Monday, August 24, 2015

The Lace Back Addition to the Maxi dress

As you are aware, I found the image for my brown/black laced back maxi on The Avenue. I wanted to copy the details onto one of my McCalls 6559 vacation maxis.

Here's how I did it ~

1. I cut a piece of the crochet fabric and laid it onto the dress' back piece after the center back seam had been sewn together.

2.  I pinned it onto the piece and cut around it.

3.  Then I flipped the crochet piece back and stitched it to the dress back with a 5/8" seam allowance.

4.  Finally I cut the dress back piece away then serge finished the seam.

Yes you can see your bra straps through the back.  I am wearing a grayish black bra here but I did it deliberately so that you could see the straps of the bra through the dress. Every other time that I've worn the dress, I've worn a black bra and it's gotten lost in the crochet lace.  Or you could make the lace back a smaller area than I chose to do.

If you just want the lace illusion, leave the maxi dress' fabric under the lace. I would probably pick a print that's not as busy as mine so that the two pieces coordinate better.

The last thing I did was to bind the neckline in a thin black binding. The armholes are just folded under and topstitched down.  Ta-da - you've knocked off some ready-to-wear and you've taken the McCalls 6559 maxidress to another level.

Daughter Update:
Thank you everyone for continuing to inquire after my daughter's health. She is doing amazingly one month later! When I see her every day looking happy and healthy it's hard to believe how sick she was just 30 days ago.

Sewing Update:
I've started to sew again. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen the proof! I'm starting slow with a new dress but I've started an Inspiration Board on my computer that I will eventually move to Pinterest. I'm gathering ideas, patterns and fabrics and coming up with a list of garments I want to sew for fall.

I also stopped by Daytona Trimmings today and bought these trims for fall ~

Absolutely positively can't wait to use these! Yeap, I think the mojo is back! always more later!


  1. Thank you for the directions on the lace back yoke! You could also use a nude solid or nude knit lining under for those who want the sheer lace look without showing any bra straps. We forget we are all designers and can have fun making up stuff and using up our scraps of delicious fabrics and you must have the most delicious of all! So glad your daughter is feeling better, she must be on your mind all the time.

  2. Lovely dress and I am so happy that your daughter is doing well.

  3. Thank you for sharing the lace tutorial. It's great to hear that your daughter is getting better. Hip-hip-hooray for the mojo returning too.

  4. I can't wait to try the lace technique. I'm so glad you are back to sewing, you've been missed dearly. You are an inspiration and I need inspiration! So happy your daughter is on the road to recovery. Blessings everyday!
    Bonnie @

  5. p.s. the lace insertion is very nice!!! I'm seeing lace insertion all over the place and I love it!!!!

  6. Love the lace piece, it's beautiful! Glad to see the mojo has returned!

  7. Gorgeous! Love what you did here.

  8. Love, love, love this dress Carolyn! You did a magnificent job on it!

  9. Love your dress. Glad to hear your daughter is doing so well.

  10. Love the lace insert! So glad that your sewing mojo is back again.

  11. Thank you. For the tutorial and the update about your daughter. I'm glad she's so much better and you can think about sewing again.

  12. Nice lace technique - simple and elegant. So glad your daughter is recovering.

  13. I like how you did the crochet lace on your maxi dress!

  14. Very cute, Carolyn! A great detail!

  15. The dress/fabric from Instagram is great! So pretty.... must make a person feel
    pretty wearing it too!

  16. great Idea! thanks so much.

  17. It is amazing how different each one of your maxi dresses is. I love this version, I was browsing fall fashion magazines this morning and turned down the corner of a picture of a similar dress with a lace yoke over a print.


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