Thursday, October 03, 2013

A Favor for a Friend

So my coworker was the first woman in our office to get pregnant.  It was a pretty exciting time finally having a female coworker pregnant in the office.  I really wanted to give her a special gift so when she asked me to take her wedding gown and make a christening gown for her unborn baby, I emphatically said yes.

Before you go scrolling down looking for pictures of a finished garment, there are none.  See my coworker ended up having a difficult pregnancy and going home early.  Then after a c-section, she ended up with a beautiful healthy baby boy but she was unable to get the dress to me in time to make a Christening Gown.

They ended up buying a Christening Outfit instead.  But she did want something to commemorate the date by having the baby's initials and the date of the Christening monogrammed into his outfit.

Now you know that I've had my new sewing machine since January and I can honestly say that I haven't used all of it's features.  Seriously, I've used about 2% of it's capabilities but I figured that I would grow into know learn as I go. Well this was one of the first learn as you go situations...

After a couple of samples...

I figured out what was the best color thread (lt. blue ~ white just melted into the satin), best type (cotton ~ it was thicker and provided a better fill) and a bobbin full of the same thread to get the best monogram.  I figured out how to save the monogram into the sewing machine's memory and best thing, I didn't need to draw a line with a marking tool to make sure that monogram was straight.  The sewing machine sewed perfectly straight...gotta love that!

Next was finding the perfect place to put the monogram in his little suit.   I decided upon the facing of the shirt, hidden from view like his mother requested, yet large enough for them to see when they open the shirt...

...and it worked perfectly! *sigh of relief*  She also wanted his little onesie monogrammed but I was less successful there.  I got it on...

...but it's not centered and after trying to remove a piece I initially attempted to monogram, I knew that it wouldn't come out easily, so I'm conceding defeat there and hoping that she won't mind too much!  I did add a piece of lightweight fusible interfacing to the back of the onesie before I monogrammed it.

Anyway, this is my favor for a friend. The Christening is Saturday and here is his little outfit...

I hope he wears it with pride and that his mother is happy!

Next up more construction info on the Vogue 8935... always more later!


  1. That was a very nice thing to do for your friend, I am sure she appreciated it very much.

  2. What a lovely present. And I'm glad you're now using about 7.5% of your sewing machine's capability!

  3. Lovely! I'm glad you had the opportunity to expand your "machine knowledge", it looks wonderful.

  4. What a lovely thing to do for your friend. I don't use this function on my machine very much and I always have trouble with placement as well. You did a superb job and this little boy will look adorable in his new suit!

  5. Carolyn, what type machine do you have again? Are you happy with it? I am in the market, come my birthday...Thanks!

  6. How lovely for you to be able to contribute to your co-worker's joyful occasion! With regard to the onesie, could you embroider a small design (a little sailboat or something)at the end of the monogram to make it look more centered overall?

  7. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. I think I have turned over a new sewing leaf in this contest. I really enjoyed trying to do quality work and will now head in that direction instead of fast and funky. You are my inspiration!

    Love the embroidery too.

  8. That's lovely. For a minute there, I thought "That date isn't even here yet" thinking the date would be the date of birth. Then I realized, date of Christening. A Duh! moment for me. :-)

  9. This is such a lovely gift for the new mom. Very thoughtful and caring.

  10. You are so kind and so talented, Carolyn! This gift will be cherished for a lifetime!


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