Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today was a good sewing day!

I love when I wake up in the mood to sew and I have the time. Today I actually could take my time and enjoy the sewing journey. My new fabric from Sawyer Brook arrived earlier this week and was burning a hole through my creative soul so it had to be used.

I had a general idea when I purchased the yard and a half of material...having seen an ad for a designer sweater where the back carried all of the design and the front of the sweater was plain...that ad was the inspiration for the jacket I created today...

But I didn't order a coordinating fabric and was hesitant to think about one until the SB fabric arrived. Once it was here, I rooted around in the fabric closet and chose this cadet blue wool crepe. Now I know that I was thinking of using it to make another version of Vogue 7994 but it played so well with the jacquard fabric and it begged to be used with it so who am I to refuse a fabric's request!

Here are the two fabrics together:

Here is the jacket needing hems, buttons and buttonholes:

And a back view of the jacket:

Here is the unfinished dress and jacket together:

Now the dress still needs a lining as well as bias binding to finish the neckline and armholes...this binding will be made from the jacquard fabric and will tie the jacket and dress together...making them a cohesive outfit. Both pieces are made from TNT patterns, of course! And with a couple more hours of work, this outfit will be ready for work...probably next week when the temps head back to the low 60's here in my area.

But today was a good sewing day...I spent quality time with my sewing machine...and my soul is at rest and ready to go back to work tomorrow. Yes, I am one of the few that doesn't have tomorrow off, so if you are sewing a stitch tomorrow think of me fondly as I am sitting at my desk making a living!

I hope that you had a good sewing day today too!


  1. Love it! I am amazed how you can look at a picture and impliment it. I'll say it again - I want to be you when I grow up :)

    For what it's worth, I have to to work tomorrow too. g

  2. SWEET!!!!!!! I'm a sucker for back detail ;)

  3. Lovely pieces!
    I agree with you, waking up in a sewing mood and having the time to do so feels really good!

  4. Wow you got a lot done, great job! You know some of my favourite pieces ahve detail on the back and until I saw your post I have never really thought to try it more. Now I will think about it!

  5. This is a really great look! I love the fabrics and colours. I had a good sewing weekend, too. I managed to start and finish the dress that came out of the fabric that made me 'see' an outfit in mere seconds. Tonight I will start the accompanying jacket.

  6. looks like it really was a good sewing day
    I'm happy you got some time to enjoy a whole day of sewing after working so hard in the last couple of weeks

  7. Your new outfit is like the mullet of the '80s - corporate in the front, party in the back! I love this suit - excellent work as usual! That fabric from Sawyer Brook is gorgeous - I have been eyeballing it on the website ever since I saw it on your blog the other day. However, with the way the Cdn dollar dropped (compared to the US) last week, I'm not sure I can justify the purchase.

  8. Another fabulous outfit, Carolyn! I love it!


  9. Love the different fabric for the back idea. It totally pops! Very cool!

  10. Nice detail on the jacket - very different. I love the way you tied the front and back together with the trim.

  11. Carolyn .- because it's true, was a very fruitful day. not so much for me, because I have all my seams started and nothing has come to an end. it was divine clothing and his jacket with a combination of fabrics. Best wishes, Paco

  12. Carolyn,

    This outfit it TDF. I love the interesting pattern made by the foulard designs on the back of the jacket.


  13. Your new our fit looks fab. You won't be the only one at work tomorrow - me to!

  14. Your jacket is just lovely. You have such a wonderful way of combining colors! I was at work today, too. I have to earn a paycheck so I can buy more fabric!!!

  15. great outfit! I would love a good sewing day!

    --the duster buster is the best!

  16. I had to work, too, but I was sewing in my head for most of the day, if that counts.

    Love the new outfit. Love both the fabrics - alone and together, so what you did was best of both.

    If your ears were burning on Friday/Saturday it's because you were being used as an example of someone who just has that inborn talent for embellishment and fabric choice. I want to be you when I grow up too.

  17. Lovely suit...but...isn't that fabric still available for SALE - currently?
    I thought fabric was like wine, and must be properly aged. ;P
    Have you worn it yet? It's marvelous.


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