Saturday, September 30, 2006

I think I have the answer!!!

On blog after sewing blog, it is being discussed. And have you noticed, days go by on some blogs where there are no entries at all ~ we are simply not sewing. At first, I thought it was just me and the computer problems that I am still having! But no, it is affecting quite a few people. I have noticed that even on Patternreview, there are just not as many reviews being written.

So what is it? What has caused a slow down in sewing production? Why is everyone out doing just about anything else but sewing? I mean the fabric sites are doing their best to tempt us ~ I am receiving email after email of great fabric sales. Even my beloved
Fabric Mart is having a 20% off the entire website sale and I haven't ordered one yard of fabric! Can you believe?! Brother sewing machines is offering a rebate on some of their newest sewing machines and still no sewing!

So what is happening? I have heard and read a number of factors but it hit me when I was reading yet another entry about getting your sewing mojo back on Sharon's blog - Sharon Sews. It is something that hasn't been discussed or even whispered about...and I think this is truly the answer. Yes, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this is the answer....

ssshhhhh ~ I don't want them to know that I am telling you because it might cause an even bigger revolt ~ but I think, yes, I am pretty sure that.........

Our sewing machines are on strike! Yep I bet that's it. And I think they (the sewing machines) are emitting some kind of cloudless, vaporless odor that is affecting our ability to sew! C'mon think about it...all of us, all of a sudden being unable to sew? C'mon how common is that? How often does that happen? And now with the advent of blogs, digital cameras and great internet sewing boards, we are all actually compelled and inspired to create! Thus spending way more quality time with our sewing machines! I betcha they called a secret strike and as soon as they all get a good rest ~ suddenly we will all get the urge to sew again!

Think about it...don't just sit there laughing your hindparts off at me...again another trick of the sewing machine's machinations...why aren't we sewing? Before we were all making some pretty awesome garments! Have we stopped buying fabric, or patterns, or talking about sewing? Nooooo! We have just stopped using our machines! I am telling you they are on strike! And in a few weeks when they are all well rested...the urge to use them will come back! Watch! I will be proven right.

And until then, I think I am going into my sewing area and speaking nicely to my sewing machine. I think I am going to make a peace offering to it and remind it of how important it is to me. Even come up with some kind of offering, maybe a new foot that it needs to do its job better! Something, anything to let it know how important it is in my life! And then I am going to sit back and wait...

I bet if you do the same, the sewing machine strike will be over in no time! And we will all be back to creating those wonderful garments that inspire and encourage each other to create. Think about it! And if you believe there could be just an iota of truth to what I have said, go and hug your sewing machine today. Remind it of what an important function it plays in your life and watch...soon the sewing will start again!


  1. LOL! I think you got it! I wonder if my machine is on strike because she saw me drooling over ads for another brand...hmmmm, I better get to my sewing room and make amends quickly!

  2. Wow. I thought it was just me. When Carolyn doesn't feel like sewing there's little hope for the rest of us.

  3. Actually I been sewing like crazy! I have two completed pieces and one still on the machine. Now, getting dressed to be photographed in them and wanting to discuss it them on multiple sites -- a whole different story.

  4. OK, I feel MUCH better now!! I can't seem to make myself sew anything. I have a dress partially sewn and am not having any issues with it, even, and can't make myself finish it. I thought it was just me. Now I can blame it on my sewing machine! Thanks Carolyn!! -Jeanette

  5. Well since I'm actually producing for a change in a premptive measure I bought a new foot for my machine today. Great post Carolyn - you always manage to make me smile. g

  6. I just bought myself a new machine. I really love it. I just finished a very quick simple jacket made with light blue colored fleece and knitted around all the open edges with white fake fur (eyelash yarn). So I'm sewing girls!

  7. ROFLMAO..... Lordy, lordy, I really thought is was just me procrastinating. I've walked passed my machine for 3 weeks and not ounce of feeling from me to sit down and complete a blouse that I actually like (LOL!!!) great blog.

  8. Hmmm . . ok, so I have been out hiking a bit much.

    Maybe, it's because we're all just so busy sewing we don't have time to blog about our accomplishments?

    No, really, I've noticed that creativity seems to be cyclic, and sometimes influenced by other factors in our lives. There are times when I have so many ideas that I'd never be able to sew them all and other times I'm completely dry - nada, zip, zilch, nothing inspires me. When right thing hits me . . . . watch out!

  9. Great post, you could be right. I did go and touch my machine a lot last week and this weekend she and I were sewing again. I have to admit, today I was thinking of trading up for a new machine, shh! don't tell her.

  10. The spell is broken! I'm sewing!
    Granted it's just a half-dozen new knit tops to wear with jeans but at least it's something, right?

  11. You write so well. I feel like you're in the room with me telling me a good story!

    Vickie isn't really on strike, she's just sick of pink shirt muslin and is going to be treated to some good stuff today!

  12. Where are you? I love your blog!


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