Friday, December 30, 2016

The First Few Days of my Christmas Vacation

I'm blessed that my company is closed during the week between Christmas and New Year's ~ this meant a 10 day break this year. Of course, I spent time with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Then I did something I haven't done in years, I left home during Christmas week instead of burrowing myself into the sewing cave and just sewing. I went to Intercourse, PA to spend a couple of days with Gaylen and her husband, at their new B&B - Carriage Corners

I hadn't seen Gaylen since she was on the east coast during the summer so it was good to see her and her husband again. However, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to spend some downtime away from home in her wonderful B&B. Let's start my adventure at Carriage Corners with a few pictures!

This is the Lonestar Room where I stayed!

I wish I'd gotten a picture of the Gazebo at night because
 it was beautiful lit up with Christmas Lights

...and a few of the countryside. I couldn't get over how stunning it was and it is the dead of winter.  All of the crops had been harvested and the trees were bare but it was stunning...especially at night when there were no lights...just acres and acres of farmland stretching out into the horizon.

Monday evening we had dinner at Fireside Tavern in Lancaster County. Not only was the atmosphere beautiful but the food was delicious! 

Trip to Fabric Mart ~
Tuesday after Gaylen handled her Inn duties, we headed off to Fabric Mart which is located only 30 minutes from her B&B. I was especially excited to go because the last time I'd been to Fabric Mart was with Shams and Peggy in 2011! OMG ~ I thought it was just 3 years ago but here's the blog post to prove when it was! 
Entering Sinking Springs...

Gaylen in front of the Fabric Mart sign

Melanie was shopping in the store and reads my blog!

My haul - 32 yards

I was rather restrained even though one of my Christmas presents was gift certificates to Fabric Mart!

After lunch Gaylen and I headed back to the B&B because she had more guests checking in for the evening.

Strolling Around Kitchen Kettle Village ~
Since both Gaylen and I are fabric fanatics, I really only wanted to experience the fiber related stores this trip so on Wednesday afternoon we headed over to the Village to explore.

Yarn from Lancaster Yarn Shop
Pattern from The Old Country Store

Our first stop was at Lancaster Yarn Shop where of course Gaylen has already made friends with the owner, Wendy. It was a lovely shop and I did buy some hanks of yarn and a crochet hook. I thought I would start on an afghan that one of the daughters asked for, but of course, buying was as far as I got!

Then we stopped at Village Quilts. This store is a smorgasbord of handmade quilts. The artistry on display in that store was just awesome! Personally I don't understand cutting up fabric into small pieces and stitching it back together but I can truly appreciate the hard work and creativity that goes into each quilt. There were some beauties there that just took your breathe away. I bought one of the plaques below to add to the sewing cave - Gaylen gifted me the other!

Plaques for the Sewing Cave wall

We crossed the street to visit The Old Country Store which had an entire section of quilting fabrics and notions. I love quilting cottons because they are vibrant and when arranged well in a quilt store they are a visual feast. Gaylen purchased quite a few of the Christmas quilting fabrics especially since they were 30% off. However, I bought odds and ends, things that appealed to me because I was on vacation.

Rick Rack, a postcard and a fabric panel that appealed to me 
I'm sure because it was on sale!

After that it was back to the B&B. Dinner was pizza made by an Amish family running the local pizza parlor that was delicious. Couldn't tell the difference between it and local pizza ~ seriously!

I left Thursday afternoon after spending some more time with Gaylen and her wonderful family. It was a great four days away!

Sew In at Carriage Corner B&B ~
Now if you've made it to the end of the post, here is a scoop! 

Gaylen will be hosting a Sew-In at the B&B, March 24-26, 2017 and I will be there helping people with fitting challenges, working with your Tried 'n True pattern or anything you want to work on. There will also be a trip to and tour of Fabric Mart with time to shop. 

We just have dates now but follow the Carriage Corner Instagram and website for further information. Gaylen will post the registration information there!  I hope that you can come out and sew with me! always more later!


