Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Friday!

Oh my! Why does Friday evening always feel like I've been released from prison and I'm getting my first real taste of freedom! *LOL* I knew it was going to be a busy and hard week but I didn't think it would be so busy that I wouldn't think about sewing at ALL! Now you know the world shook a little as it tilted ever so slightly off its axis!

So my plan for the weekend is to prewash the flannel that I bought last December to get it ready for making pjs this Christmas...and maybe to actually start to make some of those pjs!

I also have an idea dancing around in my head that I think I can squeeze in, if I'm very industrious this weekend...that's if I'm very industrious! *smile*

Finally I did succumb to Fabric Mart's 50% off sale...BUT...only becuase I had been watching these two pieces on the site for like forever!

59" Wide
Suiting, jacket, skirt, pants..Light to medium weight
63% Polyester 34% Viscose 2% Elastin
Black with tiny dotted diamond pattern in natural

Italian Couture Gabardine
44% Wool and 54% Polyester 2% Lycra Blend
Light to Medium weight
Color: Chestnut brown and cream

Now, the website description calls this a brown and cream mix but it is more like a brown and silver mix to me. This fabric is awesome because either side of it could be used to create an amazing garment. I'm going to have to come up with an idea that will incorporate both sides of the fabric in the finished pieces.

One more fabric note and I'm off...I'm pretty proud of the fact that I didn't purchase any fabric during the month of 2 out of 12 months isn't that great but it's better than nothing and I KNOW that there will be more months of fabric out than in next year because something tells me that the economy is going to take most of 2009 to recover!

Definitely more later!


  1. Not even getting to think about sewing is a rough week especially for you. It's ok to soothe the soul with a little happy fabric- we would not want even more fabric places to disappear. Look at how much you are helping the economy- the manufacturer, distributor, the fabric outlet, and the shipping company. It's hard but someone has to pitch in and help the economy. mssewcrazy

  2. I've been eyeing that brown wool too, but so far have refrained. I have numerous pants fabrics in my stash that I need to use before I end up finding them totally not in my "taste" any longer.

  3. I share your feelings about Fridays. Sometimes it feels like the week will never end. :):) I was checking out the brown wool but trying to resist. We'll see how well I hold out.


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