Friday, October 10, 2008

"A Grayed Affair" Update

"A Grayed Affair" is my latest "Sewing With A Plan" (SWAP) wardrobe for late summer/early fall transitional dressing. Since it is early October, I thought I would do a quick recap of the items that have been completed and the ones yet to be finished.

McCalls 5620 - Dress from gray/coral cotton print
I love the cotton print fabric that I chose for this dress - however, I think the fabric is too lightweight to sew now. It probably would have worked better if I had made the dress when I was making the jacket and it is I am dropping this from the wardrobe. It just won't work now.

Burda OOP Cardigan and cowl neck tank from gray/beige/yellow rayon knit
I changed the top from a cowl neck to a mock neck to make it more comfortable to wear on crisp fall mornings. Otherwise besides adding embellishment to bring out the print on the rayon/lycra knit...these two pieces are working well with the pants and the skirt.

SW Mission Tank from grey/blk/white print silk
This is always a quick and easy sew but it adds so much to my also goes great with an all black pantsuit in the closet.

New Look Jacket 6788 - gray midweight linen
It was a new look for me but very it! And it plays nice with other pieces in my wardrobe.

TNT Pants - gray midweight linen
These are the hardest working bottom in this collection!

TNT - 4 gore skirt - gray midweight linen
It took a little work to get this made and in the end I'm only so-so about it. Maybe I will like it better with the red knit pieces.

I still need to sew the red print jersey knit into a twinset using my TNT Burda cardigan pattern and making a tie neck top. I will try to get that finished up this month. Mostly though I am calling this complete. I have a new coordinated wardrobe that I want to work on for November - more about that later!

I will leave you with a shot of the completed wardrobe so far...


  1. It really does look like a designer collection, I wish I had the planning and patience to stick with these plans, your results show it's really worth it.

  2. Beautiful work! Your creations always look awesome. :):)


  3. I like how you've included different colors to work with the grey - each outfit is unique because of that.

  4. Well done - it must be very satisfing to wear the clothes you made and planned yourself!

  5. Nice! Love the gray pants.

  6. Nice! I'm loving that red print. I think you'll love the skirt a little more once the red twin set it done.

  7. Wow! I just checked out your Flickr photos. You are a prolific sewer! I'm coming to you if I have any questions, lol.

    Thanks for the suggestion of putting the Martha books on Etsy. I looked and saw others listed there, so I guess since they are how-to books it's OK.

  8. Wow! You're really making progress. I'm totally inspired by your twin sets and have patterns that I'm anxious to get going with. My question is - what kind of knits are you using? Pickings are slim here, and I"m not sure what I want from the online stores. What have you found that works best for you?

  9. I wish I had your "vision", (let alone your drive!); apart from the ability to match pattern to fabric, and co-ordinate a wardrobe set, the embellishment of that twinset was terrific. Be proud. OllieV

  10. What a wonderful early fall collection. As always,you've outdone yourself with your precision and style.


  11. This whole wardrobe worked out really well, I love what you did with the twinset here.

    And as for your other post, my store loyalty with everything is determined by "Where is the price the best? Where is exactly what I want? Who will give it to my dude in brown?" But sometimes, I do just have to go out and fondle the fabrics, and there's now only one store within 20 miles of me, besides Walmart. And you know I'm not fighting the crowds at Walmart or spending hours driving to settle my need to feel the fabric!

  12. Your Awsome! So motivated!
    Good for you! Bet your not having to go to the closet and say..... what is there to wear?

  13. Wow! I would love to have one of those gray suits! I purchased a sewing machine 4 months ago and cannot clear enough space on my scrapbooking table to set it up! What an inspiration you are for me to get moving...Visiting from Adrienne's,

  14. Stylish as ever, and I love what you do with twinsets. Also envious that you can wear grey--I've tried, and I just look like death in it unless it's a dark charcoal. BTW, you look especially lovely in that jacket--the neckline is wonderful. Have you thought about trying it with a pencil skirt also?

  15. great wardrobe! I love it all together; it works. I am big into gray right now, or I should say still, so this really speaks to me!
    I need a tnt shell pattern for woven fabrics. I just cut out 3 long sleeved t's out of my tnt knit pattern and what a pleasure to have quick easy things that I know will fit ready for the machine.

  16. I really like the colors, and the way you've pulled it all together.

    Your blog is always so much fun to read-you really enjoy the process, and it's fun to follow along!


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