Monday, August 11, 2014

The Pieced Four Gore Skirt

There was a little less than a yard of the black n white polka dot linen, and I didn't want to consign it to the scrap bin.  Especially since the white fabric scrap was still out and I thought the two would make a great skirt.

However, when I went to cut the white linen out I didn't have enough for full size pieces.  I figured I could just add another coordinating piece and after some searching through the fabric collection I found two pieces that I thought would work. So I took to Instagram to ask for assistance...

The most votes were for the combination on the left which actually is my personal favorite too.  I make so many "corporate colored" safe garments that every time I can step out the box a little I'm going there!  As seen above, I had a red cotton pique twinset that worked well with a skirt was born!

Pattern ~ 
TNT 4 gore skirt (also made here, here and here and all still in my closet)

Fabric ~
Fabric scraps from the Summer version of Butterick 5821
Red/black/white linen print from

Notions ~
1" non-roll elastic

  • The most challenging part of making this skirt was making the strips and then stitching them together so that they matched at every seam.
  • There is very little math involved in making the strips/layers because it was based upon the length of the black 'n white embroidered piece.
  • That piece was evened off and then the approximately 4" strips were cut of the white and the printed linen.
  • I stitched the white to the print piece first - trying to be precise.
  • Then I stitched the black 'n white embroidered piece onto that bottom strips.
  • To make the skirt, I matched the side seams that worked together.  This took some doing and I actually "forced" one seam with a little basting and steam.
  • It is unlined.
  • The hem is turned under one inch.  Then it's folded in half and ironed flat then machine stitched.

Construction Photos...

The band pattern piece I created to get the curve right for the printed piece

White and printed linen sewn together with the polka dot piece waiting to be joined

One of the four gores all sewn together

The hem double folded, pressed and machine stitched flat

A few more photos of me in the skirt...

The two top pieces are from QVC from the Denim & Co. collection. However, the tank has been altered to fit me. It arrived with a boxy fit and way too low armholes so I took in the side seams to give me a closer fit.

This is a little funky and fun and I will wear it to work on a Friday.  I usually am a little more fashionable on Fridays because we have a casual Friday dress code in my office.

Next up is The Smugglers Daughter Dress.  I have to admit that I got stymied for a minute. If you follow me on Instagram, you will remember that I posted a pic of where I was headed.  I came to terms with what was bothering me and fixed it.  I really like the dress now so it's up next.

Lastly, the grandkids were with me this weekend so here is Miss Samantha...she's almost seven months old now with a mind of her own! always more later!


  1. What a clever way to extend use of fabric! Nice skirt. I think Miss Samantha is wondering when Grandma will sew her an outfit or two!

  2. Hey I love mix and match prints - so cute and its great to see you in a skirt. Looks really nice on you. Perfect for a summer casual Friday.

  3. Pretty cute--the skirt and Ms Samantha!

  4. Lovely-- the black and white and red is wonderful!

  5. Great use of fabrics! Just a very lovely skirt.

  6. Definitely a winner!!
    So flattering and fun!

  7. I adore your pieced skirt! The red print is the perfect amount of whimsy.

  8. Love it, it looks fabulous on you!

  9. Cute skirt. I watched a Fit 2 Stitch program I taped last week. Peggy Sagers talked about black and white being great basics/classics and she was suggesting adding a pop of color to anything black and white. I mention this as the black/white/red fabric you chose truly gave something extra to your skirt.

  10. Lovely skirt and outfit! Great colour on you.

  11. So much fun! Great looking skirt. Mixing fabrics sure takes it to another level.

  12. So cute! And clever use of your "scraps". And that sweet precious!!

  13. I love how you turn a potential problem of not enough fabric into a very stylish piece. Love the black and white and red together. Pretty soon Samantha will be telling you what she likes:)

  14. I love it! What an awesome way to use up smaller pieces of fabric.

  15. Ooh, I LOVE this on you! The color combo is so great and really pops on you! And what a great way to use up weird leftover cuts of fabric!

  16. Fun and Fab! Every time you show your grand kids I get jealous that yours are so close by! Lucky you. She is just delicious.

    1. Nancy - her parents are talking about moving to North Carolina and I have to tell you my heart hurts every time I hear it! So I understand what you mean!

  17. Your skirt is so cute! I love how creative you got with a remnant that you didn't want to lose.

  18. WOW...WHIMSY...Wonderful! You took lemons and made lemonade and it works with other pieces in your closet...WIN WIN Carolyn! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Love love love this skirt! It's a stunning piece of art and I'm going to bet a ton of people are going to be asking you where you bougt it because they want one. *I* want one!

  20. So cute! Both the skirt and your grand bebe.

  21. I love that skirt and how you styled it! This is a very inspirational skirt, I'm going to see if I can do that with any fabrics in my stash.

  22. Love those fabrics and you look fabulous in red!

  23. My what big eyes, the better to see you with, no doubt

  24. What a brilliant idea, I would never have thought to use up the fabric that way. Love the fabric combination as well

  25. Your skirt is darling - but I'm telling you - it can't compete with Miss Samantha for cuteness! Truly, it is fun to see something a bit out of the box from time to time. It helps with the scrap pile and the attitude!

  26. Amazing skirt! Love the contrasts and you look great in it :)

  27. Carolyn, I love your style and your ability to create.

  28. Nice choice! I liked both but with the twinset the red definitely wins.

  29. Work it pretty lady. I stumbled in here to see what was up with you and the Oona fat quarter challenge and looky what I found. I love skirts, and color-blocking even more. You done good my sewist diva.




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