Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sewcation Eve

When the seasons change...when the earth reawakens after a cold winter...or when the season turns to the days of darkness...I have a yearning to spend quality time with my sewing machine...making new garments for the coming season.

At that time I have soooooooo many ideas fighting each other in the creative area of my brain that I almost feel like I'm drowning in ideas to sew.  I make lists. I buy fabric. I make plans. Anything to release some of that creative pressure...especially since I have a day job and am unable to just sit and sew until there's a release.

That's normally when I schedule a Sewcation. It allows me to get some of the garments out of my head or off the paper and into my closet. It's like a gate opening, things flowing out, relieving some of the pressure and allowing a release of the creative build up.  

I don't know if this happens to anyone else but it definitely happens to me every season...for as long as I can remember. I mean I used my Summer and Christmas breaks in high school and college to just sew. Even in my married life, I bargained with my husband, one week of being alone to sew.  It's just something I've always needed to recharge and refresh my creative batteries.

So we've reached that time of the year when I need 7-10 days just to sew. I have a plan. I've picked some pieces to sew that are a little complicated to intrigue me. However, there are a few pieces that are easy sewing to quell the fast, faster, fastest part of me that still lives in the dark recesses of my creative soul.  And most importantly I've tried to be realistic with my long list of garments to be sewn that will frustrate me.

Here's what I've chosen to sew ~

Butterick 6333 - View B

Butterick 6551 - View B

McCalls 7404 - View B
...cause I love a good high/low hemline

McCalls 7470 - a straight shirt dress
I want View D with some short sleeves 
& View C again with short sleeves

I've pulled together some fabrics mostly new (hangs head in shame - NOT!) that have been prewashed and are ready to be cut. There's a theme here and just to let you know blue is my favorite color. 

I've also gone through the notions & buttons stash and picked out what I need to complete each garment. So everything is prepped and ready and I sit here typing up a post...anxiously awaiting for tomorrow to occur when I can go in.

I may or may not have a post before the "show you what I made" posts go up. I may also put a few in-progress pics on my IG account. So follow me there if you aren't already.  Well that's everything... always more later!


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. Unfortunately, I also have past projects not-done screaming at me inside my head. So at the moment, I've decided to just work one project at a time, sewing up whatever happens to jump into my hands as I browse the "collection", as you like to call it.

  2. It sounds wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Enjoy your sewcation! I planned sewing for a few days in a row once, but as much as I like sewing, it just didn't work for me. I'm more productive when I take a single afternoon off every once in a while. I love your fabric choice. Can't wait to see your colour coordinated new summer wardrobe!

  4. Ooh how exiting for you. May the sewing gods be with you! enjoy :)

  5. What a lovely idea. I was thinking of trying to organise a long weekend with a sewing friend just to sew. Maybe an Air BNB but having a bit of trouble finding property with enough table space! Have a lovely holiday

  6. Your post describes the way I'm feeling 'drowning in ideas to sew' and am so envious of your Sewcation! Absolutely adore the fabrics you've chosen and they will make up beautifully with your pattern choices. Enjoy!!! Will be watching along on IG!!! :)

  7. So. Excited!!! for these plans. I have 3 of 4 of these on my wish list (and started altering B6551) so I'm really excited to see the progression.

    I wanted to make the Butterick shirtdress with coordinating fabrics for the bodice and skirt but didn't know what to do about the button band.

    I HEAR YOU on being 'all wound up' with the ideas and wish list items and fabrics you want to see come to life...


    1. Cut the button band in half and add a seam so that the seam matches the seam for the top/bottom delination of the shirt dress.

  8. I love how fresh and cheerful the blue and yellow theme is. I'm looking forward to seeing your final garments!

  9. Great plans, Carolyn. I'm anxious to see your creations. Karen

  10. It all sounds wonderful to me ~ enjoy!

  11. I can't wait to see what you do!!!


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