  1. Wow, how exciting for Gaylen! As I was reading the post, I was thinking, I bet there are no good fabric stores nearby except for JoAnns or the Amish quilting stores, but you then surprised me! Your weekend in March sounds amazing!!! I'm so glad you had a great getaway!

  2. I think you showed great restraint in fabric purchases at Fabric Mart! Your get-away sounds like such fun. There's nothing like the good company of a fellow sewist! Karen

  3. Carolyn, That's fantastic!!! I'm so thrilled to hear about the March sewing event, you are putting together! You have so much experience that you are willing to share and help others grow! What's not to love? I wish I lived close by.

  4. Looks like a very fun trip - very pretty inn, towns & countryside! Wish I lived a tad close r, but hmmmmm

  5. I'm with you on the whole quilting thing. After I put that much time in on something, I want to be able to wear it! many quilts do you need? Some are works of will you ever be able to display them? I, for one, don't have the wall space. I have some amazing hand stitched quilts that my grandmother made and they're in the cedar chest. I don't have a bed that they fit, and anyway they're too precious to put out that way. Give me clothing sewing any day!

  6. Sounds wonderful. I've been thinking how brave Gaylen is to have moved across country for this new adventure and it is lovely to see the photos. March doesn't work for me but it looks like a fantastic spot for a sewing retreat!

  7. I had to go to Gaylen's blog to see how I missed a move to PA! The last post in my feed is from Sept...I guess she's been busy! How marvelous! Now I'm wondering if I can manage a trip north in

  8. Wow, what a wonderful post filled with so much inspiration. I'll have to check if those March dates and see if it coincides with my next annual lay-off. Something to think and dream about.

  9. Glad you had a fun getaway! I stopped at Fabric Mart in October since I happened to be in the area - very nice people there and excellent fabric shopping!

  10. I also had no idea Gaylen had moved...and to my neck of the woods no less! And then what a surprise to read that you were right here practically in my backyard! What a fun trip you had. I'm so glad you were able to see the beauty of this area, yes, even in winter. I feel blessed to live here.

  11. OMG. I was going to be at FM on Tuesday too, until my flight was cancelled. Sorry to have missed you! (And a satisfying shopping day at my favorite fabric store). Lovely haul.

  12. I'm so happy you had a wonderful getaway! I'm also happy that I'm not the only one that thinks only buying 32 meters of fabric is showing restraint!
    I'd love to be there in March to meet you and the other sewing ladies, but I'm in Canada :(

  13. I'm glad you had a great visit in Amish Country, beautiful country and great food. We visit often as we have best friends who live in Lancaster County (pronounced Lank-is-ter) ;-) As many times as we've been there, I have never made it to Fabric Mart but maybe this year! Have a great time at your sewing retreat. Wish I could be there.

  14. Your trip and the B&B sound wonderful! The Sew-In is a fantastic idea.

  15. I had a great time meeting you and Gaylen at FabricMart. I am determined to at least cut each piece of the fabric before I can return or order from FabricMart (running out of places to store the fabric). Looking forward to March!

  16. love your fabric selection... do you just buy what you like when you see it without a project in mind? Your fabric is so varied.

    1. I have an idea in mind when I buy 95% of it and I can cling to that idea for years. 😊 Sometimes I will buy something just because it's pretty but that is rarer these days. I also think the variety of fabric choices now is emphasized by the lifestyle change and the fact that I sew for so many family members.

  17. If only I was not so far away (Sydney, Australia)...I would come along in a hear beat! However, I shall note the name of the B & B, perhaps when we next travel in the USA we may visit PA and Gaylen.

    1. Therese - I'm sure Gaylen would love that! I know you will really enjoy spending time at the B & B and in Lancaster, PA.

  18. What an awesome trip! I love the sewing room plaques!

  19. Like Therese I would be there in a heartbeat as well, so will make a note of Gaylen's B&B for one of our trips.


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