Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A few more thoughts on the CJ Dress

I'm sure those who believe in muslins are wondering if I had made a muslin wouldn't that have resolved my fit issues.  However, what bothers me most about this dress is the thinness of the rayon/lycra fabric.  And it's not even that it isn't a great piece of fabric...because it's the fact that I don't do such thin rayon knits on my bodacious body.  In a slightly heavier knit, I would have lived without the minor changes that I will now make to the pattern.

The second thing that I'm not sure I emphasized enough is that I really do like this pattern and have already thought up three new versions of this dress.  I will most likely line the entire dress in the tricot knit, just because I like a lined dress better than an unlined one. 

Length - I am firmly in the camp of dresses that end just slightly below my knees are most attractive and comfortable on me.  So I will definitely add to the hemline of the dress.  And I have one or two pieces that have a serged hem but it is not my hem of choice.  I would much rather have a finished, well-pressed hem.

Finally, from working with this pattern I can already "see" the next two versions.  This is a good thing because then I have a roadmap or a plan to work from...I have a thin ponte knit in my fabric collection that will provide the coverage I want, yet give me the drape I need.  I also have a printed rayon knit that I purchased this year on the great fabric shopping trip (Do you recognize it Shams & Peggy?) that will work well for this definitely look for the next renditions of this dress because it's sort of gotten into my blood... always, more later! 


  1. OH OH OH! Yes, that will be *lovely* in tht fabric!!! :D

  2. I love the way you "walk" us through your thinking process! I still struggle finding the "right" fabrics for my patterns/body. Thank you for helping me begin to understand the various types of knit fabrics that are available and how best to use them.

  3. That's some gorgeous fabric you shared pics of. I'm with you. I want a finished hem. I just feel so much better about having a nice finish on my garments. You phrase it much better than I.

  4. In general I am a believer in muslins (because I have to make so many alterations) but when it comes to knits I think you are absolutely right - I have found that you can never really judge how a knit is going to work until you actually make it. Knit fabrics seem to behave very differently and I think it takes a bit of trial and error to get them to work for a particular pattern. I am looking forward to seeing your next version.

  5. I'm never happy with thin rayon knits unless I'm sewing for my 5'10" size 4 daughter. The dress is cute and I like the contour on the back of the dress. I'm sure you'll be much happier with the ponte knit version.

  6. Go Carolyn go! Can't wait to see it!

  7. Your blog is the best to read. Love the honesty - "love the pattern, hate the fabric" - you say it like it is.
    Thin knits are not forgiving, they emphasize every bump even on bodies that are slender.
    Looking forward to your further posts.

  8. You are right about the different weights of knits turning out so differently. Some of todays knits are so thin if worn tightly folks could count the hook and eyes on my bra! You have a great pattern. And you also have a muslin of a sort, this first dress. Use that dress to modify any future dresses. It looks like you have some terrific fabric picked out already!

  9. Somehow I couldn't picture a CJ pattern and fabric combo working for you. But I think the style of the dress is interesting and very flattering. I am sure you will use those fabrics to make some great dresses. That print looks like it might be a border print. I can't wait to see what you do with it.


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