photo since spring because I love the play of the larger versus smaller gingham. I'm grouping it with the other border print shirts because of the fabric manipulation required to make the shirt work. To get the look there were bias pieces cut out as well as the front and backs being singly cut in the same manner I cut a border print. That's how this shirt gained a place in this series.

Here is my supply list ~

Both gingham fabrics are from StyleMaker Fabrics. I chose to make mine from navy & white but other color combinations are available here.

1/2" 2-hole white buttons from Pacific Trimmings
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

Construction ~
As I mentioned above, cutting out was the most important part of making the shirt work, especially since this version of my TNT pattern has princess seams.  For this shirt, I went back to the straight hem of previous shirts. I know my inspiration pic shows the curved sides but I was ready for something else.

I also omitted the bands with buttonholes and buttons on the sleeves. My sleeves have a sewn on cuff.

Using the straight hem made it easier to match the plaid across the seams of the shirt.

For the back yoke, I cut the fabric on the bias and added a seam to get the chevroned pattern. I like the detail but honestly I did it so I wouldn't have to match the plaid of the back yoke to the shirt back bottom.

Buttons on the front are white 2-hole shirt buttons which are smaller than buttons I normally use. Because of that I added more of them down the front of the shirt. When stitching them to the button band, I had to use tape to hold them down so they wouldn't move around. So thank you to whomever left that tip in the comments.

A Few Pictures ~

Conclusion ~
I took a couple of months to acquire the fabric I needed to make this shirt. I'm glad I was able to get a combo I liked. It was the challenge of manipulating the fabric and making the plaid match all the way around the shirt that was the intriguing part for me. So while this is not "technically" a border print, the extra work to make it happen is why it's in the series.

...always more later!



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