Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lavender 'n Gray Skies Wardrobe

I've wanted to make these wardrobe pieces for the last couple of months.  I haven't sewn a wardrobe (series of garments) in awhile and I've been jonesing to do some coordinated sewing.  So I've pulled together all of the pieces ~ patterns, fabrics and notions, for the wardrobe.  

First the wardrobe pieces:
1.  Jacket from Butterick 6002
This is the foundation piece of the collection.  The jacket will be made from the felted/fulled lavender wool jersey.

2.  TNT straight skirt
3.  TNT lined pants
4.  TNT sheath dress
These pieces will be made from the gray tropical wool from Fabric Mart and have all made appearances here before.  They are staples in my wardrobe.

5.  White shirt
I've decided to go with a non-traditional white shirt.  I've always wanted to use the Khaliah Ali Simplicity 2566 pattern and the shirt included in this pattern does have a collar but its a pull-on...not a button down shirt.  It also comes with a tie which I will make because I like both of these that's my non-traditional white shirt.

6.  Cardigan from out-of-print (OOP) Burda 8869
Burda 8869 is my go to cardigan pattern.  It always works. I just have to determine the right length for this collection. I want the cardigan to work with not only the dress and skirt but the pants I'm thinking this will be a little longer especially since the jacket is on the short side which will give some balance to the collection.

It's a pretty basic wardrobe but it's perfect for work.  Here's a look at the fabric combination:

I had the same button on hand in two sizes so that the cardigan and jacket will have matching buttons.  I really like that the buttons will tie the pieces together. I've already made the pattern alterations to the jacket pattern pieces and have begun working on it's construction.

Finally a few answers to comments left on the Erdem Inspired Dress Final:
1.  Glad everyone liked the shoes.  I worried that they might be a bit much with the dress but I really liked the look...especially now that I'm on the second floor and not the main floor of our office...I can look a little more fashion forward.

2.  No, I didn't wear the dress on Tuesday.  It was wayyyyy to cold in NYC to wear a dress.

3.  These shoes are old.  The brand is Bandalino and I have no idea where I purchased them from...sorry!

4.  The construction of the dress really wasn't that fast.  I started it last week (Tuesday or Wednesday evening) and I finished it up on Sunday.  I just had to wait for a photographer to post pictures of it.

5.  Dharma asked about Julie's Swatch Club at Fabric Mart.  I haven't been a member of the swatch club in at least 3 years because they have such great fabric on the website that I felt I didn't need it.  So I'm sorry but I have no information on the Swatch Club.  However, the club is being discussed on Stitcher's Guild in the Fabric Mart 3 folder.  You may find more information there.

Finally thanks for all of your kind compliments on the dress...they are truly appreciated! always more later!



  1. Lovely colour combinations - looking forward to seeing the completed wardrobe - I am sure you will be inspiring many others with this.

  2. Brilliant wardrobe combination, and lovely fabric choices. Looking forward to the white shirt - I have it 'in-the-pile' and would love to see your version...

  3. Love the colors! You post such lovely finished photos. Look forward to seeing this outfit finished and photographed.

  4. Oh, that's exciting! It will be fun to see you make some coordinates! :)

  5. Carolyn,
    I am just catching up on my blog reading and finished your December 31 post. You ROCK! 'Nuff said.

  6. What a wonderful combination of fabrics!

  7. I so love your blog! The fabric and color combinations are great. Looking forward to see the completed wardrobe

  8. I love the colours you've put together. I am a fan of all shades of purple, but something about that lavender and grey is really beautiful.

  9. The colors are just beautiful! This is one of my favorite combinations. I look forward to seeing the results.

  10. Great color combination. Looking forward to seeing the finished wardrobe.

  11. Wow I can't wait to see how it turns out! Loving the color combos, fabric, and pattern choices! I think having the matching buttons is an especially cool way to tie the whole thing together.

  12. I've used one of the other Khalia Ali patterns and I really loved it-the fit really was excellent, the D cup was not skimpy at all, it didn't ride up in the front and the vee neck wasn't obscenely low, problems I've run into in other plus sized patterns. All in all it was very well designed for the more generously endowed. I think you'll enjoy that blouse!

  13. I'm really loving all things lavender at the moment. These fabrics will look gorgeous on you. Dare I ask if you have lavender shoes??

  14. Great colors... really nice. I'm excited for you! It's sort of like getting a new wardrobe myself... well you know. I do love the colors though, lately I've had this purple/violet/lilac etc... going on. My DH has been teasing me about it! At least I'm not into red/purple LoL..yet!

  15. Thank you Caroline for sharing your information about Julia's swatch club. I will try to get over to the Stitcher's Guild.


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