Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've spent the last three hours digging around in my fabric collection.  Looking for the fabrics that I know are in there somewhere...for the dress I want to work on this weekend.  More on that later...

I've realized that even though I'm gaining a sewing room, I need to do something about fabric storage sooner rather than later!  Because the one thing I've always prided myself on was the fact that even though I have a lot of fabric, I could always find what I needed easily...and that just wasn't the case tonight.

So in the next couple of weeks, I will be looking at storage units so that the fabric that I stashed away and out of sight, can come into the light to remind me of the wonderous treasures I own.  The good thing is that I did manage to find the fabric I was looking for...but that was mainly because I refused to be deterred and because I really want to make this garment.

Here is a really bad picture of the two pieces together...

...and don't ever let someone borrow your camera to take a few never comes back the way it was given to them...*sigh*

Anyway...more later on the new garment I'm obsessing over...


  1. Glad you were able to find the fabric you were looking for. Can't wait to see the dress.

  2. I know what you mean. But wouldn't you rather dig through fabric than snow. Enjoy the volume of your stash.
    I just started to buy Burda Plus magazine. When I opened it up and saw the dresses I immediately thought of you.

  3. I'm in the process of overhauling my fabric storage, so I feel you! I don't have a room for my sewing, just two desks pushed together butted up to the kitchen bar, but have been blessed with a large double closet for fabric storage. I had (in our old house) two of the nearly ceiling height wood and metal garage shelves that I got from freecycle. I had huge windows in the room they were in, so put up old sheets around the edges to protect the fabric from sun damage. Perhaps a similar set up would work if you don't have closet/shelf storage? Best of luck with the sewing room - I'm looking forward so much to seeing photos!

  4. I overhauled my stash at the beginning of the year. I got the ITouch app "SewingKit" and spent the day taking pictures of each piece of fabric I own and entered it into the app. along with the yardage, color, type and where it is stored. I store my fabric in plastic bins which I numbered. So now when I am looking for something I just go my ITouch then go to the bin it is stored in. The app also stores patterns, people with their measurements and projects I am working on. I find it great when I am in the fabric store and need information. Good luck to you.

  5. I truly understand how you feel. I just finished overhauling my sewing room. (check it out on my new blog last part to completing my sewing room project is how to organize my fabrice stash in the closet. I was thinking about using storage from The Container Store, but came across the Expedit bookcases from Ikea. I think these bookcases will better suit my need. check them out, they maybe an option for you.

  6. What I did a few months back was refold every stitch of fabric in that special way that makes them all the same size. It is a huge amount of work but was so worth it. I got to see things I forgot I owned. With them all coming out folded the exact same size they are so easy to organize by color and type and it is easy to see them at a glance. They also all looked so pretty once folded and organized.

    I really think ones stash should be as visible as possible. Doing a database takes too much time in my opinion, but I guess if you have that much its necessary. I like that I can just walk up to my fabrics in the fabric closet and in the back room downstairs and see them all. It can be pretty inspiring. Are you working with the designer on storage? Seems he/she would have some definite ideas.

    If you want to see how I folded everything there's a tute on the blog showing what I did. Hope it helps.

  7. I had my stash in really good shape until last week. I'm faced with a huge sewing deadline (see my blog - so I've been pulling out fabrics to decide the items to make. Somehow the fabrics haven't been put back in the space they live. Now the stash needs organizing all over again.


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