Sunday, January 08, 2006

My first post

I have wanted a blog where I could just ramble on and on about my favorite topic ~ sewing. The day has finally come and here I blogland!

Maybe I should introduce myself first ~ sewing fanatic, sewing obsessed, fashion crazy would all be terms that my daughters would use to describe me. I have been sewing since I was 11 started by my grandmother (whom I adored!) making Barbie doll clothes. I have sewn everything from my wedding suit, to maternity clothes, to my children's clothing. I think about sewing all the time. It adds color to my world and I am most at peace when I am in front of my sewing machine creating a new garment!

I started 2006 just like I wanted...sewing. A week from work, spending quality time in front of my sewing machine. I took a few days off to rest and then bright and early last Monday morning I got up and cleaned all of the fabric that has managed to find its way to my home off my cutting/sewing table. I was going to work on my SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) items but got waylaid by the call of a brown pinstripe linen/wool blend and some coordinating pieces that I had so nicely placed together.

It is now Sunday evening and I am preparing to go back to my day job and I have the following pieces constructed. Notice that I have said constructed not finished:

One cardigan from OOP Burda 8869 made from a sweater knit with a toile print in shades of brown/beige/rust from EOS (emmaonesock) (waiting for buttons/buttonholes)

One pair of lined pants in the brown pinstripe from my TNT pants pattern (completely finished)

One lined jacket from the brown pinstripe from Kwik Sew 3334 (needs buttons/buttonholes & hems) 

  • Another cardigan from the Burda pattern using a cashmere blend from Fabric Mart. 
  • A dress out of the same cashmere morphed from the short sleeved sweater in the Burda pattern and a Sewing Workshop Mission Tank Top also from this fabric. 
  • Only the tank is finished. The cardigan needs buttons/buttonholes and the dress needs an embellishing detail down the front and hems. Do you sense a theme here?

Another tank top from a pretty soft beige silk that I bought from Paron's Annex Store in NYC about 5 years ago. I used this fabric to line the cashmere blend cardigan, which is a technique that I have wanted to do since seeing Steel Magnolias. Y'know the movie with Julia Roberts.

A short flared skirt out of the brown pinstripe cut from my TNT skirt pattern - finished!

This was an all day project because I wanted a chevron pattern in the front and back of the skirt so I had to recut my skirt pattern pieces (shortening the skirt and creating a front and back pattern piece) And one pair of brown herringbone polyester/wool blend pants - needing hems.

It has been a great sewing week! Now all I have to do is figure out how to get pictures in my photo album and I can share my new creations with everyone else!!!!!

A link to my pictures.  Check out the folder: "Pinstripe Magic Collection to see some of the finished garments!


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