Friday, February 26, 2010

My Favorite Things...

Like Oprah, I have a few favorite things...things that I've probably shared with you but want to share again...these are all sewing related and in no special order...

1.  Fabric Mart
I know I haven't discussed my fabric addiction much here lately but if you've been reading along for any period of time you know that I absolutely love fabric...and I own ALOT of it!  Fabric Mart is my favorite go to place whenever I need a fix!  And can I tell you that I've been hitting off FM alot these past few weeks.  They have the best stuff!  I wholeheartedly endorse them and even though I don't get a kickback (and I should - I really should! *LOL*) they are one of my ALL TIME favorite things!

2.  Club BMV
Seriously, I don't understand how anyone is not a member of Club BMV unless you live right down the street from one of the sewing stores!  If you wait for just the right sale, you can get any pattern in any size, all the time...for a minimal shipping charge...from Butterick, McCalls or Vogue patterns.  Nothing in my book beats Club BMV.

3.  Atlanta Thread & Supply
I know that there are other companies out there selling thread but seriously, these are my go to people.  Every color, every weight, both sewing machine and serger threads, as well as other sewing world is not complete without them!

4.  Vintage Pattern Spots
I have three of them in no particular order that I surf all the time looking for goodies and then convincing myself not to buy them!  *LOL*

Lanetz Living, Out of the Ashes and The Blue Gardenia

I have found some amazing treasures there and even though you haven't seen them all made up yet, don't worry they are coming!

5.  Sewing Magazines
My three favorite sewing magazines are Threads, BWOF (now known as Burda Style) and Vogue Pattern Magazine.  I have admitted this more than once but I must have 13 years of BWOF magazines and only recently made a garment.  But I love them as a fashion magazine ~ on some things they are so far ahead that 2 or 3 years later you can still make a wonderfully fashionable garment!

To me, Threads is the go to magazine especially the first issues because they had so many interesting topics in them.  Now that they are offering the entire collection on DVD, I highly recommend that you own it...even if you are a beginner because you won't be one forever! 

For years I collected VPM but I have to admit that for a time I fell out of love with them but they are back with a hotness!  If you don't subscribe, you definitely should...the last few issues have been packed full of sewing information as well as really kewl patterns!

6. Stitchers Guild
Even though I don't participate like I use go to sewing board is Stitchers Guild.  I love the expertise of the people who sew there...and the sense of sharing that is the essence of the board.  I've made some amazing friends there and learned so many sewing techniques that have elevated my sewing to higher heights.  So even though I don't post like I use to...I'm still slipping in and reading!

Those are a few of my favorite what are yours?  Leave a comment and tell me a few of your favorite sewing things, okay?

The weekend is upon us and I have plans...big sewing plans! *LOL*  Hopefully, I'm going to finish up the dress I cut out last weekend and work on a UFO.  I don't have many of them because I can't stand to have them hanging around but this one is now ready to become a real garment in my wardrobe...

as always...more later!


  1. thank you! thank you! thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing the love. After reading your blog and sharing in your love for fabrics, I finally bit the bullet and purchased from the lovely Fabric Mart. I have received two orders from them and I'm very pleased with the quality and service. My lurking that site has become addictive.

  3. Your blog is one of my favorite things!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Your great!

  5. That post examplifies why I love reading sewistas blog.
    I agree with Sewing Librabian, your blog is one of my favorite things.
    I am glad we share many likes Club BMV BWOF I love vintage patterns and lanetzliving site. The vintage patterns I am looking for are Paris Vogue Original and Vogue American Designer. I've just discovered Spadea Patterns and they seem fabulous. Has anyone heard of them or use them ?
    One thing I love is Pattern Review for their boards. Right now I am following the bridal board. I love the review gallery too. Before buying a pattern I always check what is other sewers opinions.
    An other very helpful forum is the cutter and tailor. It mainly deals with everything concerning bespoke and tailoring and I am learning a lot with them.
    Of course one thing I could not live without now is sewists blogs. My blog list is ever increasing. In fact stopped sewing for almost ten years and my mojo came back when I discoverd the fantastic sewing blogs community I am not exagerating when I say it has changed my life. Thank you for that

  6. Carolyn thanks for sharing your favorite things. Living where we do (at the bottom of the world- or top depending on how you tip that atlas!!)makes it hard to belong to some things such as Club... the postage is a killer and never mind the exchange rate at times. However my fav material shop is emmaonesock - I love the fabrics and the few times I have bitten the bullet and clicked I have never been disappointed.


