Friday, February 25, 2011

I've Got a List

...and I sooooo want to use it!  A sewing list that is...

See it hit me while I was making the Versace Inspired Dress, I'm stuck and in a rut with the Pinstripe Follies.  I decided that I wouldn't sew any of the additional pieces until the jacket was completed and well...the jacket isn't no other pieces are finished either.  See, stuck!

But because I've been working on something that has me charged up and has brought my mojo roaring back, I've now got a list of things I want to make...mostly dresses of course...but pieces that intrigue me and make me want to chain myself to my sewing machine until they've emerged from flat pieces of fabric to garments that are hanging in my closet.

So I'm gonna sew my list.  I'm gonna put the Pinstripe Follies on the back burner and hope and pray that I come back to them...especially since I've got about 2 months of fall/winter sewing left before I'll move onto spring sewing.

Speaking of inspired...I journeyed to the Garment District this afternoon on the A Train.  One stop and I was in fiber heaven.  I bought the navy piping...which btw I've decided to use.  So thanks everyone for weighing in with your opinions and reasons.  I know the navy piping is the way to go with the dress, I just lost it for a minute Sunday evening when I thought I could actually finish the dress.  It has a few more hours worth of work but it will definitely be completed this weekend.  Mama needs a new dress for work!  *LOL*

The rest of my list is to finish up the tweedy straight skirt and cardigan, and to make two or three more dresses.  I don't really want to share what the dresses will be right now because I don't want the blog know when you talk about something so much and then it doesn't see the light of day...can I just say "Pinstripe Follies" to prove my point. 

Anyway...know that I will be sewing this weekend...that I will have pics of finished garments to share...and that my mojo is BACK!

...more later!!!


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! A big reason I rarely discuss my projects ahead of time, or even in process, is that it almost always results in a project where I get bogged down. It's as if the energy that comes from talking about it is ripped from the mojo energy I use to make it.

    The less I talk about it, the more likely it is to see the light of day. :D

  2. Blogging about my projects has kept me on the straight and narrow with some of them. Looking forward to your next post when you show us what you have been working on!

  3. I say work your mojo until you can't work it any more. Lol

  4. I'm loving your new dress. Have you seen the April/May 2011 issue of Threads Magazine? Shirley Botsford an article ONE DRESS, FOUR WAYS that's doing what your doing with your Versase dress. Check it out.

    CarlaF-in Atlanta

  5. as much as my dad wants me to move back to NY I couldn't do it, I would be shopping in the garment district every week, maybe twice a week, not good.
    I am happy you got your mojo back, I am in serious planning mode myself I have fabric pulled out by color family, its a beautiful thing, btw, for the eyelet I decided to go with B5353.

  6. Excellent choice. I was pulling for the navy piping, obviously!

    Blog jinxes - yup, they sure exist! Once in a while I will do a "planning" sort of post, one without a real commitment yet. But going into detail about something that I haven't even got the pattern for yet, that sure can be a jinx. BTDT. I try to post on projects when I actually get them going. I find it can be quite a motivator at that point, any earlier, not so much.

  7. I'm glad your mojo is back! Visiting your blog is a delightful treat!

  8. I have a list on my blog of goals for 2011 - it's to keep me focussed (I don't think anyone even looks at the page). I don't have regular readers like you, so my blog is really just a log for me - what I want to achieve and what I have achieved - it feels good to see things crossed off.

    Oh, by the way, the dress you are working on has inspired me to 'think' about doing my own version.

  9. You are a dress diva Carolyn, that always fires you up so go with it. I love your dresses and look forward to the surprises the will roll out of your list.


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