Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's been a minute since I bought fabric...

...and I probably wouldn't have but a combination of Black Friday sales and the need for a few more casual pieces influenced these purchases.  Specifically I want to try out some t-shirt patterns and I really need a denim dress and skirt added to my wardrobe.

However, I really didn't want some thin, cheapish, knit material and remembered that both Lauren and Lori made beautiful t-shirts from Organic Cotton.  So I headed over to their website.  They were having a 15% off sale for Black Friday, so I picked up white, black and gray cotton interlock.

When it arrived I was thrilled at how beefy and soft the fabric much so that I'm going to buy more yardage because I love how my current t-shirt pattern fits and I want to make several more.

Trying out the SBCC Tonic Tee is next on my list because I'm finding that these long sleeve tees make great layering pieces under cardigans and jackets. So good t-shirt fabric is a MUST!

Of course there was also a Fabric Mart purchase.  They were running a 50% off the entire website with an additional 10% discount for Premium Members. I wanted some denim to make me a dress and a skirt. I have some denim in the collection but it's so little girl oriented and I really wanted plain darker weave denim.  So I bought two different cuts.

Which of course don't look so dark here!
*sigh* too much light when I took the pics...

I want to make the skirt using Vogue 1247 - but as a pencil skirt the way that Diana who blogs at SewPassionista by Diana made it.

I think this would look amazing in denim and I've seriously been jonesing on Diana's wardrobe. I love how casual but sophisticated it is. Plus isn't that skirt just awesome!?!

So 13 more yards were added to the collection...but I don't think they will last long. These were purchases to be used now not to become tenants in the collection.

Finally, I don't enter many fabric contests on blogs, Instagram or other social media sites...I mean I own a lot and those awesome pieces should go to homes where they're really needed.  However, over Thanksgiving Weekend, Elliott Berman ran a giveaway on Instagram and I couldn't help it...I played along. It's Elliott Berman people! Their fabric store is so well curated with amazing pieces of fabric and I've loved anything I've ever purchased from I entered...and I WON! *Doing my happy dance*

Here's what showed up this week ~

From left to right: 2 yards of a viscose knit from Italy
2 yds of scuba knit from France & 3 yds of brocade from France

I have plans for 2 of the 3 pieces so I'm not even putting them on the shelf. The brocade will need to marinate but I'm over the moon that I won!  I nevah win! BTW, there's a Christmas giveaway coming up and it will be featured on Facebook and Instagram, so look for it! always more later!


  1. I'm heading over to Lauren and Lori's website to take a look at the interlock fabric. Thanks for the posting about the t-shirt! Enjoy the new yardage.

  2. You are looking SO fine! I'm excited about your search for your new style, now that you have the freedom to do so.

  3. Thanks for the new fabric resource and congrats on the fabric win.

  4. Wow on the beautiful Elliot Berman fabric!

  5. Such beautiful pieces of fabric! T-shirt sewing can be rather boring, but an absolute necessity for me. Finding the perfect fabric is a definite must.

  6. You look great. Thanks for the heads up on t-shirt fabric sites.

  7. Oh Wow you lucky woman. And thanks for the mention. I'm making a mini skirt version of the skirt for my grand-daughter as we speak !

  8. Love that outfit. You look great. I am so glad to find some beefy t-shirt fabric.

  9. Hi Carolyn,
    Love that blouse! Have you seen the new McCall's? I would love to see you make up 7324 in a rayon challis or silk. I always love reading your reviews of new releases so since I had a minute to do one of my own I wanted to share: Early Spring McCall's

  10. Wow - really neat win from Elliott Berman - and yes, I love them too!

  11. Nice fabrics! I got caught up the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales also.Congrats on winning the fabric from Elliott Berman!

  12. You buying fabric makes me feel like all is right in the world. ;-)

  13. You bought some nice wardrobe staple fabrics! Congrats on the win!!

  14. Tres chic! You look like a million bucks! Cindy C., Creative Hormone Rush


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