Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Afternoon Musings...

It's Friday and as usual my mind turns to what I want to work on this weekend...

I really want to work on my version of the JJill sweater vest. 

I've purchased a pattern and a tweedy black/white & grey knit for my trial version.  For my final version, I have a chunkier brown knit from the collection, that I want to use alongwith some funky buttons. This will be my main project for the weekend. 

Simplicity 2958 - Jacket Update...well I've put the collar onto the jacket and I'm just not sure about it.  I'm actually thinking of ripping it off and putting it on again.  I know I did something squirrelly and it needs to be I will rip it apart this weekend too!  I also need to find an interesting closure...of course the first one I found needs to be mail-ordered...I'm thinking I may need to journey into the garment much angst for such a simple little jacket!   

Have you noticed that this month my projects seem to be more tops?  I think I'm easing myself into the heavy duty sewing by finishing off some quicker projects before starting the more complicated ones that are sure to start next month, as the temperatures continue to fall.  

Did you see the new Holiday listings from McCalls Patterns?  The only reason I ask is that this is one of the featured patterns:

Now this is a definite knock-off of a Michael Kors dress from his Spring 2010 collection that was featured in his spring/summer ads.

This dress has been in the back of my mind as one to duplicate and now I definitely will...even if the pattern does only go up to a size 20.  Some of that double knit fabric I've been collecting and a couple of RiRi Zippers will make this one interesting dress to wear to the office.

BTW, there was nuthin' else that I liked from this collection...and I mean nuthin'!!!

Continuing on in the holiday sister is throwing herself a 40th Birthday Gala next month with evening wear I'm working on an idea for my dress for the party.  I know I should be thinking color but I want something elegant, sleek and black.  I have this picture hanging on my bulletin board of a simple dress from Dillards that I'm thinking of making floor length...but more on that later!

Just a few things I'm thinking about this friday how about you?  Do you have plans to sew this weekend?  If so, what?  If not, why not? 

...more later!  


  1. I agree with the new McCalls patterns . . . very "meh" about them except for the Kors knockoff. And as for your sister's celebration, I sure wish you'd consider a fabulous color for your outfit . . . I know that you can never go wrong with black, but I'd love to see you in a vibrant, perhaps jewel-toned color!

  2. Yeah, the new McCalls patterns were a mess. Blech! This weekend I'm hoping to finish up at least one, if not two(!) dresses for me as we've finally found cool weather in LA and I want some new dresses to wear with my boots. Oh, and more baby clothes sewing. Little dresses this time though, so that should be fun. :)

  3. I have a linen shirt on deck for DH, a one-way stripe (3 shades of blue and 2 of green) which is cut out and the interfacing applied. Now that we've finished refreshing 2 apartments for new tenants and ripped up the tomato plants anticipating a cold night tonight, I can get back to sewing.

    But, Saturday afternoon we're going to a big wine tasting, so it will be sew in the morning and on Sunday. No sewing after wine-ing!

  4. It's not much of a holiday selection. I like that dress as well. I also like the little belted trench jacket. It's cute and trendy and perfect for my climate.

  5. Tee-hee! I thought of you when I saw that pattern with the zippers! It really was the only one in the collection worth looking at. The cutout version is cute as well.

    I don't have much sewing fun lined up for the weekend - just boring "have to do it" stuff. I'm just living vicariously right now! Thanks for enabling!!

  6. I agree with you about the McCalls patterns. I was disappointed once I went to their site to see the rest. This weekend I plan to finish up the jacket for a suit I've been working on.

  7. I so agree with you about the McCall's patterns. The dress was the only one that was good. Can't wait to see your vest, it will be fabulous. No sewing plans, heading out to spend the weekend with my oldest and her hubby. I think we might be going to Hancock's tonight, at least I hope so! :)

  8. I love you, Carolyn! I love your attitude, your style, all of it. :)

    I hadn't checked out the new McCalls patterns yet, but that is a beautiful dress. I can totally see it on you. When you said you didn't like any of the other offerings, I rushed over, knowing that we like different styles, so I was hoping there might be something appealing to me. Nope. Those patterns are mostly meh, for sure. (I agree with Erica that the belted trench jacket is quite cute, but I've seen a very nice Burda version of that design, and it's not my style either.)

    Thanks for your blog!!

  9. I like the Kors knockoff, though I didn't know that's what it was until you pointed it out! I might have to make that one, but I didn't like anything else. I agree, they do seem to be trending very junior, which I don't understand at all.

  10. You're right - the Kors dress is the only decent offering...

    Now that I have a bodice sloper, I'm going to trace it onto heavier paper and find a simple top to re-size and start sewing...

  11. I really like that McCalls dress pattern - I haven't had a chance to look at the new holiday patterns yet but that's probably just as well because I really don't need to be buying any new patterns! I'm planning on getting some t-shirt sewing done this weekend. Enjoy your weekend sewing!

  12. There's a reason that dress was in the email from McCalls - that's the only one that is great - the rest of the patterns were blah, except for a few kids things. I wasn't even crazy about the little girl things for a holiday dress. I have better patterns in stash. Sewing - we have a baptism to attend this weekend - I already made CeeCee a pair of pants since she dislikes dresses so and Hayley has a new little dress made from a vintage pattern. I have a vintage wrap dress cut out - now if I can make it before Sunday :)

  13. Don't know if I'll sew or not this weekend. I'm visiting karent, so we'll see. Definately some shopping and sewing TALK this weekend, though. And I brought my box of feet, just in case.

  14. Oh!Oh! Hurry and make that vest! The style is very nice. Can't wait to see your version.
    I wish I was sewing this weekend, but have to teach silk painting Saturday and Sunday I'm starting the basement cleanup to turn it into a larger studio space for me. I'll sneak in an hour of sewing somewhere.

  15. Carolyn, I love the lace trim you use on your hems. What is it, and where do you buy it. I just tried (and did not use) some Wright's wide nylon hem tape. It is awful!

  16. I like the MKors dress and think that I need to find some interesting zippers. This weekend, I'm working on a dress and pants sloper for the new version of the PMB program. If things fit well, I'll draft a pair of pants and cut them out.

  17. I blogged about the McCall's dress yesterday too. (

    You and I seem to have similar taste. We both recently made versions of the September Burda cover dress and we both liked the gray Calvin Klein dress with the chevron pattern too.
    Do you think the trend towards cut outs around the neck and shoulder area is fleeting?

  18. I agree about the new patterns, there was nothing that I liked...and so much that was reminiscent of the 1980s. Really, I didn't wear slouchy tops IN the 80s!

    I can't wait to see your JJill vest!

  19. You are so right about the holiday collection. Very disappointing, I can't decide if the first sequin dress is a costume or an actual dress !


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