Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Curtain Story

I don't sew home dec.  Nothing about it appeals to me.  However, when I need curtains, I find a few inspirational photos, save them and proceed to try and make curtains. This post is about my curtain journey for my new apartment.

Honestly, I'm not going to make all of the curtains for my apartment.  I've already purchased some floral sheers from Walmart for my bedroom.  I just hate most kitchen curtains in the stores and online. They're cutesy and frilly and that's just not me. I like clean functional designs. 

I really wanted a dark blue & white gingham to make kitchen curtains.  I thought I had some in my fabric collection and I did...but it was scraps.  Enough for accents but not enough for curtains. So I did the unthinkable I broke down and went to Walmart...thinking they would have a very basic blue & white gingham. Well no, no they did not. And the experience of purchasing from them was so horrible that I don't know how y'all do it!

I did purchase a yard of a bluish/grey gingham but once I got it home, it looked dull up at the window.  Because I was unsure about the bluish/grey fabric I also bought a brighter striped shades of blue fabric. That's what I used to make the curtains presently hanging in the kitchen window.  In all honesty though, I don't like them either. However, I do like that the window looks finished so I will leave them for now while I figure out what I want to do.

While in Walmart, I picked up a few other things.  One of them was a shower curtain that I thought cut up would make an excellent bathroom curtain.

Yes, this is bathroom realness...

This one I like much so much better!  I love the gradient stripes of blue and it works for me pulled to one side. I purchased a navy blue bath mat and some navy blue towels to finish the look off.  

The Living and Dining Rooms still need curtains and furniture.  My Dining Room is basically a storage space for leftover fabric bins and other things I don't know where to put yet. While I'm taking my Mom's dining room set when she moves, it will be months before that happens. Even though I know what style of curtains I want for the Dining Room, I will probably make them once the furniture arrives.

The Living Room is still waiting on furniture to be delivered...and I really miss a couch! I have blinds in the living room so curtains aren't a necessity at the moment. This is where I have no idea what I want and will take my time to decide on what to do here. 

Now that the Sewing Loft is done...the itch to sew is back with a vengence.  Last weekend I cut out a Dover Maxidress.

That's what's cut out and waiting for me to work on during this three day weekend...hopefully I will get some pictures next weekend to finally have a new garment to share here!

I'm seriously ready to sew garments! *LOL* always more later!


  1. Congratulations on the move and the sewing urge! I’ve missed you. I like the curtains fine for a kitchen, but it’s good to have something you love.
    And I’m sorry about what is happening in the US. I cannot imagine the weight of it. May the election go smoothly and bring good change, Thinking of you from across the world.

    1. I could not have put this better myself! Thinking of you Carolyn x

  2. I hate sewing curtains, so I mostly buy them ready made and shorten them to fit my windows.

  3. I stopped buying fabric at Wall-mart quite a while ago. Wandering down aisles trying to find someone to cut the fabric got a bit old. I've made my share of Roman Shades and drapes but the last two times, I did go to Lowe's for window treatments.
    I've been reading you for quite a while and watching you put together your sewing loft has been some much fun.
    Good luck on finding the perfect kitchen window covering.

  4. I am not a fan of sewing home dec either. It seems like miles of straight stitching even for one small curtain! I do as SewRuthie does - buy and alter. World Market has some decently priced curtains. I bought my kitchen curtains from them. You could check them out when you are back in the market for curtains with your other rooms.

  5. I really hate sewing curtains - they are so uncreative IMHO. So in my new home I've satisfied myself with having just blinds and I don't miss curtains at all. My suggestion is to live with the blinds for awhile and see if you still need drapes for the living and dining rooms. Karen

  6. Oh for the first time Carolyn I am not in accord with you. Giggle. I do make all my curtains drapes because they are something I am going to see for years (mostly). I keep simple and change if I get really tired of them.
    As for shopping at WM for fabric ONCE and only once did I do this. Looking for a clerk , watching her cut wrongly and correcting her got old. I found a great home good and decorating business soon and have not looked back. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Often they will help me with figuring yardage to the best advantage. Keep up your courage and spirits. A new pair of drapes in just the color and fabric is so worth waiting for. I am starting to cut out some warm weather clothes now and enjoy what you show us.

  7. I hear you on the home dec and the lack of decent curtains in the stores. We have rentals so I make curtains and put up rods so tenants don't ruin the walls. My gripe with JoAnn's (and WalMart) is my inability to find sufficient yardage. The last house we needed to outfit in curtains required me to buy fabric in the same collection but not the same pattern. Tenants are free to put their own up but until they do, they have window coverings. Your blue kitchen curtains are nice. Please post pics when you finish the rest of the house.

  8. Maybe cafe curtains on the kitchen window? Or use the blue to make a balance box at the top with sheers? -Corinne

  9. Yeah! Sewing something for yourself! Can't wait to see your dress! Happy Sewing!

  10. I second the blinds/shades idea. You can find some good sales if you wait and look. I have blinds in the kitchen and bedroom that raise from the bottom (and top) so I can have privacy and light. That being said, I can spend hours sewing home dec. Since there's no fitting (mostly), I get satisfying results.

  11. I find sewing curtains a pain! I have sew a few, but I just find I will buy instead of sew. Glad to see you have something to sew!

  12. I sew a lot of home dec. Window treatments, pillows, duvet covers, table runners and even slipcovers. Since I've done a lot of it, I'm fast. And I pick simple styles. we have to have room darkening curtains at out house because we have a street light outside. What I do now is buy simple insulated panels from Walmart in a basic color and then sew a valence to go over the top that coordinates with something in the room. To be honest, I've found good prints for curtains in quilting fabric. I can always find the colors I need and the yardage too. I agree though- navy gingham in the kitchen would be sharp. Order it online!

  13. I sewed some home dec on commission (and some others for a needy sibling...), and it is so not my thing. I feel like maybe, maybe if I were ever decorating a place of my own I would consider doing some more home dec sewing, but, honestly, if I have the option I'm much happier sticking to garment sewing.


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