Saturday, October 23, 2010

The JJill Vest - Part 1 The Components

I'm starting with Vogue 8676 for my version of the JJill vest.  Now if you look at the pictures on the Vogue site you would wonder why that was my starting point. 

But after diligently searching through my pattern collection and then checking all of the pattern sites online, the bones of this one persuaded me that it would be perfect for my starting point.  See what I is the pattern drawing which I believe always tells the true story of a pattern...

Now imagine it without the sleeves... see how the collar is high enough and there are bands in the front that echo the bands on the front of the JJill vest.  These are good bones to start with...and this is the fabric:

A salt and pepper ltwt knit purchased in the last fabric gorge from Fabric Mart especially for this vest.  I think I'm going to put some black buttons on this first version.  I've spent a few bus rides going over the construction in my I have to read the pattern instructions to see if they jive with my vision!  *LOL*

So now you know what I'll be doing today...hopefully I will have more to share later...


  1. Yes, I can see it. I really like this pattern and look forward to your version.

  2. Have fun sewing this vest!
    It's strange how sometimes you can't look past the picture. But you're right. It is a nice pattern. I wouldn't have given it a second thought, looking at those pictures but I'm glad you did.

  3. Ithink this will be a perfect pattern for your vest.

  4. I see how the jacket works for the pattern. That's a great idea, and one I'd have never connected.

    I should probably introduce myself since I've been stalking your blog for weeks. I'm Melissa, a plus size beginning sewist from Florida.

    Off and on over the years I've done "some" sewing. Home dec, kids pajamas, etc. I have a LONG way to go to get to your skill level. However, I'm inspired by your creativity and I am shamelessly trying to learn from your work.

  5. I think the vest is a great idea and this pattern should work well. Funny, I too am thinking about vests again after many years of not wearing them, so practical and pulls separates together. Looking forward to the result.

  6. This has inspired me to give J. Jill a second look. Also, I received my pattern last week-- thanks so much!

  7. Yes, I think this pattern will be perfect. I have this pattern, so I'm looking forward to your rendition.

  8. You are SO right about line drawings. They tell the true story! I'm almost finished with a camel vest made from Nancy Erickson's jacket pattern, inspired by the Dries Van Noten sleeveless jacket that's been in the fashion mags. Wasn't sure about camel on me, but decided to try it. Your pattern and fabric should be great together.

  9. Oh, yeah, I can definitely see this! I always skip the fashion photos and go to the line drawings for the real deal.

  10. This seems likt the perfect pattern to me. have fun creating it Carolyn. Have I said before how much I love your blog?

  11. The pattern is a great starting point for your inspiration pic and look forward to your version.


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