Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More SWAP News

I think I am on my last piece...but then I have said that before! Anyway, here is the first picture of the dress, before cutting it off and beginning the embellishment. This is my morph piece for the SWAP. It is the t-shirt pattern that I lengthened, added fullness to and a fold over pleat in the front, a full length zipper to the back and bust darts. I don't know if all of that is apparent in this picture. I am also leaving the short sleeves off and have added facings to the armholes.

Then to emulate the pinstripe that is in several of the other pieces, I ran three lines of triple stitching in brown thread down the front of the dress. On top of the three lines of machine stitching, I hand stitched beige pearls down the first and third rows. In the center row I hand stitched gold seed beads. I really like how the finished embellishment turned out. It will definitely give the dress a distinctive look but still be in style especially since beading and embellishment are still big looks this spring in RTW.

Here is a close-up picture of the embellishment. Now all I have left to do is add some fusible interfacing to the hem so that I can do the three rows of hemming that Cynthia Guffey recommends. I really like using this hemming technique on garments that I am putting a lot of work into. The hem lays flat and provides an anchor for the dress. A really kewl technique. After this is done then I am moving onto other pieces.

I just got more of this wool/cashmere blend from Fabric Mart and I am going to make a pair of lined pants with a very straight leg, a jacket (Butterick 3978), and I want to modify my flare skirt just by adding a little more flare to the skirt pattern so it will have a nice swirl to the skirt.

Butterick Pattern 3978 ~ photo courtesy of www.voguepatterns.com

Here are my fabrics together.

The green circle print is from emmaonesock and will be a t-shirt to go under the jacket. I have some czech glass buttons on order in a brown/brass combination to go on the jacket. These pieces will workwith some of my SWAP pieces but will also stand alone. I am not thinking of them as SWAP sewing but as my next sewing project! It is time to move on!

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