Thursday, June 16, 2011

Half way through the year...

I'm working on Butterick 5620 and am having some challenges with this it got me to thinking about my sewing so far this year...

Because I pledged to not only buy but sew up many of the new plus size patterns that Butterick produced (I know they did so because of my incessant blog b*t*hing...right?) *LOL*  I've moved quite a bit outside my sewing comfort zone...which of course led me to think on exactly what I have sewn so far this year.

I know many of you think of me as The Queen of Dresses and the TNT pattern but that hasn't actually been the sum total of my sewing experiences this year.  Yes, January and February started off with a lot of TNT pattern use - but seriously, I'm NEVAH fitting another pair of pants so you will see a version of this pattern until the day I die.  Otherwise, my Versace adventure was based upon my TNT pattern and a new pattern to me...Vogue 7617 (OOP)...which I would actually like to use again.

March - brought skirts and a jacket from Simplicity 2958.  I love this jacket and actually have plans for a spring/summer version of it.  Again more use of TNT patterns but not a dress in sight!  Two jackets and two skirts were added to the wardrobe...even though I started working on Butterick 5598...which is still sitting on my cutting table...*sigh*
April - began the love affair with Vogue 1250.  The first version out of the black and white ponte knit was such an easy and fulfilling experience that the obsession was on! *LOL*  Two other dresses were added to the wardrobe ~ both from knit fabrics and the second version of V1250 in a gray & black knit print.

May - brought more Vogue 1250 love.  The brightly colored rayon version that I made for Mother's Day and a knit dress from my TNT pattern that bought me more than a little bit of grief - the Knit Circle & Stripes Dress.  I also finished Butterick 5600 - made using a border print linen from Elliott Berman and my version of The Rachel Skirt - Vogue 1247.

Which brings us to I did finish my Christine Jonson Princess Seam Dress during the first days of June but it's journey was a large part of the last few weeks of May.  I have to tell you that I love this dress.  I love the way that I look in it and how it makes me feel - confident, pretty and yes, even slim - well for this plus size woman! *smile*  Another V1250 dress and two skirts that I've yet to blog about complete the number of garments sewn so far this year.

For an actual count, I've made one pair of pants, two jackets, seven skirts and eleven dresses so far this year...for a total of 21 pieces.  I've used 40.5 yards of fabric and six new patterns.  Okay that's a lot of new patterns for me! I'm in awe of sewists who use a new pattern for each new garment.  I think I would give up sewing if I had to do that! *LOL*

And now I'm working on Butterick 5620...another new pattern filled with new fitting challenges.  I have a date with my seam ripper because in some crazy portion of my brain...I imagine myself much heavier than I actually am and need to remove "inches and inches" of fabric to make this thing work!  I am feening...feening I tell you for a TNT pattern...expect one with a quickness and a hurry soon after this dress is done. always, more later!



  1. Cannot wait to see the pics :D

  2. Imagining I am bigger than I am is something I do as well. Often I realize I could have cut a size smaller after all is said and done. I just think I am bigger than I am, too and always cut one or two sizes larger from the waist down. Then I have to substract fabric. I guess that's better than wishing I had more and don't.

    Thanks for the midyear review, very impressive.

  3. I too am plus-size and I often feel complimented whenever I have to seam rip or take in because something is too big. It doesn't happen very often anymore. Pity. That is probably because I am better acquainted with my measurements and cut the pattern to size the first time. My only too big issue that I continually struggle with is too large necklines, but I had that issue when I was slender also.

  4. I never imagine my top half bigger than it is, but always seem to forget to take in my patterns at the hips and thighs, since I have narrow hips. No need adding bulk to any spot on my body. lol

    You do bring up an interesting topic. Plus size, small, or petite - we all look better in clothes that fit. If it is too tight or if we are swimming in it, just makes us look less-than-our-best.

  5. Carolyn, you have had a very productive 6 months of sewing. Can't wait to see your new dress.

  6. I feel like sewing means I can/should make clothes that fit ME (vs. off-the-rack clothes that somewhat fit a range of women)... but after a lifetime of wearing that "somewhat" fit, I'm not sure if I know what good fit is! I guess more experience will help with that.

    Anyhoodle, I'm going to be expeditious (lazy) and reply to your earlier post about giving away clothes. Have you heard of Dress for Success ( I only know them by name, but I thought they might really appreciate your giveaways. "The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life." Nothing wrong with Goodwill, of course, but it's another option.

  7. I'm jealous. You've been so amazingly productive, and it all ends up in your closet. When I get really productive - it ends up in someone else's closet. May-be I should get a little more selfish with my sewing time.

  8. You have made so many wonderful garments in the last six months - opening your wardrobe and finding nothing to wear is never going to be a problem for you! I love how you use your TNT pattern to make dresses that actually look very different but you also throw a new pattern into the mix every now and again. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make in the next six months!

  9. And, it's not just 21 garments you've made, it's 21 that are all you, fit perfectly, are expertly made from fabrics you love, are tweaked to your style, and work with your other clothes. You'd never find that in retail. So what's planned for the next 6 months???


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