Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Walk to Remember

Lately I have been opening the fabric closet door more and more as different pieces come to mind and urge me to seek them out and use them. Since the closet is color coordinated, I usually can just open the door, look at the shelf, pull the piece I'm looking for without spending any real time listening to the siren's song of the other fabrics stored there.

However, last night I went in to cut some duppioni swatches for my boss...long story and no I'm not sewing anything for is for her daughter's doll house. After closing the doors, I had a really good look around my living room and decided that it was time to put some fabric away! If I had to shovel it in with a forklift, it was going into the closet!

This morning I started working on the task...and it has been such a walk of remembrance...this will definitely help me during those weak, stressed-filled moments when I surf into a fabric site and a piece starts speaking loudly to me...because I already own some very lovely pieces.

I had forgotten how much I think in coordinates...and since I recently completed the JCC...I'm thinking that I need to employ the sewing system I used to get those four pieces completed going forward! Just one piece a weekend nets me a four piece capsule at the end of the month...and since I'm finally at a good place in my working wardrobe, I can spend a little more time making some quality garments.

I even touched a few pieces that I had totally forgotten purchasing...thank God for those little white tags either from the fabric retailer or that I added myself. I know quite a few of you love fabric as much as I do and collect or stash it also...this post from Gigi and Shannon's last two posts lets me know that I'm not alone.

There are some cute pieces in the wash, going through the pretreatment program so that they will be ready for their moment in the sun. There are now two less boxes of fabric in the living room. The fabrics from those boxes have taken their rightful places of honor in the fabric closet...and I have an even greater desire to sew!

So if someone could please purchase this silk border print from SawyerBrook Fabrics....

I think I could last at least for a fortnight without purchasing more fabric...and I'm going to try to take it a fortnight at a time remembering what amazing pieces I already own and how they deserve their time in the spotlight, too!


  1. Carolyn, that is a gorgeous piece. I'm in pretty much the same position as you, though. I'm trying to sew instead of collect. Although I'm still buying, I've slowed down a lot lately. I'm looking forward to seeing what you take out of the stash and into the closet!

  2. That fabric is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just got a bunch of fabric from Textile Studios in Nashville...I STILL need to find a place for it lol.

  3. Well you always have the options of selling some of your not so favorites so you can answer the siren's song. I need to institute your white tag method. My NY fabric is still sitting in the blue bag it was shipped in - shame on me. g

  4. That picture of your fabric closet makes me happy.

    I think you need to purchase that piece of silk from Sawyer Brook, and then take a rest until the 23rd of July when you can help me increase the size of my stash (not that I need any help, but I'm always open to suggestions. ;)

  5. Carolyn, but what about the dress?

  6. These are the moments that I truly and honestly know that I love you, with all my heart and soul. I'm an only child and I never wanted any siblings, but for you I would make an exception because I just know we would get along so well - what with the fabric shopping and the fabric fondling and the fabric storing and the fabric cutting and the fabric sewing...ahh, what wonderful times we would have together - me and my fabulous sewing sister!

    And that border print fabric from SB is TDF!!

  7. Well, we are all powerless to resist, aren't we? Just as artists need their paints we need our fabric! Like you, I have so many gorgeous pieces in my collection but keep buying more - although I have slowed down (I think).

    Gaylen, you made me laugh! When I moved fabric into my son's closet I had a shopping bag still packed with my purchases from Rosen & Chadick from January 2007. It seems unavoidable...

  8. Oh, you stashers! You almost had me! I've taken pride that for years my stash has a) kept me happy, and b) fit into three average-sized dresser drawers. A year with the online sewing community and it expanded by three additional smaller drawers + (the coat fabric doesn't fit in the drawers, but it's around). Just last week I was starting to panic - the stashers/www shopping network were taking over! Yikes! I'm happy to report that as of yesterday the stash is back down to the avg.-sized drawers (with the exception of the coat fabric). I don't think what you do is bad...I used to be there myself, lol. I'm just much happier with a stash I can control! Now, if you would just stop showing all those "special" pieces you find!

    Oh, by the way Carolyn. Remember that green a pink skirt fabric you had asked about? Well, I stumbled across it at ;)

  9. It's so lovely. I wish I could buy it for you, but then, I'd need a second house just for my fabric. It is beautiful though, sniff, sniff. I like your forklift idea. Wonder if I could get more in the inside closet that way?

  10. Hi, I stopped in from Loweryourpresserfoot... and wow that is a beautiful piece! I really would horde that one... it would be hard to cut that's for sure! To tell you the truth, I think I've got you beat fabric wise... I used to work at a fabric store! Yep, you know the rest... every good sale and certain pieces were calling my name to take them home! Although, like you I've been trying lately to get things widdled down a bit. It's hard to get into the sewing room without having to move something first. Your doing a great job! Bye the way I loved the dress w/border print and piping really cute! Keep on Keeping on!


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