Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday afternoon musings...

I'm home in my very cool  (vs. the very hot temps outdoors) basement sewing room contemplating my next sewing move.  I have a list of projects for July including a really big one, but today I'm feeling like something quick and easy.  I have a load of new knits sitting on my cutting table and I really just want a dress that I can cut and sew.

So inspired by Cennetta's latest version of Vogue 1250, I've pulled out my copy to make me another one (my 7th!!!) from this fabric:

...and maybe even a quick maxi with another knit from McCalls 6559...I don't know but whatever I make this weekend will be quick and easy since the Trendy Lace Dress took way more time and energy than I imagined or planned for.  BTW, it's finished, I just need to wait for my daughter to show up to take a few it's quick and easy for me this weekend...especially since I have to work on Sunday.  Yes, I know, working on Sunday and a lot of hours in the next two weeks so complicated is just not going to work for me sewing-wise right now.  
There were a few questions I wanted to answer...
Karen asked, "if I had plans to make a striped version of the Peyton dress?"
...and yes of course I do!  The dress is a breeze to make and wears wonderfully, so yes expect a striped one.

And another question about the Peyton's construction from Annie, who asked, "whether I used interfacing when I interlined my Peyton Dress?"
First, I underlined not interlined the dress.  There is no lining added to the dresses I underlined.  Second, there is no interfacing in the dresses.  I used medium weight fabrics and there were no areas in the dresses that needed the support that interfacing adds.  Hope this helps you in making your own Peyton dress!

So I'm off to sew...and hopefully have another dress or two... always, more later!


  1. Thanks Carolyn. I appreciate your help.

  2. Carolyn, that fabric is to die for!!! Is it a recent purchase? (hint hint) ;-)

  3. You have 2 great quickie dresses planned. Girl, you've more than got your money's worth from Vogue 1250. The fabric you picked is stunning! You can't go wrong with a nice paisley:)

  4. Glad you are cool! That is a nice border print and will make a lovely dress.

  5. Such lovely fabric.. Can't wait to see the finished product..
    Happy sewing.

  6. That's a gorgeous cut of fabric. You are going to look great in that dress when it's done.

  7. Wow that's truly nice fabric, both of them! Sorry you gave so much work taking away from your sewing time! But as we all know, it's the means by which we can keep sewing! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  8. I am LIVING in my basement these days. I don't have central air (window units) and it's so much cooler and calmer down there with a fan on. Moving my sewing room to the basement was the best idea I've had :)

    Love that fabric!

  9. Yes it is a great pattern; I was going to pull mine out today and make a LBD. I think the fabric is a hemp/bamboo/something blend. Love your fabric choice.

  10. I have made myself 2 patterned V1250s, and 2 solids, including a pink one a couple of weeks ago. My second daughter cooed about how pretty it was when I wore it; that made me feel great. I also made one for a relative who called in a panic because she had nothing to wear to a semi-formal dinner 3 days later. I zipped her up a V1250 in maroon stretch velvet, and her hubby said she raked up compliments like they were going out of style. That pattern is wonderful, and I can't wait to see your latest version!

  11. Glad to inspire. What are friends for?!


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