Monday, November 08, 2021

My Sewing Spaces are Done

I've been dragging my feet for months, trying to avoid dealing with the boxes and stuff accumulated in the loft after moving my sewing machines downstairs. The Loft had become a storage space while I dithered on what to purchase, how to get it assembled (does NOTHING come premade anymore!), and then sorting through the boxes.

As each new item was purchased and assembled, the dream of the Resource Center became more apparent yet seemingly even further away! I made my last purchase Friday and spent the weekend, going through boxes, sorting things out and making a donate pile for clothing.  It seems as if it's taken forever to get to this finished point.

A Little Backstory ~

Once I dissembled my "Dream Sewing Room", moved the sewing machines and cutting table downstairs, I realized that ALL of the extras (patterns, fabric, notions) could be stored in the Loft. However, to get it to work, I needed to buy more stuff to organize the items in both the Loft and the Sewing Room.

I bought:

- a 5 shelf bookcase for the Sewing Room

- 2 9'x12" wire grids for the Sewing Room

- 3 filing cabinets to hold patterns in the Loft

- a bunch of totes in various sizes to hold miscellaneous things in both the Loft & Sewing Room

- a 30 lb garbage can on wheels to store scraps in (there were several boxes full of scraps that I had stored here)

The Resource Center Now ~

Patterns and more patterns are stored in and on top of the filing cabinets
as well as the grandkids games, coloring & sketch books and crayons

The table (things on top need to be disposed of) 

A photo with the curtains open so you can peep some of the fabric

There are still two bins of fabric upstairs on the far side of the table holding coating & fur fabric. I emptied nine bins of scraps and fabric that somehow got shoved onto the shelves. Whatever extra fabric space I had is gone now! Look at that tower of fabric on top of the shelf by the doors. Almost every new purchase has been added there. 

I still want to add some better lighting (I already own) just need to move it upstairs and buy some folding chairs. But I believe it works now. It's doing double duty as a spot for the grandkids to hang out, color, play games and watch TV when they visit for the weekend...and a place where I can pull fabrics, patterns and match notions to them.  Most importantly, I can move around and touch all the fabric. Doing a lot of pre-work in the Loft/Resource Center will allow me to bring it downstairs to just cut and sew.

The Sewing Room Now ~

Yes, I primarily work from home here 
Though sometimes I work from the sofa too...

The set up for my Janome 9450QCP which I primarily sew on

Cutting table and bookcase that I use to store pressing 
things, threads, patterns and extra fabric

Just need to add the Mixtiles I purchased last fall and some pictures from the Sewing Cave to the walls and I'm done.

I'm thrilled that the majority of the work is FINALLY completed...just 14 months after I moved in! *LOL* However, having everything in it's place has removed some of the stress I was holding on to. Isn't it amazing how having things out of sorts affects your creativity?  

Anyway, that and a new order of fabrics from StyleMaker Fabrics has reignited the sewjo. 

I bought 3 yards of Abstract Brushstroke Sweater Knit Blue/Chocolate to make a cardigan. This Cozy Wool Double Knit Solid Cranberry is what starting the buying spree and I bought 4 yards of it. No plans for this yet but a few ideas percolating. Four yards of Cozy Wool Blend Double Knit Espresso, I want a warm maxidress from this. Y'know for those cold wintery days in January, February and March when I'm working from home. The last one is a functional piece but you always need black in your wardrobe. At least I do! It's four yards of Soft Reversible Sweater Double Knit Solid Black again no plan but necessary for new sweater pieces this winter.

I'm making a list. Freeing up some weekends and planning to sew to my heart's content. That's what I've been up to the last couple of weeks. 

There is one more garment post from my previous sews and it's up next. always more later!


  1. Wow, the Resource Room is amazing, and we all want one too :) I find it so difficult to hold all these things in one small room, along with sewing machines, ironing, and little boy's toys and books! Yet I know I am lucky to even have a sewing place, as many sewists do not. I love your new cosy fabrics for Winter and can't wait to see some in action.

  2. I want a room like that so I can organize my space too. I just don't have the space.

  3. Carolyn, you are just one amazing organizer---and yes, having a place for everything and everything in its place makes for a much happier, productive life.

  4. Very cool on having both areas finished, and only small finishing touches left to do. But having the furniture and storage sorted is Huge! And no, I don't think any furniture comes assembled any more unless you go to a furniture or office supply store and pay lots more (don't forget delivery cost and arrangements too). One thing I do wonder about is the 30 gallon trash can for scraps. It seems like dumping it out every time you need to find scraps to use would be a pain, unless that perfect scrap happens to be laying right near the top. But if it works for you, that's all that counts!

    1. JustGail - I probably need to write a post about my scraps, my sorting set-up and my plan to use them. Right now, there's the large trash can where I dumped almost everything because I want to use those scraps to make scrap quilts. That's my 2022 goal - quilts for all of the grandchildren and any daughters that want one. Then I have a bin that's just denim scraps and another smaller trashcan that's full of silk and velvet scraps. So the scraps are not for reuse in garments but for making quilts. Hope that helps!

    2. That makes much more sense than my line of thought which was to sort through looking for bits to use as facings and such on garments! Thanks.

  5. It looks so great! I think sometimes it takes a while to figure out how to best use a space. Sometimes figuring out what doesn't work is critical to figuring out what does work. I really love your resource center and that's the epitome of sewing room goals for me. How great to be able to access everything you need, but have it stored nicely out of the way when you don't!

  6. Your space looks fantastic! Everything is orderly and reachable - the very best part of having a dedicated space for your needs.

    Question: how do you have the curtains attached to the racks? I use a similar system and I’d like to know what works for you.


    1. Rosanne - I used shower curtain hooks that I purchased from the bargain bins at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They work perfectly on the actual shower curtains that I used to cover the fabric shelves.

  7. Wow! ..... just WOW! Both sewing room and loft are a dream. It is beautifully organized. It speaks of comfort and function. You are very talented. I need those spaces. LoL. I do not have the space, currently. I have been here 3 yrs and have not been as motivated since everything sewing related is still in boxes in the basement. I will be taking a huge step to remedying my stale creativity in the next 30 days. Weeeeeh. It will be like early Christmas. LoL. Love, love, truly love all you have done to your spaces, and for you.

  8. Love your spaces. I think you have accomplished a great with all the health issues you have had to deal with on top of it. I really love the resource room with the table to plan and play with the grandkids. Can't wait to see your next projects. Jean

  9. Both of those spaces just look fantastic. I've been moving stuff around and around and making no progress at all. One of these days it will start to come together...hopefully.

  10. Enjoyed reading this post. It gives me hope for my own similar situation. I had a knee jerk reaction when you mentioned that you might just chuck taking photos and maintaining your was "Noooooooooooooo please don't". I do so enjoy reading your posts Carolyn!

  11. You are living the double space dream, woman! Your sewing space is so bright and delightful and I see you being very comfortable in there for hours. Then your resources are organized and raring to go, waiting for your creative hands to give them the "pick". Watch out, Caroline is ready to roar!!!

  12. what kind of/brand is the table your Janome set up on? I have been looking for something similar and haven't been able to find one.

    1. The supply list for my sewing room is in this post:

  13. Your spaces are wonderful - well thought out - full of light - for your creations. I'm so impressed you've managed to re-jigger the spaces through your recovery this past year. Your constant improvements made me do two things in mine - which have made such a visual improvement (closed cabinet vs. shelves) - thank you.


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