Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Have Pattern Issues...

Yes, I got that email from Vogue Patterns that all patterns on their website will be $6.99 today and tomorrow. And yes, I had a cart full of patterns because a new magazine just came out with the pre-fall patterns. And yes, I bought some...well 5 to be exact...do I need these patterns....ummm no! But since when has that ever stopped me from indulging in a pattern sale! *LOL* Well, actually I've skipped the last few pattern sales...so I guess it's time!

So here's what I got:

Vogue 1056 - a Tom and Linda Platt pattern

I love the twist on this one...and it's high enough that it's different from those Burda & Big 4 twist top dresses.

Vogue 1057 - A DKNY 2pc dress and jacket combo

I have wanted this pattern ever since I snoop shopped it in Macy's last year...now of course I also own the summer version of this pattern but the economy needs stimulating, and I really like the u-neckline on this version...so I bought it too!

Vogue 1058 - Sandra Betzina sweater and tank
I like the insert around the waist. It will nip me in and make me look like I actually have a waist! And I already have fabric in mind for it...

Vogue 8509 - a Dress

C'mon you knew I was buying this pattern...it's a dress and a pretty one with distinctive details! Not another one of those sacks that they've been selling a lot of lately! I will stitch the pleats down a little further and in a rayon challis will have an amazing dress for fall!

Vogue 8503
I actually see this as a dress...lengthen the tunic, keep it a little close-fitting so that I don't get that "when is the baby due" stare and it should be a really kewl fall dress!

As a member of ClubBMV - I did get them for $6.29 per pattern and I know, I know about your J and Hancock sales but the first place I just don't patronize and the second chain is not in my area...so I have to settle for online sales. But my size is always in stock, they arrive quickly and settle down nicely into my pattern collection to wait their turn in the sunlight!

So can you tell that I didn't sew this weekend?! *LOL* I am reduced to sharing patterns with you...seriously though after about six weeks of non-stop sewing I just needed a minute to recharge my batteries...more finished garments soon! And just in case you didn't get the email...patterns are $6.99 today and tomorrow...the sale ends midnight tomorrow CST! Happy hunting!


  1. I hear you! I participated in the sale, even though I have multiple locations of both JoAnn's and Hancock's in my city. Between work and gas prices, having things delivered is worth it to me. I got the same twist dress pattern; it's perfect banker wear.

  2. I bought patterns and I still have patterns from the last sale that I haven't used yet. More for the stash. I also got the twin set pattern. I think that I will use it for my next capsule.

  3. Great looking patterns. I will have to remember I am stimulating the economy with my fabric/pattern purchases. Just helping out, right?!?

  4. I hear ya. I don't have a J near me, and Hancock's is 45-50 min away which means right now shipping is cheaper than gas! And I hate that Hancocks anyway. They closed our good one. Not to mention how frustrating it is when they don't have my size!

    I think I'd better go stimulate the economy a little too. ;)

  5. I've been trying not to pay attention to patterns or pattern sales in an attempt to use some of what I have. So let me just call you an enabler and hop on over to Vogue and get at least half of these patterns! I especially love that first dress and I have just the fabric for it!

  6. I skipped a few sale too, but tomorrow I will be at my local JoAnn's. lol. I like your planned wardrobe pieces. The twist top dress is cute, and I'm thinking about getting the DKNY combo pattern.

  7. I love that red twist dress. I plan on making that one soon.

  8. I participated in the Vogue Pattern sale also. I purchased the red dress also! I bought two other patterns. McCall's is having a sale today and Saturday-$5.99. I may have to make another investment. Then last Saturday JoAnn's had Simplicity on sale for $1.99, so four patterns came home with me. As I always tell my DH, I didn't have these.

  9. I love that Tom & Linda Platt dress! Ordinarily I can't stand such a high neckline but I do lack a really nice conservative dress in my wardrobe so I'm planning on picking it up at the Vogue sale next month. In a solid color this can go anywhere!

  10. Hi Carolyn,
    I'm coming to the US next year and was thinking I definitely need to put Metro Textiles on my list of sights to see. If I saw you there I would definitely say hello. It's funny that your blog makes me think of you as a friend. I often think "What's Carolyn up to today?" And of course you've sent me to the pattern sites to look up those cool patterns.


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