Monday, May 11, 2015

Vogue 8209 in Glen Plaid

Here are the pics of the suit in action. Again, I see things to improve upon for next time. I've already cut out the fabric for another jacket/dress combo in navy blue...

I really don't like me in a suit or a jacket with a collar. However, some situations just call for one and there is no way around it. In this instance, I used a collarless jacket with a matching straight skirt. For these pictures, I wanted to share movement shots rather than "glamour or posed" shots of the suit so these are atypical on purpose. 

Some Stats ~
4 yards of a wool/poly glen plaid from Fabric Mart
2 yards of white bemberg rayon lining from Low Price Fabrics

yards and yards of white rayon seam tape
(that was folded & pressed before being sewn to the seams)
1/2" shoulder pads
1 - 1" button from the button collection
1 yard 1" non-roll elastic
Steam-A-Seam 2 - 1/4" wide

The Jacket ~

Taking the jacket off so you can see the innards

The Skirt ~
The skirt is simple. An elastic waist unlined straight skirt. The hem has Steam-A-Seam 2 in the hemline. It's the fabric wrapped around my body with the selvedges serged off and sewn closed. Then I added a 1.5" casing and stitched the top and bottom of the casing to enclose the elastic. I've included a front and back shot of me in the skirt.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you with pics, just wanted to show all the details of the suit. If you have any questions regarding the construction of the suit, please see the last blog post. Like I said above, I've already begun working on the next version. always more later!


  1. This suit looks great on you! I enjoyed reading the construction post as well.

    1. Thanks Shannon! I always wonder if I'm boring folks with the construction information but it's saved me so many times when I've reviewed a post when using the pattern again.

  2. You really are getting a lot of sewing done! I'm feeling the navy blue at the moment too. Look forward to seeing no 2.

    1. Yes Vicki I have been sewing a lot lately ~ my mojo is just working now! The blue one looks soooooo professional. Haven't made clothing like this in years!

  3. I think that suit "suits" you (sorry, I just had to). Anyway, you look great in it!


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