Friday, May 22, 2015

Pattern Addiction

I think I'm addicted to anything sewing ~ seriously! See my heart skipped a beat when I read the notice in my email box that Butterick, McCalls, Vogue and KwikSew patterns were on sale. Luckily I read the email at the bus stop this morning...unluckily the patterns are on sale until Tuesday, May 26th.

Luckily, I didn't have any time to look at my wish list and what was in my shopping cart on my iPad until I got home. Unluckily, the list is pretty long! BTW McCalls, why if I'm logged in, can't my list transfer or remain the same from device to device. I can make three different lists ~ one on my home computer, one on my iPad and one on my iPhone. All different which can get a bit confusing! 

Okay so back to my addiction...I have 12 yes 12 patterns on my list! Why?! I don't need a pattern!?! I have quite a collection! But yet, I'm scrolling through that list trying to determine which ones should wing their way home to me. This addiction has not been helped by the fact that McCalls blogged about the new patterns today with a video - a video! Yeah three of those 12 patterns were put on the list today.

So what is an addict to do?! I came down to the cave to find my special zen place. That place where I talk myself out of buying 90% of the stuff I really want to purchase...and I do the thing that shakes me back to reality every time. I touch the patterns I already own. Peeps let me tell you this is the one advantage of purchasing my patterns online from the comfort of my sewing cave. The ability to access my patterns while I'm being intoxicated by the wonderful and the new! It shuts that desire down with a quickness!

By touching all of those wonderfully pristine envelopes just waiting their turn to become a garment, I'm reminded of my old hopes and dreams. The desires I had when I bought each one of them. And I stop, take stock, readjust and slowly start to remove patterns from my shopping cart.

In all honesty, you and I both know that I'm adding to the collection. However, I'm not going overboard and the list is now well thought out and better curated.

Here's what I bought ~

Let's start with what I got for Miss Lena:

Butterick 6201

Butterick 6202

...and four more patterns are coming for me:

Lori from Girls in the Garden posted about this pattern (Butterick 6051) and I really wanted it. Then Mary on the Curvy Collective posted about making maxi dresses this summer and I've got to get in on that too!  This pattern can make those hopes come to fruition!

This is Vogue 9023 - an empire waist knit dress with short sleeves. What can be a more perfect work dress than this one?

I meant to purchase this one (Vogue 9107) when the new Vogue patterns came out a couple of months ago. I don't remember why I didn't? Then I saw the McCalls video today and I knew that I needed this one ~ especially since I have two pastel shades of silk crepe that will make this an amazing dress. And yes, I plan on wearing it to work!

Culottes are everywhere...and I mean everywhere. I was considering purchasing a Butterick culotte pattern that had an elastic waistline. BUT I'm really digging the fact that this one has a flat front and an elastic backwaist. Also, in a nice flowy challis this will look more like a full summer skirt than culottes and that's the look I really want! So McCalls 7131 is coming to me too!

I don't think I overindulged, hopefully most of these will be sewn this summer! So how about you? Did you succumb to the sale yet? Notice I said yet! *LOL* Or do you have the will power that I don't seem to possess and you won't be purchasing? Inquiring minds want to know... always more later!


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the sale - for some reason I never get the BMV emails, despite being a member! There are quite a few on my wishlist too. I also have a pattern addiction!

  2. When the sales come, I tend to get the ones I want to read, not sew (and then I often donate them to the high school - at a buck apiece, it makes me a bit more eclectic). I picked up repro 7153 McCalls at JoAnn's on the deep discount, mostly because I've sewed something like it before and am curious how they address the sleeve fit issues. Otherwise, it's all been 70s vintage Vogue on Ebay; I have now purchased two more patterns I used to own in 1976, thankfully not for more than the original prices. Still wrapping my mind around the 70s and 80s being vintage. I guess I am, too.

  3. I'm ready to try culottes- God save me from my husbands opinion I them!

  4. This post reminds me why I love you blog so much. I have a pattern addiction too. I thought the McCalls video was a great sales tool. Recently I organized my patterns in boxes with a few labels and I was so happy. Thanks for reminding me to look at my old patterns. Sometimes I design clothes in my head and realize I don't own the pattern! V1401 is an example!

  5. I'm being good and not succumbing to the urge to buy new patterns. I'm managing to remind myself that there are plenty of patterns right here that have yet to be used, as well as fabric that has been earmarked for each. Now fabric is a whole different story. I go to the store for thread, and somehow a few pieces of fabric just manage to tag along with me.

  6. I liked the b/w dress and yellow dress but the video sold me! This *is* a great marketing tool!!!

    You know I'm a pattern addict but I've been a bit more discerning lately. A bit. Your method though works for me with fabric. And moreso now that I have a collection of fabrics in my sewing room (vs in bins in the basement). Touching my fabric and thinking of the possibilities helps me fight off the stash-building demons! :)

  7. Well, I'm not a BMV member so I don't see those emails. Those little girls dresses are sweet. I'm tempted to start collecting them. Then with my luck The Princess will either never have kids or only have boys!! But that maxi is fabulous. Will be great for your upcoming vacation and casual Fridays. Would be easy enough to add a cap sleeve so I could wear it without a cardi, right? Happy sewing! g

  8. I am looking at M7131 with a great deal of interest. I haven't liked most of the "culotte" patterns I've seen, but as a wearer of culottes during the 1960's, these are great. Thanks.

  9. Oh man ... I just spent $50 on patterns, P/P interfacing, and a BMV renewal yesterday and totally missed that McCall's culottes pattern. Hopefully it will be on sale at Hancock's soon and then I'll pick it up. It's not like I'm sewing anyway. Hahaha. Hopefully, I will get SOMETHING done over the long weekend.

  10. I had the same issue that you had with pattern lists in different places, and , at my son's suggestion I loaded One Note on my IPad and phone. You can open a note on either device and make a pattern list which will automatically sinc with the other device.

  11. I am trying to curtail my pattern purchasing. However I know I am giving in to a couple of more patterns due to this sale. I have visited the BMV site several times today. I have only a couple on my list one of which is the black/white dress. I too have some great fabric for this and I will wear it to work. I love that white empire dress, that one I have not seen. The little girl dresses are adorable and look forward to seeing what you make with those.

  12. This is really encouraging. I also like all the sewing patterns resources.Maybe one day I’ll really get to it.

  13. Have you ever tried Evernote for your lists. You can make it in one place and then it will be synced to all of your devices if you but push the button to synchronize the file. I wonder why it took me so long to discover it.

  14. I'm excited to see your makes, especially the two-toned Vogue dress! OK... confession: I hate culottes! I think they're so gross! So, I'm hoping you will change my mind because I think I'm the only person on earth who doesn't like them!

    1. I can understand about Culottes but I only like the ones that look like skirts now. I will let you know how I like them because I might hate them too since I haven't worn them since my late teens/early 20s.

  15. I buy pattern like every other day since 2014, I need help, I need to stop buying pattern.


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