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My intent was to come home Monday evening and blog about #CarriageCornerSewCamp right away. However, the experience was still sooooo immediate that I felt like I needed to take a moment and step back so I could talk about the experience cohertly. This post is picture heavy, just to let you know!

Let me introduce my fellow stitchers ~

From l-r: @1inspiredsewl, me, @sewinginatl, @bsiobhansews and Gaylen
(Using everyone's instagram names if you want to follow them!)

I decided to break it down by day because I believe it will give you a better feeling of how Sew Camp actually went.

Friday was Fabric Mart Day ~ 
The ladies who weren't already at the B&B showed up around 10am for the trip to Fabric Mart. After coffee and freshly baked, gluten free coffee cake, we trooped out to Gaylen's Jeep and journeyed through the back roads of Amish Country to Fabric Mart. The B&B is only 30 minutes from Fabric Mart through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. It's planting season so it was an amazing drive.

Nelly (@nellys_artistic_creations) was our Tour Guide
She was funny, knowledgeable and just fantastic
Nelly really made the tour and experience AMAZING!

The cutting room at Fabric Mart ~ first stop on the Tour

Fabric Storage and the Shipping Area

Fabric Mart has 3 floors - this is upstairs and where 
fabric is photographed for the website

Where samples are cut and assembled for "Julie's Picks Club"

@bsiobhansews standing by her fabric haul waiting for it to be cut

@sewinginatl - she had her fabric boxed and shipped to her.

Obligatory group shot in front of Fabric Mart with our haul
That's my bag in the front and to the left - all 33 yards of it.

Friday evening ~
We were supposed to go out for dinner but after we got our sewing machines set up, all we wanted to do was sew! It really helped that Gaylen scooped up our fabric and put it in the washer and dryer. So we had newly purchased fabric all ready to sew. I think most of us stayed downstairs until 11pm before retiring for the evening.

Saturday Sewing ~
Saturday was all about working on our projects. After a hearty breakfast served in the dining room at the B&B (at 8:30am - I'm sooooo not a morning person when I'm on vacay! *LOL*) we trooped back to the sewing area and sewed all day.

@1inspiredsewl had great stories to share with us and kept us laughing

@bsiobhansews learning how to use a serger

 helping @bsiobhansews work the serger

helping @sewinginatl fit her "Tunic Bible" Tunic muslin

Transferring the changes to the pattern pieces 
and the fabric to be used to make the first version

Saturday Evening ~
We took a break from the sewing room and headed out to dinner. After dinner it was back to the sewing room for more sewing.

Me, B, S and her friend Susan at dinner

C with Gaylen and her husband

Me and B at dinner

We sewed late into the night regretting that the fun was coming to end on Sunday afternoon!

Sunday Sewing ~
After another amazing breakfast, we trooped down to the sewing area to cram in as much sewing as we could before members of our group started to depart. @1inspiredsewl and @bsiobhansews both left around 2pm. @sewinginatl and I were staying through to Monday so we settled in to sew for the rest of the day.

Items Made or Finished During the Weekend ~

B finished two Vogue 8379 wrap dresses.  One that she brought with her and completed:

...and one started from scratch from fabric purchased at Fabric Mart!

both pictures - photo credit: @bsiobhansews

@1inspiredsewl worked on perfecting the fit on a dress. All of her fitting challenges were done and transferred to her pattern pieces. She also finished up the binding on a quilt with assistance from Gaylen.

S got her Tunic Bible Tunic muslin fitted, pattern adjusted and new tunic cut and sewn. She took it home to find special trim for it. Then she made out-of-print Simplicity 4701 denim skirt (that was so cute I found a pattern on eBay and bought it too!).

...and I made my Sprout Patterns Turner Dress.

Conclusion ~
I had the best time! It was fun to meet new sewists and spend time with them fabric shopping, fitting patterns, sewing and laughing at all the stories swapped around our sewing machines.

Now if you've made it all the way to the end and wondering if there are going to be more Sew Camps at Carriage Corner? You are in luck because the next one is scheduled for July 21-23, 2017

Gaylen wrote a recap post on the Carriage Corner B&B blog with the schedule and costs for the July session. I can also tell you that two spots have already been booked so if you're considering going, I would make that call sooner rather than later! I can also testify that you will have an amazing time, eat some great breakfasts in a wonderful B&B and get some serious sewing done too. I hope you will consider attending! always more later!


  1. That sounds like such a fun time! I've never been to a sewing retreat, but you are making me want to find one!

    1. Gillian - come on down! I don't think we're that far from you :) gaylen

  2. I had a really great time hosting the group, meeting new sewing friends, learning some fitting 'tricks' and doing my B&B thing. Hopefully next time my 'hired-help' won't be sick and I can spend more time with the sewers. gaylen

  3. It was sew much fun! Now that I have had time to reflect on the sew camp, I realized even more what an awesome experience it was to escape the everyday routine and be able to sew all day long with no other responsibilities. Totally awesome!! Plus fabric shopping, meeting new sewing friends, learning fitting tricks and lots of yummy food. It was a great spring break retreat!

    1. Shenetha - it was soooooo nice to meet you and I had so much fun with you! But girl did you find trim for the tunic? Or do I need to search some out for you in NYC?

  4. Nothing like a sewing retreat to get that sewing mojo in high gear! Glad you all had a great time!

  5. So fun! Sounds like you had a fabulous host, too :)

  6. I know you guys had fun, I can tell by all those big smiles.

  7. That looks like a blast! I will definitely be on the lookout for the next time she hosts one!

    1. Sarah - if you follow the link in the last paragraph it will take you to Gaylen's site where all the details about the July 2017 retreat are posted.

  8. Oh wow! This sounds so much fun, Carolyn!

  9. (different Kay from above)
    This looks like so much fun! I really thought about trying to make this retreat, but I'm glad I didn't - I ended up having a health emergency (nothing major, but nothing I could put off for a week). However, the late July retreat looks like the perfect birthday present to myself! I've always wanted to go to Fabric Mart IRL, and spending a few days with sewing sisters seems like a real treat.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi different Kay! *smile* I really hope that you can attend because it is a wonderful experience, plus like Shenetha said above, it really is 2 full days of sewing with no interruptions. All meals except Saturday night are served at the B&B and it's conveniently set up for you to sew as much as you like!

  10. Hi Carolyn, what a great write up on our sewing weekend. I had so much fun and was so glad to meet everyone. I'm looking forward to coming back in July.
    And I love your dress!!

    1. Bernice - it was so great to meet you and sew with you! It was a lot of fun wasn't it?!

  11. Wow -you gals got so much sewing done !!! This looks like it was so much fun -wish it was closer to me.

  12. Great time for all! Love the photos of the event. Thanks for sharing.

  13. It looks like you all had a great time! There is nothing like getting sewing done, and having a fun time socializing and fabric-buying while in the process.

  14. I had wanted to go, but jury duty and illness got in my way; Gaylen told me all about it this past Saturday! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend. I'm going to try to make a day trip in July!

  15. Wow! That looks like a fabulous time and to go fabric shopping with like minded individuals, sew all day and enjoy meals with them is just so unbelievable! Did you all have to take your machines with you? My guess is no (at least I hope so!). Thanks so much for sharing!


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