Thursday, October 29, 2015

This, That, McCalls 6886 and a Winner

I didn't sew last weekend - the first in awhile. I don't know how much I'm going to sew this weekend even though I want to make my daughter more dresses cause I have ideas ~ loads of ideas! See I'm having dental work done and I am in a constant state of unease/pain and will be for sometime. 

I'm not the kind of woman to dream about plastic surgery - perkier boobs, liposuction or even "correcting" something on my face (not to say if that's your thing that something is wrong with it)...but teeth...I've always wanted pretty Hollywood teeth. 

Now that I'm only responsible for me and own ALOT of fabric and my perfect sewing machine, I've decided to get Hollywood teeth.  Lawd save me from myself!  I keep telling myself that this pain is will be worth it in the end.  That nothing good comes without a little pain to gain...we shall see if I last it out! *LOL*

So I've been resting, losing more weight cause it's hard to maintain it when you're only eating soup, very soft foods and frozen yogurt, reading books...everything but sewing!  Of course that means posts here will be sparse.

McCalls 6886:
However, I did want to share a few pictures of my daughter's latest versions of McCalls 6886.  BTW, this is a great pattern because it has a lot of options - long, short and sleeveless versions - different necklines and you can make it any length you want. 

The dresses are made from ponte from "The Ponte Collection", she went through it and chose a few pieces.  I made three dresses but only have pics of two. All of her fitting issues were documented in this blog post, although she has managed to lose all of the baby weight from Baby Joshua and a few more pounds. I guess working a full time job, maintaining a household and being the mother of 4 is conducive to losing weight! Anyway, we took some more in on the sides and the center back to get a tighter fit.

Once I have something to photograph again, I will have her bring the dresses and I'll take better photos or maybe photos of new dresses...anyway here are the last ones I made ~

Blue/black printed ponte with faux leather short sleeves 
and binding at the neckline

Maroon ponte knit with long sleeves

A Follow-up:
I wanted to add another comment to the conversation that took place on my "Pattern Testing" post.  I wanted to emphasize that I wrote that post because I received an email asking why I don't test and it seemed easier to write a blog post about it rather than just send an email.  I also wanted to emphasize that I have no problems with pattern testing by indie designers. I'm not sure if either of those points were clear in my post based upon some of the comments.

A Winner:
I know this is what y'all really came back for! *LOL* Since there were several 2 comment entries (and I really appreciate it that you guys followed the rules!) I cut up little pieces of paper, wrote your names on them, folded them and placed them in a gift bag.  Then I asked my Mom to pull the winning name. 

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the winner is:

Contact me at cnorman underscore 98 at yahoo dot com or leave a comment below - hopefully by Sunday evening and I will get the pattern and fabric out to you on Monday.

Well that's what I've been up to!  I really hope that you're enjoying all of the Cashmerette Appleton dresses that are popping up in the sewing blogosphere...want to give a special shout-out to Rachelle at Smoking Needles. I love her wearable muslin version...check it out here! always more later! 


  1. I love her burgundy dress, it's styled perfectly with boots! I'll have to check that pattern out. Feel better soon...big sparkly Hollywood will be worth it:)

  2. #TeamPerfectTeeth! :-) it'll be worth it!

    Her dresses are perfect. Really love that burgundy color on her.

  3. I love pretty teeth too Carolyn-I've spent loads getting mine fixed too. I hope you get to feeling well soon. I agree with Amy, that your "big sparkly Hollywood" smile will be worth it!

  4. Lovely dresses and agree it's the perfect repeater pattern. Congrats to Breanna !

  5. You didn't mention what dental procedure you are undergoing but a few years ago, one of my sisters got all her teeth extracted and got implants!! I can't even imagine going through that . It seemed to take months and months but she is so happy with the results. So I wish you as little pain as possible with whatever you are going through to get oh so worth it pretty teeth.

  6. Sending positive thoughts your way Carolyn! I went through two years of periodontal surgery and dental restoration to get my smile back. It was a long, painful journey and I sure got sick of that soft food diet, although I did enjoy the weight loss because of it! In the end, it will be so worth it...hang in there!

  7. Mmm. Like the fabrics! Nice dresses

  8. Good luck on your new smile. I thought your smile was just great before, you will soon dazzle us.

  9. I love those dresses. She is a lovely young woman. I have always thought you had a great smile but, good for you if you feel you want to improve it. Anything that makes a person feel good in their skin and, isn't the 20th procedure, is good. I hope there is as little pain as possible

  10. Carolyn I'm glad you like my dress and thanks for the shout-out.

  11. I wish you a speedy recovery from whatever dental procedures you are going through. As someone who has had more than her fair share of dental work, I have a little suggestion. Almost all soft food is sweet, after a day or two of this your taste buds get bored and want savory. Scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes can be very satisfying. Good luck.

  12. Brenna here! Thank you so much!

  13. I know you are suffering - when your mouth hurts your whole body aches! Love the dresses for your daughter. Hope you feel like sewing in a few days. Karen

  14. I love it when you can take a simple dress and a lovely fabric and get something fabulous! Nice dresses!

  15. I like both dresses but the blue with leather neckline trim and sleeves gets a real win with me.

  16. Lovely dresses. I agree, nice teeth trump all.


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