Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Last night "The State of the Union" address was given by President Obama and this morning I went to the blog, Mrs. O, to see what the First Lady wore.  I missed the address because I was out.  She was wearing a Barbara Tfank dress from the Resort 2012 line so I moseyed on over to to check out the line.  After closing out the screen, the Spring Couture 2012 lines popped up and a blue dress in the Chanel line caught my eye.  I clicked in and thought I would just take a peek...

You know I ended up taking more than a peek.  I ended up viewing the entire collection, then printing some pics out for my inspiration board...but as I looked at garment after garment, all I could think is that it was all about the pockets.

Now what does this remind you of:

(all pics courtesy of

And doesn't this look like 

Aren't these pants kewl with 
the deep pockets on the side:

I just love what I can see of this dress:

Almost every model walked the runway with her hands in some type of pocket.  But what struck me the most was the use of that invisible pocket that was featured in the Rachel Cormey skirt.  I mean Karl Lagerfeld used this pocket quite a bit in some really creative ways...he added a satin band, he added a floral embellishment, a sequined embellishment, and the frayed edge of the fabric.  I thought I was doing something when I used that pocket on my Rachel Dress but Lagerfeld took it to an entirely different level.

I have another Rachel Dress on my winter sewing list and after seeing the Chanel Couture Spring 2012 line, I'm moving that one up to the top of the list cause those pockets, pockets, pockets are doing a number on me! always, more later!


  1. It's so great to see pockets on women's clothing!!!

  2. I happened to notice the Chanel line earlier today too. And I too could not stop looking until I had viewed the whole thing! I think the pockets are cool, but I don't know how they would look on me. I thought the collection was stunning though - lots of inspiration, even if I don't use the pocket idea.

  3. I had the exact same thought about those pockets! I loved the look of this whole collection and will have to think how / if I should incorporate some ideas into my sewing projects.

  4. These are inspiring. Who doesn't like pockets? I think the pants are my absolute favourites.

    I notice he used a lot of blue, blue hasn't been an "in colour" in a while. It looks good against pantone's orange as well. A light blue suit with orange pumps in the summer would look pretty good, I think.

  5. You're making me want to get that Rachel Comey skirt, even if only to learn how to make the pockets. Wouldn't it be cool in a khaki for summer?

    What fabric are you going to use for your #2 Rachel dress?

  6. What is your thought about plus sizes and pockets. My mum always said big girls shouldn't wear pockets b/c you want as smooth of a line as possible. I was out yesterday and noticed jeans with Rachael skirt type pockets! I also put that Mc5007 pattern closer to the to of the I need to dream up the plus sized changes.

    I read here often, thought I would make a comment today...thanks for keeping me inspired!

  7. Pockets!!! OMG. I tend to overlook them and then after I'm done, I wish I'd put them in. case in point: my winter overcoat that I made two years ago did not come with pockets in the pattern and I sort of forgot about it until it was over and then realized that I did not have a place for gloves. Darn. I'm not going to make THAT mistake again. Time to put a card with "Put In Pockets!!" over my sewing machine!

  8. The Rachel skirt is on my sewing project list. I plan to make it using a black wool crepe. If it turns out well, I'll make it up in denim. I'll have to check out the Chanel line to see what I can do with the skirt.

  9. I think I should just add a pocket to every single garment I sew - if I end up with a top & bottom that have no pockets, I feel naked! I hope this is a trend.....

  10. Let's hear it for pockets in women's clothes!


  11. I'm drooling over those dramatic collars. And more dresses should have pockets!

  12. Funny thing those pockets.........I like them too and was a little surprised to see them again and again throughout the Chanel collection. What's the inspiration, I wondered. Phones? (HS kids are smuggling phones into class via their UGGS these days.) Wasn't a designer on Project Runway outed for pockets on a dress? Although they were larger and placed on the outside hip. Nina and Michael went to work on that design element, you betcha. Perhaps someone in designer heaven (aka KL) reconsidered. : ) Who knew?

  13. Thanks for taking me to places I never would have found on my own. Looking forward to your interpretation of Karl's pockets.

  14. I just adore the rachel skirt. In fact, that whole pattern is wonderful!

  15. That is amazing! Now I have to make at Rachel skirt!


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