Friday, January 20, 2006

Stalking Fabric Mart

Okay, I am admitting this up front and at the beginning. I have huge (pause), gigantic (pause)...okay, massive problems with acquiring fabric. Since November 4th, I have placed five orders with Fabric Mart.

Now, it is not like I don't have a beautiful, well-organized and well-lit fabric closet. With shelves and shelves of fabric...each shelf color coordinated...each piece measured and labeled...and each piece lovingly placed on its respective shelf. And it's not like I don't have enough fabric to sew until I am a doddering little old lady who couldn't see straight to sew (no offense to any little old ladies out there!)

So what have I been doing all week....pause ~ wait for it...stalking Fabric Mart. That's right! I have kept a window open to Fabric Mart's site at work all day, every day for the past week! What could I possibly need from them? Why do I need more fabric? Well let me show you what is making my blood rush a little quicker through my veins....

This silk wool blend tweed suiting for $5.99 per yard:

or this 100% sueded silk for $9.99 a yard:

Or how about just going to the new arrivals section and going eeny, meeny, mighty, mo. I will take most of it! *LOL* I am in an acquiring kind of mood! So every day, I peruse the new arrivals, put things in my cart, figure out the cost and let it sit there until the cart expires. Okay fess up! I know I am not the only one out there doing this! Then I will slide by some other sites - emmaonesock, timmel fabrics, vogue fashion fabrics, fashion fabrics, candlelight valley fabrics and tell myself that see I am being good because I am not purchasing! Yeah, right! I am just fanning the flames to my addiction!

But Fabric Mart really has me drooling lately! How do they do it? How do they continue to add quality fabrics at such inexpensive prices?! Why must they tempt me? Don't they know that at least one half of my fabric closet bears their stickers, outlining the amount purchased and the type of fabric? And even now as I type, the window is open to Fabric Mart's site and I am watching my favorite pieces of fabric. Checking the in-stock numbers, hoping that others don't have the imaginings that I have about some of the fabrics, praying that they won't disappear, hoping that the fabric fever will pass me by....knowing that sooner rather than later I will succumb!

I was going to put links to my favorite sites and to Fabric Mart, but who knows you might go running over there and buy up my treasures. So you are on your own! Find your way there, or don't find your way there and stay away from my treasures! I haven't hit submit on my cart yet!!!!!


  1. Oh I love to look, and contemplate, and dream of what I would make. Sometimes I hit the "checkout" often I don't. It's the thrill of the hunt, but I think more truly it is the promise of magic... that just a few dollars can bring a simple piece of fabric is the least of it. That something can be transformed into the stuff of dreams...that's what keeps me going.

  2. Great post! I love Fabric Mart, and EOS, Timmel,...... I also have an addiction to embroidery sites.


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