Thursday, March 02, 2017

Following Up...

First a reminder about the sewing retreat at Carriage Corner ~ March 24-27th.

Gaylen wrote an amazing post about why she wants to hold Sewing Retreats, you can find it here.

The itinerary for the weekend ~

Friday, March 24th ~ 
Arrive by 10am. Then there will be a shopping trip to Fabric Mart where transportation will be provided so that we can travel as a group. Lunch at a local restaurant. Back to the Inn to set up your sewing area and a wine & cheese get together at the local yarn shop. Dinner on your own and free sewing time after that.

Saturday, March 25th ~
Sew all day - lunch and dinner provided

Sunday, March 26th ~
Check out of your room by 11am but sew until 5pm.

Gaylen only has two spots left to stay at the Inn and a couple of daily sew-ins, so if you're still interested contact her at  I will be there and I hope that you'll join me and Gaylen for a weekend of sewing fun!

Bloglovin' ~

I don't read blogs from a reader.  I use my blog roll and/or other sewists blog rolls to peruse blogs on my iPad. I read this way because I have a good 90 minute commute both ways daily.

So it was interesting to learn that Bloglovin' now gives you the ability to leave a comment on a blog post, amongst other new features. I guess this helps readers engage with their favorite bloggers on a platform that they use often. However, I check in on Bloglovin' sporadically, so if you leave a comment or question there and expect me to reply, it may be days or weeks before I see it. I suggest if you have a question that you hit the link for the original blog post and leave it here.

It's a little much to look for and answer questions across several social media platforms, so I hope you understand that if you need information, here is the best place to ask. Not even my email is safe, because I read it on the fly and mean to reply but sometimes don't get back to an email for weeks.

Finally no matter where you've left a comment ~ here, Bloglovin' or Instagram ~ I so appreciate the time you've taken to leave one!

Fabric Budget for 2017 ~

Okay so we know I can't NOT purchase fabric. I proved that by breaking that pledge the second week of January! So when Kisha wrote about having a yearly monetary fabric budget, I was intrigued. See I've never done this. I've just bought fabric by how much disposable income I had. That meant sometimes I could only afford a piece or two and sometimes I could shop to my hearts content.

But now I own A LOT of fabric and I'm trying to limit how much more I add to the sewing cave. A monetary fabric budget is appealing to me because it will keep me accountable, yet allow me to purchase a piece or two. I've set a number for the year, not too high and not too low, something I can manage without feeling constrained.

I've already subtracted my January and February fabric buys and it was eye-opening. If I keep having large spending sprees, I will have no more fabric money by June, so I'm being very discreet about what I purchase. And no, I'm not sharing what my fabric budget is! *LOL*

On the Cutting Table ~

The third button down has finally been finished and of course I'm already getting amnesia and pining for a new one! *LOL* I wore both versions to work and they wore so well that I'm thinking I need to keep making them. 

So while I have a list of things I want to sew - pre-spring items cause even though the weather is fluctating around here - I know spring is coming! I will be interspersing these between the other makes.

Next up on the blog is that button down and a few other tops that I'm working on. always more later!


  1. Yay! :) I hadn't thought of it that way, but I think that's why I came up with a dollar figure vs. "I'm going to fast for xx months". It's too hard when you see something you love/"need" to add to the stash.

  2. I think a yearly budget is a great idea. You definitely don't want to pass up on great deals because of a "fast". I can't wait to see the new shirt.

  3. I don't have a budget. But I started keeping a spreadsheet of what I spend on sewing, knitting, crafts and craft books. I did that the same time I started the wardrobe refashion project where I pledged to cut down unnecessary RTW purchases to one every 2 months. Tracking both were informative and helpful. It's like tracking calories, but not having a strict $ or calorie limit. Over time, I bought fewer and better.

  4. I don't have a budget for fabric specifically, but I do live on a budget. I mainly put aside money for "extras," and that could have anything to do with sewing. Right now I have been spending that money on overseas sewing magazines. I guess it all really depends what mood I am in, and what I need. Other times I just keep saving until I really have a need for something.