  7. It is me again, I forgot to mention Marfy Patterns. In fact I never used them but I know they are very well drafted and I love to see what people are making with them

  8. Well, your site is one of my favourites! Because you share useful tips and info, just like this post:) And because you share the triumphs and failures which is inspiring for a beginner like me.

  9. I love all of the same things as you (except my go-to thread place is Cleaner's Supply - cheap Canadian shipping, don't cha know).

    There have been a few threads on PR lately that have sent me scurrying back to SG - thank goodness for the level headed, non-confrontational ladies at SG!

  10. Great info sharing. My favorite store is, though, vintage 40's patterns and Sophia Double Knit from

  11. Thanks for posting your favorite things. One of these days I am going to subscribe to BWOF, and I definitely want to check out Vogue Patterns magazine. I love Threads, and I love that I can buy it at Costco or Sams Club. My favorite store to shop at in my neck of the woods is SAS Fabric by the Pound.

  12. Your list of favorite things is comprehensive. For my list, I would add sewing blogs and the online sewing community. When I can't actually sew, I get my fix from blogs and reading about online sewing buddies' projects.

  13. Carolyn, your blog is on my list of favorite things....I check it daily! I think you absolutely rock when it comes to sewing and creativity. I especially now bow down to your experience....I have struggled for a bit with fit, and after seeing yesterday's post on how you add width, I tried in on a pattern I wanted to works like a dream. I'm a size 10 in the neck and shoulders, but a size 18 everywhere else. I did a little pivot and slide and then slashed the front similar to what you did on your jacket front, and boy-oh-boy was I thrilled with the results. It almost seems too easy!

  14. I let my subscription to Vogue Patterns lapse many years ago, but am re-subscribing on the strength of your recommendation. Should I be thanking you or calling you a bad influence?

  15. I second FabricMart as one of my favorite things!! I love their fabric and the prices can't be beat. I also love cruising sewing blogs for inspiration. Thanks for yours!!

  16. I LOVE Atlanta Thread!! I can order one morning, and by the following evening I have goodies waiting for me on my porch when I get home...they are AMAZING!!!

  17. My list of favorite things is the same as yours with the additions of several more online fabric sources :) and sewing blogs, including yours, of course. Now, I'm trying to work on my sewing skills to come close to yours!!

  18. thanks for the list! I just joined Stitcher's Guild and posted my first request for a critque.

  19. I am glad I subscribed to FM this year. I am loving the samples and have plans to make another purchase soon.

  20. What excellent resources. Thanks...

  21. Ummm, my favorite places. All of the spots on your list. Fabric spots - A Fabric Place - the b&m store for Michael's Fabrics,, PA Fabric Outlet and Gorgeous Things. Support system - mainly SG, PR, and way too many sewing blogs. Shoes - 6 My shoe fetish runs a close second to my fabric collection. And last but not least, DH who supports my habits and carries my boxes home from work.

  22. I appreciate this post very much. Thanks! I will look into Fabric Mart and order from the sewing supply store you suggested. If anyone knows where I can purchase one issue of Burda in NYC I would be grateful.

  23. There are 3 or 4 blogs that I check every time I am online, and yours is one of them! Fabric Mart used to be my favorite and go-to online fabric source, but I don't like how they've changed their website and now find that I am going to Gorgeous Fabrics,, and more often than anywhere else. I love Pattern review but have been spending more time on SG lately. Fashion Sewing Group has my favorite newsletter and my must-have product is the tracing paper from Mr. Art.

  24. Fun list! See, I'm one of those very lucky ones that literally has a Joann's just down the street from our house. It's so small, that they always have the patterns I want on sale. Hence, no need for a ClubBMV subscription. Heh.

  25. Fun list! See, I'm one of those very lucky ones that literally has a Joann's just down the street from our house. It's so small, that they always have the patterns I want on sale. Hence, no need for a ClubBMV subscription. Heh.

  26. Your list is great. I too live near a JoAnns and a Hancocks so I don't subscribe to BMV.

    My favorite sewing magazine is Threads.

    I made my first fabric mart purchase last week, I'll let you know what I think.

    I love love love sewing blogs and your's ranks in the top 5!!!

    I'll add my DH too, he supports all my sewing ventures (especially the money making ones) and brings home my packages from his work.

    Take care and God bless!


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