Saturday, April 08, 2017

First Quarter Review - 2017

All things are finally starting to leaves on the trees...spring flowers budding and I'm happy. I love Spring! Even though I've been sewing lighter weight clothing for the last couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to sewing more warm weathered garments.

First though I thought I'd take a look back at what I've made this first quarter of 2017.

January Sews ~

Simplicity 8059 Cardigans

One thing I've learned about sewing for where I am now, is that multiples of a garment work for me. I made four of these and have worn them many times since January because they are great for layering. It was the details that made each one different ~ fabric choices, embellishments and button choices. This was one of my best sews of the quarter.

February Makes ~
For such a short month, it was pretty productive for me.

Cashmerette Turner Tunic

I loved this pattern and plan to make several more this spring/summer!

Butterick 6389

Made from a boiled wool from the collection! I loved wearing this and should have made more since there is more boiled wool in the collection. Maybe in the fall.

Button Down Mash-up - Butterick 5678/Vogue 7700

I didn't wear a lot of button downs in my former life so making them has become a new adventure. I made a few last year using Butterick 5678 as a base. In wearing them, I've wanted a looser fit which I achieved by mashing the two patterns together. I also remembered that fabric makes a huge difference in how a pattern fits the body. Especially since I like the poly version better than the cotton one in terms of the how the fabric flows.

March Makes ~

One more button down mash-up

Denim Border Print McCalls 7095

Ponte & Pleather Simplicity 8094

Cashmerette Turner Dress from Spout Patterns

A total of 12 items for the last three months. I'm pleased with that amount because I'm no longer sewing for speed, I'm sewing for pleasure. Also, since I wear jeans and leggings as bottom pieces, most of my fall/winter makes are tops. Truthfully I own a lot of cardigans and turtlenecks from my former life that still work. 

Spring sewing ~
I notice that as the seasons change, I tend to "refresh" my pattern and fabric selections. This is not to say that I'm not going to use some of the items already in my collections but a jolt of newness always helps to inspire! 

Here are some new pieces that have joined the collections ~

Fabric haul from Fabric Mart Visit

 Laces picked up from Chic Fabrics and more denim from Fabric Mart

Patterns purchased from the last JoAnn's pattern sale

This is what's currently on my cutting table and almost completed so it will be up on the blog next. Now that spring is actually mind has exploded with the possibilities of things to sew because...dresses!!! I'm making a list of things to sew going forward so stay tuned. always more later!


  1. What a great quarter! I really love your shirt variations! And you picked up some awesome pieces of fabric - as usual!

    1. You NEED to come to the East Coast so that we can day trip to Fabric Mart. They will ship your goodies home so that you don't even have to carry them on the plane! *LOL*

  2. You certainly do produce. Love those cardigans.

  3. I fiugured I had better leave a comment here too! After I left one on the other blog page, I love your blog... your pictures and comments about putting 2 patterns together at times, love them... and loved seeing the girls last fall

    1. Liz - thanks because I should check bloglovin more but I don't. It could be weeks before I see the other one!

  4. You really were quite productive the first quarter. It's so good to see you finding your style in the new world you work in. I'm curious - what did you buy Simplicity 8302 to make? The jacket? I could totally see that in your closet. g

    1. The jumper and the coat - I want to make the jumper out of denim. The coat can be made from a number of things in the fabric collection! ;)

  5. Great work. You are inspirational. Love the idea of multiples. Peget

  6. Ooo! Girl! You are inspiration itself!

  7. alrighty speedy Gonzales!lol love how much fun you seem to be having in your pics :-)

  8. You had a very productive quarter, I'll be pretty happy if I produce that much in the whole year! That said, I am really getting behind this sewing multiples thing so maybe I can catch you up!!


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