Friday, September 01, 2006

Sewing Interrruptus!

Sorry for the interruption but my home computer has come down with a bad case of the "computer virus!" *Gawd* save me from teenagers! Anyway, the computer doctor is coming this weekend so my computer should be cured soon! And I will be back talking about and sharing my sewing adventures!


  1. Looking forward to reading about your sewing ventures again.

    I am making progress on my dress form. I keep thinking about your adventure with yours. Not so easy to do!!!

  2. Well, *I* for one will be very glad when you are back on line! I have really missed your commentary.

    Oh, teenagers can really mess up a computer. Been there, had that happen, you SOOO want to wring their necks.........Grrrr......

    Truthfully, I have some questions regarding items to sew, as I am about to head back into the Great World of Employment (trying to set up interviews right now) and I really need some advice.

    Kathleen in IL

  3. Oh so glad to hear from you....I look forward to your posts

    I am still thinking about taking up sewing again (?)...but still just thinking..not I keep reading your blog, I keep getting more and more inspired...and willing to try.

  4. Well it is still not fixed so I have brought my work laptop home and resorted to using it! Hopefully, I will be back up and running full-time soon!

    So Kathleen ask away and hopefully, I will have some answers for you! *smile*

  5. OK, since I can't figure out how to email you privately......

    I am putting my "toes" into the Great Employment Pool - I am putting my resume out there and looking for a job. I have three dress/jacket ensembles for interviews, but I of course will need more clothes for a "real job". I have been living in jeans and casual tops for two years. I am a medical transcriptionist, have been working from home, about to look back into in-house work. I want Smart Casual........assuming of course that my work place is the same.

    Where do I start? I am full-figured, adore black as a basic (along with gray and dark red), prefer pants but enjoy longer skirts, and need layers.

    You can email me privately at


    Kathleen in IL


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