Saturday, June 26, 2010

One more try

This navy blue sueded silk faille:

(purchased at JoMars during PR Philly Weekend)

and this pattern:

will become my second attempt at creating this dress.  Now I know all of you who love to make a muslin are asking why don't I just muslin it first, but what would be the fun in that?!  I've made the alterations to the pattern. I've cut the fabric out.  I've figured out how to add a lining and a different type of embellishment that will give this dress a totally different look from the first one.  However, on this version I will baste the dress together first to check for fit before adding any of the special touches...if it works I'll move on.  If it doesn't then I will let it go.

I have more fabric and patterns but not a lot more time before summer runs out and since there are many more garments clamoring to be made before summer's will be time to move on!  NEXT!  *LOL*  

So this is what I will be doing this weekend.  What about you, what are you up to?

...and as always, more later!


  1. We are on the same mission this weekend. I'm working on another version of Louise Cutting's One Seam pants pattern. I'm on my third version and I just keep taking out the extra width that I added. I'm close but I need to take out all of the extra width. I'm thinking about reducing the crotch depth so the pants sit lower on my waist. By the end of the weekend, I should have a TNT pants pattern for softer fabrics.

    Of course, the new box of fabric from FM and driving my new to me car are trying to distract me. Decisions, decisions.

  2. I have been basting lately! I find it especially works well with dresses. Have a good sewing weekend!

  3. Good luck, looking forward to the result. Have a good (sewing) weekend.

  4. After a morning of errands, I plan to finish the Mexico skirt. Then I'm going to branch out and try a new skirt pattern - don't say it. but I'm bored. g

  5. I'm withya. Unlike my namesake, MissMuslin, making muslins really bug go ahead, second time is a charm, you will be right.

  6. I am on the same road with you. Trying to complete a dress that I am making for the second time. The first attempt didn't work out because I used the wrong fabric. So far at this point it's working out the way I excepted so I am going to finish it up this weekend. Much success on your second try also.

  7. I made my first muslin with the last skirt I made, and though I found it incredibly tedious and annoying, the muslin skirt turned out to be a good idea. I'm a beginner sewer and make plenty mistakes, so I think making a muslin is a must for me.. oh well..
    Can't wait to see your dress!

  8. Where's the fun in making a muslin? the fun is in not wasting the good fabric! I hope your second try works out for you. That silk is really pretty.

  9. Hope dress #2 is a success!

    I am cleaning up my sewing room, and sorting/squaring up reusable (for quilting) cotton scraps. Tedious but necessary task and way overdue. No new sewing for me until the room is under control. Then I get to mess it up again.

  10. I'm attempting to get my 'new' sewing machine stitching. A $10 find - Singer Merritt 8102, but I can't get it to make an actual stitch. Maybe tomorrow...

  11. This weekend is get some pictures taken of my green dress if the sky breaks thru the rain and then start working on Vogue 1099 in heavy white linen. I feel that summer pressure too. I need a few more summer items for the wardrobe and the clock is ticking.

  12. You know you could use your TNT pattern and get that vogue pattern you tried twice. It would only take you laying the Vogue pattern over your TNT to get the front cut right.


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