Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Last of my Saturday Morning Shout Outs!

My final shout outs are dedicated to the young 'uns ~ or at least this is how I think of them! And please, understand that I don't mean any offense by it! I can just see where you are beginning your journey with sewing and fabric and I so admire your passion.

Lately I have been very impressed by two young women who post to Pattern Review. I love their sense of style and how sewing is an adventure for them! They are fabricaholics ~ which make them wonderful people in my book! And they are game for a sewing challenge ~ another sewing trait that I really admire.

So my first Saturday Morning Shout Out is to Cambric Tea. She sews out of Pennsylvania and only has 16 reviews so far on Pattern Review:
But the patterns she has chosen to use work so well for her figure. It is obvious that she is developing a love affair with fabric and she is stretching her creative wings! If only I could borrow her husband and his photographing skills for a weekend! So here is a shout out to you! Keep doing what you are doing and I will be here watching and cheering you on!

My next Saturday Morning Shout Out is to Stacy from Stacy came to my attention during the Hot Patterns craze. I was amazed and in awe of the fact that she muslined and muslined and muslined until she got a working pattern. And when it worked, boy, did it work! I know that I wouldn't put that much effort into a pattern! *smile* Stacy has 55 reviews at Pattern Review. Reviews of not only clothing for herself but for her children too! You can see them here:
So my next Saturday Morning Shout Out is to you Stacy! I can't wait to see where your next sewing adventure will take you!

My final Saturday Morning Shout Out goes to the Women on Sewing World who are participating in Julie Timmel's 2006 SWAP Contest! Ohmygosh, are you just wonderful, talented and gifted women! First to Julie Timmel, who has run this contest for three years and encouraged all of us to go beyond ourselves with our sewing. To think things through and plan, to spend quality time with our sewing machines and fabric and to build the camaderie she has built through sewing. Julie, you are truly a gift and I so appreciate your efforts!

To all the women who are participating in the SWAP, you are truly an inspiring group of women. My first thought was to name each and every one of you and then I was horrified that I might leave someone out! So know that if you began and gave up, if you are somewhere stuck in the middle, if life's issues have forced you to quit before you finished, if you are racing to the finish line, or if you have finished and moved on to other projects ~ I so admire your attitude, your willingness to try something new, your love of sewing and most definitely, your dedication to sewing!

As some of you know my beloved father died last summer and I had a really hard time picking my sewing back up. SWAP really helped me find my first love again and for that and all of you beautiful women presently SWAPing I say a much heartfelt thank you!

This will be my last Saturday Morning Shout Out. Not because there aren't many more wonderful women sewing out there who encourage me daily but because it is time to move on! However, I want to take the time to compliment and encourage any women who puts thread and needle together to create something! If no one has said it to you today ~ you are a joy! A wonder! An absolutely amazing person who is creative and has an ability that not every one can do! Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a hug and know that you are truly admired for your uniqueness!


  1. OMG! Me!
    Carolyn you are so sweet to call me a young'un. I am not exactly so, but in sewing years I am six. So I'll take it! :D I'll take it!

    Thank you so much for the shoutout and encouragement, and big ups as ever for your blogkeeping. You are an honest and engaging writer and your enthusiasm for sewing is completely infectious.

  2. Thank you for the shout-out! I'm going to have to re-read this when I am getting frustrated with all those muslins! :)

    I love your site, BTW - I love reading about everyone's sewing adventures and projects. Keep up the great work!


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