  5. It's a time consumer but for a real eye opener, go through your fabric/sewing purchases for the past year by taking out your credit card statements or checkbook and start tallying up. I was floored when I saw what mine came to . Then, once you have that total, compare to your total income. What's the percentage? It can be a harsh reality check but worth it, IMO and a real behaviour changer, at least if you are as surprised as I was. I think seeing what percentage it was of total expenses and income is more motivational than all the good intentions we humans can muster. Just a thought and it worked for me to put things in perspective.

    BTW,,,where is Galen's Inn? What state?

    1. Gaylen's Inn is in Intercourse, PA. Here's a link to her site:

  6. This is all really good advice (particularly the 'total up your purchases'). I limit myself to the space I have for storage and what I'm going to need. This was revised very heavily recently when I sorta got out of the costume business for the local theater, and would not need a lot of the cheap wide curtain yardage (not so many regency dresses and fancy vests). The Tiltons not being at SewExpo also helping.
    I have what I need and a little more than that. I have the piece I lusted after. I'm good. My next purchase is wheels for the cutting table, and an afternoon to make that work.

    1. SJ - I still can't believe the Tiltons aren't at SewExpo. I mean I knew they weren't going was one of my main reasons for going last year, to go to their booth and feel the fabric in person!

  7. I have found fabric fasting is very hard and I did succeed for 6 months once. I now look at what I want to buy by asking when I will sew it up and if it will fit into the wardrobe plan. It really helps me not buy what I don't need. I do the same with what I make for store projects. As the garments are mine, they have to fit into the wardrobe plan or I won't make them. At this time, I don't have to buy a lot of fabric or patterns unless I want to make something between projects.

    1. I do the same, Ann, asking myself "when and will I really make the time to make this project". It's a great check. Also, facing moving has really made me aware of what I might drag along to the next home and maybe have less space. Great post, Carolynb.

  8. I've decided I never want to deny myself fabric ever again, your fabric cave is like my dream sewing space!! #want
    Like you, I only noticed just recently that there were some comments on Bloglovin... the system keeps getting more and more complicated!

    1. I'm not denying myself cause that doesn't work but I am running out of space because I can buy faster than I can sew! *LOL* That's the point of the budget to hold me accountable to how much I buy for space reasons. And the next time you're in the States on the East Coast you have an invite to come by and see the Sewing Cave!

  9. I'm a contrarian. Make the space, scrimp elsewhere (like on movies, desserts, sweets, shoes, sheets and towels, painting the kitchen, etc.) Buy fabric that calms, excites, intrigues, or motivates you, and put Ikea cubbies all over the joint - including livingroom, hallways, or guest bedroom -- to hold it. Bathe yourself in that rainbow of colors, and do not feel any guilt at all about enjoying all that color therapy. This is a hobby consisting of gorgeous colors, visually pleasing designs, and intriguing textures. It's fabulous therapy even just to store fabric and look at it on the shelves. All that happy, happy fabric! You don't have to feel pressured to sew - it's doing wonders for you just being on your shelves and available whenever the mood to sew might strike, looking fetchingly pretty in the meantime. You've scored it, it's yours, and it will be there exactly when you want to work on it. Cut back firmly anywhere else BUT here, I say. Cindy (Creative Hormone Rush)

  10. Hi Carolyn! The Retreat sounds like such a wonderful event. I hope you will have an amazing time.

    I don't really know what Bloglovin is. I've heard of it and I think I even signed up for it when I first started blogging, but I deleted it because I started getting too many emails. Never took the time after that to find out what it was all about. One day I will look into it. I currently use Feedly to keep up with some of the blogs I follow. The only think is I can only follow the blogs that have an rss feed to read them from Feedly. Your post today reminds me that I need to add new blogs to my Feedly.

    About the fabric budget: OMGoodness, you just read my book. I need help. Seriously! I think I'm getting a bit out of control. I love the annual fabric budget idea. Like you, I know I would be out of money before the end of the year. I need to do something though because I start to feel cluttered when I have too much of anything.

    Your button downs are looking really nice. Have a great weekend!


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