Friday, June 28, 2013

I went to Hobby Lobby!

I'm sure for some of you this is nuthin big.  I'm also sure for some of my fellow sewists in the local area that you've already been and have enjoyed the wonderfulness of Hobby Lobby.  Honestly, I've been meaning to go.  It's just if I have to choose between spending "quality time" in a retail store or at home sewing, I'm gonna sew. Okay well y'all knew that!

Anyway, this afternoon I needed to go to Walmart to purchase another lamp like this one:

I tried to buy it online but no go, so back to the Walmart where I'd purchased the first one.  Last sewing room set-up I used whatever I had on hand for lighting. This time I wanted the lamps to match not only each other but the shelving units, too.  I really want a more cohesive look to the sewing workroom so I'm making more conscious purchasing decisions.

Hobby Lobby is technically across the highway from Walmart, so I decided to go there first.  It was a pretty kewl experience...sort of like Michaels but with furniture and home decor items...much better than JoAnns...and way better than WalMarts sewing department.  My daughter was with me and we had fun exploring all the different areas of the store.  

This is what I came home with...

I'm going to use this to make new curtains and seat cushion covers for the kitchen.  And this is the full haul...

The buttons are wall decorations for the sewing workroom and the pink/beige houndstooth is for a straight skirt for me.

My evaluation of Hobby Lobby~
The store was bright and well lit.  The sales force was friendly and helpful.  There is a deep selection of products, not necessarily fabric that's my kind of fabric ~ way too much calico and fleece for me ~ but it did have a small yet well curated home dec section along with patterns from several of the pattern companies. I will be going back!

Now it's back to loading the fabric on the shelves... always more later!



  1. Love those buttons! Nice fabric too. You had a good shopping day!

  2. I covet the buttons. I'll have to go to HL soon.

  3. I love those buttons! We have a local Hobby Lobby, guess I am just not spending enough time in there. Nice finds!

  4. We have a Hobby Lobby just about to open here. Never been to one before. Glad to know it is worth a trip!

  5. I almost bought that fabric to make kitchen curtains... still might! :) Hobby Lobby has some cool stuff...

  6. I Luuuuuuuuv Hobby Lobby been going there for years!!!!

    They are unbeatable for apparal cotton prints!

  7. Hobby Lobby is our main choice here in a very small city (a very tiny Joann's with virtually no fabric being the other choice, although good for looking at patterns and pattern sales).

    If you ever have the chance, read the book written by their founder (available at HL nat).

    Very interesting business philosophy which I think you might enjoy knowing about. Deeply Christian principles.

    (have fabric virtually the same bought at HL in my stash for toss pillows.)

  8. Oh, those buttons are fun! And I like your lamp, too.

  9. Oh I want those buttons too..... your sewing room is going to look lovely

  10. Oh, I love those colours! And I've seen those buttons in my local fabric store. What a great idea.

  11. Don't forget to go to to get your 40% off coupon. They also have $.99 pattern sales :-)

  12. Your evaluation of Hobby Lobby is spot on, great retailing. However I refuse to shop at a store who won't let it's female employees have their birth control pills covered by insurance. I believe this is facing the Supreme Court as we speak. Sometimes the only way to be heard is with our wallets.

    You've reminded me to go check the latest news on this subject. Thanks, Caroline. I am glad the "do over" is continuing so positively.

  13. I miss Hobby Lobby. There are none in the area I live in now. It's great to see that the founder of the company is not afraid to stand up for his Christian convictions. I like that he closes his stores on Sunday so the associates can spend time with their family. It's a great store with home dec, fabric and all sorts of unusual things for your home.

  14. Carolyn, it's so nice to see the return of your usual optimism as you prepare to get your sewing space set up again. Those buttons: love 'me! I used regular-size buttons to decorate a clock for my sewing room. I think I might have to go to HL to get a few of these big ones! Thanks for showing them, and all the best as you continue your restoration project.

  15. Since I make dance costumes I go to Hobby Lobby a lot. Especially when their trims are 50% off-which is every other week. They also carry Kwik Sew, New Look, McCalls and Simplicity patterns even earlier than Joann's. The sales run every two-three weeks. And even though many of the items are usually on sale, the weekly 40% off coupon has come in handy for art supplies, dyes, yarn, etc.


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