Friday, March 17, 2006

More Fabric...and it's not my fault!

Yes, I know. I don't need more fabric's Thread's fault. Y'know the magazine! I was reading my copy of it on the 42nd Street cross-town bus and I got to the pattern review article. There staring at me was a wonderful muted striped fabric and it reminded me of a striped silk duppioni that I had seen at Fikret Fabrics. (Located on 40th Street, closer to the 8th Avenue side) Sooooo, since I had a half hour before my bus left the Port Authority for New Jersey, and what could it really hurt if I moseyed over and took a quick peek! I mean I obviously couldn't spend any real quality time in the store because I had to be home before 7 pm.

This is what I am telling myself as I cross 40th Street that I can't stay long. I still need to make a stop at the Duane Reade (area drug store) and I need to be in line for the bus 10 minutes before it leaves so that I could get a seat and not have to wait another half hour for a bus! Okay, this is what my rational mind is saying. Now that greedy fabric area of my mind is going, new fabric, new fabric, we are going to see more fabric. Fabric that can make things, fabric that make dreams come fabric, new fabric, we are going to see new fabric.

To make a long story short, in just 10 short minutes I found and committed myself to these pieces.

2.5 yards of a beautiful menswear 100% brown wool with a light green stripe for $4.99 per yard. How could I leave this! I have a twinset in the same green that is in the stripe. I have some brown ambience lining just waiting to go with this. If I make these into pants this weekend, I will have a new outfit for work on Monday! Yeap, had to buy this!

I had originally only wanted 4 yards of this 100% worsted wool grey/blue windowpane plaid but since there was 4.5 yards left, I got it for 4 yards. Again for the grand price of $4.99 per yard. This will be a short, flare lined skirt and of course a pair of lined pants. I am in love with this new short flared skirt pattern that I have and want to make several hundred of them. They look good on me and work well in my work wardrobe. So of course since it already knew what it wanted to be, it had to come home with me too! And since arriving at home, it has announced that it believes that there is just enough to make vest fronts and did I know that I had a really kewl grey lining remnant in the lining bin that would make backs. Three coordinated pieces, yes! But when will I get time to sew them! Oh well, they can join the sewing ideas list. *sigh*

And finally, yes, there is more.....

This is a lovely home dec brocade in winter white. Please pardon the picture taking skills ~ I am definitely a newbie. I had seen this in the store before when Fikret's starting carrying home dec goods at a price of $25 per yard. I quickly scooped up 4 yards at the grand price of $5 per yard. It was just too beautiful to leave in the store. You know how you have to always buy a fantasy piece ~ well this is my fantasy piece. I dreamt about what it could become all the way home!

And finally there was some Elmo flannel for $2 a yard that came home and is already in the washing machine so that it can become Elmo PJs for the youngest DD. Right after Dora, Elmo is her bestest friend!

Now, I know you are wondering did she make her bus? Did she stop at Duane Reade's? Or did she just give in and catch the next one? I made the bus. I was in the store a total of 13 minutes! Can you believe that! 13 minutes! I was walking in the door of Duane Reade 2 minutes later and was standing on line for the bus 7 minutes before it loaded. See I was suppose to have this fabric! And here is the absolutely, amazing part.........are you ready?! All of this fabric, plus tax only cost me $58 dollars and 89 cents.

So I am off now. Off to sew. Off to dream. Off to be looking good on Monday! *LOL*

Oh and by the way, it isn't my fault! It's Threads' and I am sticking with my story!


  1. I enjoy your blog so much, especially the background parts about your everyday life in the city. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and truly miss cities. It's wonderful to have good fabric stores practically at your fingertips - I am glad you appreciate them !!!


  2. I love your fantasy home dec fabric. I lived in PA for 2 1/2 years and got to NY once for a fabric shopping day. Oh my god! what a great fabric mecca it was. I envy you.

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  4. 13 minutes! You definetly had Shopping Favor! ;)


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